Takata, Shozo

Advances in Life Cycle Engineering for Sustainable Manufacturing Businesses

Takata, Shozo - Advances in Life Cycle Engineering for Sustainable Manufacturing Businesses, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Transition of Environmental Issues --Fundamental Criteria for LC Engineering--
Itaru Yasui

2. Ricoh’s Approach to Product Life Cycle Management and Technology Development
Kiyoshi Sakai

3. Module-Based Model Change Planning for Improving Reusability in Consideration of Customer Satisfaction
Kensuke Tsubouchi, Shozo Takata

4. Eco-Innovation: Product Design and Innovation for the Environment
Eirini Baroulaki, Alireza Veshagh

5. Towards the Use of LCA During the Early Design Phase to Define EoL Scenarios
Alexis Gehin, Peggy Zwolinski, Daniel Brissaud

6. Development of Description Support System for Life Cycle Scenario
Ryo Suesada, Yusuke Itamochi, Shinsuke Kondoh, Shinichi Fukushige, Yasushi Umeda

7. Conceptual Design of Product Structure for Parts Reuse
Yongming Wu, Fumihiko Kimura

8. A web-based collaborative decision-making tool for Life Cycle Interpretation
Nikos I. Karacapilidis, Costas P. Pappis, Giannis T. Tsoulfas

9. Module Configurator for the Development of Products for Ease of Remanufacturing
Günther Seliger, Nils Weinert, Marco Zettl

10. Life-Cycle Assessment simplification for modular products
Marco Recchioni, Ferruccio Mandorli, Michele Germani, Paolo Faraldi, Davide Polverini

11. The Optimization of the Design Process for an Effective Use in Eco-Design
Mario Fargnoli, Fumihiko Kimura

12. Research on Design for Environment Method in Mass Customization
Lei Zhang, Shuwang Wang, Guangfu Liu, Zhifeng Liu, Haihong Huang

13. Definition of a VR Tool for the Early Design Stage of the Product Structure under Consideration of Disassembly
Peggy Zwolinski, Adel Sghaier, Daniel Brissaud

14. Green Line — strategies for environmentally improved railway vehicles
Walter Struckl, Wolfgang Wimmer

15. TRIZ Based Eco-Innovation in Design for Active Disassembly
Jahau Lewis Chen, Wang-Chih Chen

16. Need Model and Solution Model for the Development of a Decision Making Tool for Sustainable Workplace Design
Nabil Boughnim, Bernard Yannou, Gwenola Bertoluci

17. A method for supporting the integration of packaging development into product development
Damien Motte, Caroline Bramklev, Robert Bjärnemo

18. Ecodesign: a Subject for Engineering Design Students at UPC
Joaquim Lloveras

19. The Human Side of Ecodesign from the Perspective of Change Management
Elli Verhulst, Casper Boks, Marianne Stranger, Henri Masson

20. Integration and Complexity Management within the Mechatronics Product Development
Michael Abramovici, Fahmi Bellalouna

21. Managing Design System Evolution to increase Design Performance: Methodology and Tools
Vincent Robin, Philippe Girard

22. PLM Pattern Language: An Integrating Theory of Archetypal Engineering Solutions
Jörg Feldhusen, Frederik Bungert

23. About the integration between KBE and PLM
Dante Pugliese, Giorgio Colombo, Maurizio Saturno Spurio

24. Integrated Product and Service Engineering versus Design for Environment — A Comparison and Evaluation of Advantages and Disadvantages
Mattias Lindahl, Erik Sundin, Tomohiko Sakao, Yoshiki Shimomura

25. Service CAD System to Support Servicification of Manufactures
Tomohiko Sakao, Yoshiki Shimomura

26. Design for Integrated Product-Service Offerings — A case study of Soil Compactors
Erik Sundin

27. Service Analysis for Service Design Process Formalization based on Service Engineering
Mark Ismael Boyonas, Tatsunori Hara, Tamio Arai, Yoshiki Shimomura

28. Leadership - From Technology to Use Operation Fields and Solution Approaches for the Automation of Service Processes of Industrial Product-Service-Systems
Horst Meier, Daniel Kortmann

