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Complex Systems Concurrent Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Towards A General Systems Theory Approach for Developing Concurrent Engineering Science
Aurelian Mihai Stanescu, Ioan Dumitrach, Michel Pouly, Simona Iuliana Caramihai, Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu

2. A Method for Systems Analysis and Specification with Performance, Cost and Reliability Requirements
Anderson Levati Amoroso, Petrônio Noronha Souza, Marcelo Lopes Oliveira e Souza

3. Guidelines for Reverse Engineering Process Modeling of Technical Systems
Ivo Rodrigues Montanha Junior, André Ogliari, Nelson Back

4. Designing a ground support equipment for satellite subsystem based on a product development reference model
Henrique Pazelli, Sanderson Barbalho, Valntin Obac Rodac

5. Impacts of Standardization Process in the Brazilian Space Sector: a Case Study of a R&D Institute
Roberto Roma Vasconcellos, Marcio Akira Harada, Vania Ferreira Fernandez Contreiro, André Luiz Correia, Sérgio Costa

6. Proposal of an Efficiency Index for Supporting System Configuration Design
Nozomu Mishima, Keijiro Masuia, Shinsuke Kondoa

7. Reaching readiness in technological change through the application of capability maturity models principals
Olivier Zephir, Stéphanie Minel

8. The System Verification Breakdown Method
Cássio Henrique Mendonça

9. Hardware and Software: How Can We Establish Concurrency between the Two?
Shuichi Fukuda

10. A Simulated Annealing Algorithm based on Parallel Cluster for Engineering Layout Design
L I Nan, C H A Jianzhong, L U Yiping, L I Gang

11. Space Mission Architecture Trade off Based on Stakeholder Value
Márcio Silva Alves Branco, Geilson Loureiro, Luís Gonzaga Trabasso

12. Product Development Process: Using Real Options for Assessments and to support the Decision-Making at Decision Gates
Henrique Martins Rocha, Mauricio Cesar Delamaro

13. A Valuation Technology for Product Development Options Using an Executable Meta-modeling Language
Benjamin H. Y. Koo, Willard L. Simmons, Edward F. Crawley

14. Towards Automatic Systems Architecting
Felipe Simona, Gustavo Pinheiro, Geilson Loureiro

15. Implementing integration of quality standards CMMI and ISO 9001: 2000 for software engineering
Anis Ferchichi, Jean-Pierre Bourey, Michel Bigand, Hervé Lefebvre

16. Steps Towards Pervasive Software: Does Software Engineering Need Reengineering?
Dana Amin Kukhun, Florence Sedes

17. Question-Answer Means for Collaborative Development of Software Intensive Systems
Peter Sosnin

18. Bringing together space systems engineering and software engineering processes based on standards and best practices
Miriam B. Alves, Martha A. D. Abdala, Rovedy Busquim Silva

19. A Brazilian Software Industry Experience in Using ECSS for Space Application Software Development
Fátima Mattiello-Francisco, Valdivino Santiago, Ana Maria Ambrósio, Leise Jogaib, Ricardo Costa

20. Satellite Simulator Requirements Specification based on Standardized Space Services
Ana Maria Ambrósio, Daniele Constant Guimarães, Joaquim Pedro Barreto

21. Performance Analysis of Software Processes Supported by Simulation: a Resolution Problem Process Case Study
Dawilmar Guimarães Araújo, Nilson Sant’Anna, Germano Souza Kienbaum

22. Be Lazy: A Motto for New Concurrent Engineering
Shuichi Fukuda

23. A Study on the Application of Business Plans in New Product Development Processes
Josmael Roberto Kampa, Milton Borsato

24. A case study about the product development process evaluation
Daniel Amaral, Henrique Rozenfeld, Camila Araujob

25. Product Development Systematization and Performance: a case-study in an automotive company
Juliana Silva Agostinetto, Daniel Capaldo Amaral

26. An approach to lean product development planning
Marcus Vinicius Pereira Pessôa, Geilson Loureiro, João Murta Alves

27. Managing new product development process: a proposal of a theoretical model about their dimensions and the dynamics of the process
Leandro Faria Almeida, Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel

28. A support tool for the selection of statistical techniques for industrial product development and improvement processes
Márcia Elisa Echeveste, Creusa Sayuri Tahara Amaral, Henrique Rozenfeld

29. Is the design process integrated to product development?
Viviane Gaspar Ribas, Virgínia Borges Kistmann, Luiz Gonzaga Trabasso

30. Concurrent Design in Software Development Based on Axiomatic Design
Ruihong Zhang, Jianzhong Cha, Yiping Lu

31. A Systematical Multi-professional Collaboration Approach via MEC and Morphological Analysis for Product Concept Development
Chao-Hua Wang, Shuo-Yan Chou