29. Implications for Engineering Information Systems Design in the Product-service Paradigm
Saikat Kundu, Alison McKay, Alan Pennington, Nick Moss, Nigel Chapman

30. Life Cycle Management of Industrial Product-Service Systems
J. C. Aurich, E. Schweitzer, C. Fuchs

31. Development of International Integrated Resource Recycling System
Tomio Watanabe, Hiroyuki Hasegawa, Seiichi Takahashi, Hideo Sakagami

32. New Financial Approaches for the Economic Sustainability in Manufacturing Industry
Giacomo Copani, Lorenzo Molinari Tosatti, Silvia Marvulli, René Groothedde, Derek Palethorpe

33. Energy Use per Worker-Hour: Evaluating the Contribution of Labor to Manufacturing Energy Use
Teresa W. Zhang, David A. Dornfeld

34. Framework for Integrated Analysis of Production Systems
Christoph Herrmann, Lars Bergmann, Sebastian Thiede, André Zein

35. Designing services based on ‘intelligent’ press-die-systems
Guenther Schuh, Christoph Klotzbach, Fabian Gaus

36. Business models for technology-supported, production-related services of the tool and die industry
Guenther Schuh, Christoph Klotzbach, Fabian Gaus

37. An Empirical Study of how Innovation and the Environment are Considered in Current Engineering Design Practise
Jamie O’Hare, Elies Dekoninck, Helen Liang, Aidan Turnbull

38. Using The Delphi Technique To Establish A Robust Research Agenda For Remanufacturing
Andrew King, Steve Barker

39. Coherent Design Rationale and its importance to the Remanufacturing Sector
Steve Barker, Andrew King

40. Survey on Environmentally Conscious Design in the Japanese Industrial Machinery Sector
Keijiro Masui, Hirotsuna Ito

41. Survey of Sustainable Life Cycle Design and Management
Alireza Veshagh, Adeola Obagun

42. An approach of home appliances recycling by collaboration between the manufacturer and the recycling plant
Katsumi Fujisaki, Takeharu Shinagawa, Shinobu Ogasawara, Takashi Hishi

43. Product Individual Sorting and Identification Systems to organize WEEE obligations
Christian Butz

44. Dynamic Process Planning Control of Hybrid Disassembly Systems
S. Chiotellis, H. J-. Kim, G. Seliger

45. Development of an automatic cleaning process for toner cartridges
Henning Hermansson, Johan Östlin, Erik Sundin

46. Study on Disassembling Approaches of Electronic Components Mounted on PCBs
Haihong Huang, Junqi Pan, Zhifeng Liu, Shouxu Song, Guangfu Liu

47. Product Disassembly Model Based on hierarchy network graph
shuwang Wang, lei Zhang, haihong Huang, zhifeng Liu, xiaoyong Pan

48. Ecoselection of Materials and Process for Medium Voltage Products
Wassim Daoud, Mehrdad Hassanzadeh, Alain Cornier, Daniel Froelich

49. Sustainable Design of Geopolymers - Evaluation of Raw Materials by the Integration of Economic and Environmental Aspects in the Early Phases of Material Development
M. Weil, U. Jeske, K. Dombrowski, A. Buchwald

50. Conductive Adhesives vs. Solder Paste: A Comparative Life Cycle Based Screening
Anders S. G. Andrae, Norihiro Itsubo, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Atsushi Inaba

51. Framework Research on the Greenness Evaluation of Polymer Materials
Bing Zhang, Fumihiko Kimura

52. Coolants made of native ester — technical, ecological and cost assessment from a life cycle perspective
Christoph Herrmann, Jürgen Hesselbach, Ralf Bock, Tina Dettmer

53. Investigation of Minimal Quantity Lubrication in Turning of Waspaloy
Tomas Beno, Marina Isaksson, Lars Pejryd

54. Improvement Potential for Energy Consumption in Discrete Part Production Machines
Tom Devoldere, Wim Dewulf, Wim Deprez, Barbara Willems, Joost R. Duflou