32. DFX Platform for life-cycle aspects analysis
Piotr Ciechanowski, Lukasz Malinowski, Tomasz Nowak

33. Design For Lean Systematization Through Simultaneous Engineering
Marcelo Raeder, Fernando Forcellini

34. Postponement planning and implementation from CE perspective
Cássio Dias Gonçalves, Geilson Loureiro, Luís Gonzaga Trabasso

35. Neural Network and Model-Predictive Control for Continuous Neutralization Reactor Operation
Flávio Perpétuo Briguente, Marcus Venícius Santos, Andreia Pepe Ambrozin

36. Modelling and Management of Manufacturing Requirements in Design Automation Systems
Fredrik Elgh

37. Integrating Manufacturing Process Planning with Scheduling via Operation-Based Time-Extended Negotiation Protocols
Izabel Cristina Zattar, João Carlos Espindola Ferreira, João Gabriel Ganacin Granado, Carlos Humberto Barreto Sousa

38. Using Differing Classification Methodologies to Identify a Full Compliment of Potential Changeover Improvement Opportunities
Geraint Owen, Steve Culley, Michael Reik, Richard McIntosh, Tony Milehama

39. Museum Visitor Routing Problem with the Balancing of Concurrent Visitors
Shuo-Yan Chou, Shih-Wei Lin

40. Improving Environmental Performance of Products by Integrating Ecodesign Methods and Tools into a Reference Model for New Product Development
Américo Guelere Filho, Henrique Rozenfeld, Daniela Cristina Antelmi Pigosso, Aldo Roberto Ometto

41. Sustainable Packaging Design Model
Doris Zwicker Bucci, Fernando Antônio Forcellini

42. Environmental Regulations Impose New Product Lifecycle Information Requirements
John Messina, Eric Simmon, Matthew Aronoff

43. Data Modeling to Support Environmental Information Exchange throughout the Supply Chain
Eric Simmon, John Messina

44. EXPRESS to OWL morphism: making possible to enrich ISO10303 Modules
Carlos Agostinho, Moisés Dutra, Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves, Parisa Ghodous, Adolfo Steiger-Garção

45. Complex Modelling Platform based on Digital Material Representation
Lukasz Rauch, Lukasz Madej, Tomasz Jurczyk, Maciej Pietrzyk

46. Collaborative Implementation of Inter-organizational Interoperability in a Complex Setting
Raija Halonen, Veikko Halonen

47. FICUS — A Federated Service-Oriented File Transfer Framework
Adam Turner, Michael Sobolewski

48. Lessons Learned from the SILENUS Federated File System
Max Berger, Michael Sobolewski

49. A P2P Application Signatures Discovery Algorithm
Lijuan Duan, Yanfeng Yu, Lei Hanb, Jian Li

50. Knowledge Oriented Process Portal for Continually Improving NPD
Andrea Padovan Jubileu, Henrique Rozenfeld, Creusa Sayuri Tahara Amaral, Janaina Mascarenhas Hornos Costa, Marcella Letícia de Souza Costa

51. Knowledge Sharing and Reuse in Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in the Manufacturing and Assembly Processes (PFMEA) Domain
Walter Luís Mikosa, João Carlos Espíndola Ferreira

52. Collaborative Product Pre-development: an Architecture Proposal
Alexandre Moeckel, Fernando Antonio Forcellini

53. Collaborative Augmented Reality for Better Standards
Matthew Aronoff, John Messinaa

54. A Pedagogical Game based on Lego Bricks for Collaborative Design Practices Analysis
Jérémy Legardeur, Stéphanie Minel, Erika Savoie

55. A Reasoning Approach for Conflict Dealing in Collaborative Design
Moisés Dutra, Parisa Ghodous

56. Interface design of a product as a potential agent for a concurrent engineering environment
Luiz Fernando Segalin Andrade, Fernando Antônio Forcellini

57. Organizational Memory for Knowledge and Information Management in the Definition, Analysis and Design Phases of Civil Engineering Projects using an XML Model
Gloria Lucía Giraldo, Germán Urrego-Giraldo

58. Organizational memory supporting the continue transformation of engineering curricula
Germán Urrego-Giraldo, Gloria Lucía Giraldo

59. Development of an Ontology for the Document Management Systems for Construction
Alba Fuertes, Núria Forcada, Miquel Casals, Marta Gangolells, Xavier Roca

60. Some approaches of ontology Decomposition in Description Logics
Thi Anh Pham, Nhan Le-Thanh, Peter Sander

61. Modeling ORM Schemas in Description Logics
Thi Dieu Thu Nguyen, Nhan Thanh

62. Semantics-based Reconciliation of Divergent Replicas in Advanced Concurrent Engineering Environments
Vitaly Semenov

63. Controlled Vocabularies in the European Construction Sector: Evolution, Current Developments, and Future Trends
Celson Lima, Alain Zarli, Graham Storer