55. A Variational Approach to Inspection Programs of Equipment Subject to Random Failure
Susumu Okumura

56. Sustainable Machine Tool Reliability based on Condition Diagnosis and Prognosis
Jürgen Fleischer, Matthias Schopp

57. Optimizing the Life-Cycle-Performance of Machine Tools by Reliability and Availability Prognosis
Jürgen Fleischer, Stephan Niggeschmidt, Marc Wawerla

58. The Role of Warranty in the Reuse Strategy
Maria Anityasari, Hartmut Kaebernick, Sami Kara

59. Lifetime Modelling of Products for Reuse: Physical and Technological Life Perspective
Fatida Rugrungruang, Sami Kara, Hartmut Kaebernick

60. Tackling Adverse Selection in Secondary PC Markets
Stewart Hickey, Colin Fitzpatrick

61. Simulation of Network Agents Supporting Consumer Preference on Reuse of Mechanical Parts
Tomohiro Hanatani, Naoto Fukuda, Hiraoka Hiroyuki

62. Perspectives for the Application of RFID on Electric and Electronic Waste
Seyde Daniel, Suga Tadatomo

63. Early design evaluation of products artifacts’: An approach based on dimensional analysis for combined analysis of environmental, technical and cost requirements
Eric Coatanéa, Markku Kuuva, Petri E. Makkonen, Tanja Saarelainen

64. Total performance analysis of product life cycle considering the uncertainties in product-use stage
Shinsuke Kondoh, Keijiro Masui, Nozomu Mishima, Mitsutaka Matsumoto

65. Effects on Life Cycle Assessment — Scale Up of Processes
Maiya Shibasaki, Matthias Fischer, Leif Barthel

66. Development of a Management Tool for Assessing Environmental Performance in SMEs’ Design and Production
Tim Woolman, Alireza Veshagh

67. An Approach to the LCA for Venezuelan Electrical Generation Using European Data
Oscar E. González, Pedro P. Pérez, Joaquim Lloveras

68. In Search of Customer Needs for Home Energy Management System in Japan
Yoshiyuki Matsuura, Kazuhiro Fukuyo

69. The Influence of Durable Goods on Japanese Consumers’ Behaviours
Sayaka Ita

70. An Experimental Analysis of Environmentally Conscious Decision-making for Sustainable Consumption
Nariaki Nishino, Yasuyuki Okawa, Sobei H. Oda, Kanji Ueda

71. An Integrated Model for Evaluating Environmental Impact of Consumer’s Behavior: Consumption ‘Technologies’ and the Waste Input-Output Model
Yasushi Kondo, Koji Takase

72. Proposal of a Measuring Method of Customer’s Attention and Satisfaction on Services
Yohei Yoshimitsu, Koji Kimita, Tatsunori Hara, Yoshiki Shimomura, Tamio Arai

73. A Life-cycle Comparison of Clothes Washing Alternatives
Luis Garcilaso, Kari L. Jordan, Vishesh Kumar, Margot J. Hutchins, John W. Sutherland

74. Methodology and Application of Parts Qualification for Compliance to Environmental Rules
Noriyasu Ninagawa, Yasuhiro Hamatsuka, Noriaki Yamamoto, Yuzo Hiroshige

75. An Overview of Academic Developments in Green Value Chain Management
Casper Boks, Hitoshi Komoto

76. Life Cycle Innovations in Extended Supply Chain Networks
Christoph Herrmann, Lars Bergmann, Sebastian Thiede, André Zein

77. Evaluating eco-efficiency of appliances by integrated use of hybrid LCA and LCC tools
Shinichiro Nakamura

78. Machine Life Cycle Cost Estimation via Monte-Carlo Simulation
Jürgen Fleischer, Marc Wawerla, Stephan Niggeschmidt

79. Life Cycle Cost Estimation Tool for Decision-Making in the Early Phases of the Design Process
Aurora Dimache, Laurentiu Dimache, Elena Zoldi, Thomas Roche

80. Design to Life Cycle by Value-Oriented Life Cycle Costing
Danina Janz, Engelbert Westkämper

81. A Product Lifecycle Costing System with Imprecise End-of-Life Data
Jun-Gyu Kang, Daniel Brissaud

82. A Life Cycle Cost Framework for the management of spare parts
Maria Carpentieri, Anthony Nick Guglielmini, Francesco Mangione


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