64. Supporting Collaborative Engineering Using an Intelligent Web Service Middleware
Lutz Schubert, Alexander Kipp, Bastian Koller

65. Research on Concepts and Technologies of Grid Collaborative Designing to Supporting Cross Enterprises Collaboration
Xuebin Chen, Guolin Duan

66. PEGASE: a prototype of software to manage design system in a collaborative design environment
Vincent Robin, Christophe Merlo, Philippe Girard

67. A New Ant-based Clustering Algorithm on High Dimensional Data Space
Jianbin Chen, Jie Sun, Yunfei Chen

68. Tools for Designing Collaborative Working Environments in Manufacturing Industry
Dragan Stokic, Ana Teresa Correia, Cristina Grama

69. The Collaborative Digital Process Methodology achieved the half lead-time of new car development
Hiroshi Katoh

70. Improvement of the Efficiency Model in Health Care through the use of Stakeholders’ Analysis Techniques
Clarissa Côrtes Pires, Carolina Darrigo Vidal

71. Enterprise Integration for Value Creation in an Organization
Aravind Betha

72. Factors Influencing New Products Success in Small Brazilian Medical and Hospital Equipment Firms
José Carlos Toledo, Sergio Luis Silva, Sabrina Medina Paula, Glauco Henrique de Sousa Mendes, Daniel Jugend

73. Systematic for Increase of the Operational Efficiency from the Allocation of Resources in Intangible Assets
Claudelino Martins Dias Junior, Osmar Possamai, Ricardo Luís Rosa Jardim Gonçalvesc

74. Geotraceability and life cycle assessment in environmental life cycle management: towards sustainability
Aldo Ometto, Mateus Batistella, Américo Guelere Filho, Gérard Chuzeld, Alain Viau

75. Experimentation of an Enterprise Architecture in aerospace electrical engineering process
Xavier Rakotomamonjy

76. In search of the elements of an Intra-organizational Innovation System for Brazilian automotive subsidiaries
Raoni Barros Bagno, Lin Chih Cheng

77. Mectron’s Innovation Management: Structural and Behavioral Analysis
Alexsandro Souza Lim, José Roberto Paula

78. Completeness of Development Projects Assisted by QFD: a Case Study
Marcelo Farhat Araujo, Luís Gonzaga Trabasso

79. The Effects of Teams’ Co-location on Project Performance
Marina Mendonça Natalino Zenun, Geilson Loureiro, Claudiano Sales Araujo

80. A DEA Benchmarking Methodology for New Product Development Process Optimization
Amy J. C. Trappey, Tzu-An Chiang, Wen-Chih Chen, Jen-Yau Kuo, Chia-Wei Yu

81. Critical success factors on product development management in Brazilian technological based companies
Sérgio Luis Silva, José Carlos Toledo, Daniel Jugend, Glauco Henrique Mendes

82. The Main Problems in the Product Development Process by Large-sized Companies of the Brazilian Agricultural Machines and Implements Sector
Aline Patricia Mano, Julianita Maria Scaranello Simões, Luciano Silva Lima, José Carlos Toledo, Sérgio Luis Silva

83. Identification of critical points for the implementation of a PDP reference model in SMEs
Tomoe Daniela Hamanaka Gusberti, Márcia Elisa Echevestea

84. A Reference Model for the Pharmaceutical PDP Management — an architecture
Istefani Carisio Paula, José Luis Duarte Ribeiro

85. Product Development Process Managing in Supply Chain
Andréa Cristina Santos, Rafael Ernesto Kieckbusch, Fernando Antonio Forcellini

86. Level of knowledge and formalization of logistics and SCM in the Brazilian automotive industries suppliers
Kazuo Hatakeyama, Patrícia Guarnieri

87. An Evaluation of the Extended Logistic, Simple Logistic, and Gompertz Models for Forecasting Short Lifecycle Products and Services
Charles V. Trappey, Hsin-ying Wu

88. Trans-regional Supply Chain Research Network: Developing Innovation Strategies Within and Between Regional Oil and Gas Clusters
Gudrun Jaegersberg, Jenny Ure, Ashley D. Lloyd

89. Procurement and Importing in New Product Projects of Brazilian Aerospace Program
Sanderson Barbalho, Eduardo Richter, Mário Stefani

90. Measuring the efficiency of outsourcing: an illustrative case study from the aerospace industry
Angelo J C A Ferreira Filho, Valerio A P Salomon, Fernando A S Marins


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