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Enterprise Interoperability

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Table of contents

Part I. Service-oriented Interoperability Approaches

1. Development of Dynamic Composed Services Based on the Context
Francisco Javier Nieto, Leire Bastida, Marisa Escalante, Alayn Gortazar

2. Semantics of Interoperable and Outsourced Information Systems
H. Balsters, G. B. Huitema

3. A Platform Independent Model for Service Oriented Architectures
Gorka Benguria, Xabier Larrucea, Brian Elvesæter, Tor Neple, Anthony Beardsmore, Michael Friess

Part II. Enterprise Interoperability Architecture

4. Formalizing Analysis of Enterprise Architecture
Pontus Johnson, Lars Nordström, Robert Lagerström

5. To Adapt or Not to Adapt, That is the Question
Willem-Jan Heuvel

6. Value object analysis and the transformation from value model to process model
Hans Weigand, Paul Johannesson, Birger Andersson, Maria Bergholtz, Ananda Edirisuriya, Tharaka Ilayperuma

7. Activity Diagram Based Process Family Architectures for Enterprise Application Families
Arnd Schnieders, Mathias Weske

Part III. Model-driven Approaches to Interoperability

8. An Integrated Model-driven Service Engineering Environment
João Paulo A. Almeida, Maria-Eugenia Iacob, Henk Jonkers, Marc Lankhorst, Diederik Leeuwen

9. UML for Enterprise Modelling: basis for a Model-Driven Approach
Reyes Grangel, Jean-Pierre Bourey, Ricardo Chalmeta, Michel Bigand

10. Solving Problems in the Parameterisation of ERPs Using a Model-Driven Approach
Reyes Grangel, Jean-Pierre Bourey, Arne J. Berre

11. A Decentralized Broker Architecture for Collaborative Business Process Modelling and Enactment
Bernhard Bauer, Jörg P. Müller, Stephan Roser

Part IV. Methods, Models, Languages and Tools for Enterprise Interoperability

12. Discretization of Continuous Features by Using a Kernel
L. González, F. Velasco, F. J. Cuberos, J. A. Ortega, C. Angulo

13. Designing and Implementing Cross-Organizational Business Processes - Description and Application of a Modelling Framework
Ulrike Greiner, Sonia Lippe, Timo Kahl, Jörg Ziemann, Frank-Walter Jäkel

14. Quality Criteria for Enterprise Modelling in the Context of Networked Enterprises
Thomas Knothe, Roland Jochem

15. The UEML Approach to Modelling Construct Description
Andreas L. Opdahl

16. A Roadmap for UEML
Andreas L. Opdahl, Giuseppe Berio

17. An Interoperable Platform to Implement Collaborative Forecasting in OEM Supply Chains
Raul Poler, Angel Ortiz, Francisco C. Lario, Marc Alba

18. Service- and Process-Matching — An Approach towards Interoperability Design and Implementation of Business Networks
Dominik Vanderhaeghen, Dirk Werth, Timo Kahl, Peter Loos

19. Achieving Enterprise Model Interoperability Applying a Common Enterprise Metamodel
Jörg Ziemann, Oddrun Ohren, Frank-Walter Jäkel, Timo Kahl, Thomas Knothe

20. Interoperability Characterization Using Enterprise Modeling and Graph Representation
Séverine Blanc, Yves Ducq, Bruno Vallespir

Part V. Semantics and Ontology-based Interoperability

21. Semantic Service Modeling: Enabling System Interoperability
Stanislav Pokraev, Dick Quartel, Maarten W. A. Steen, Manfred Reichert

22. Supporting Scientific Collaboration in a Network of Excellence Through a Semantically Indexed Knowledge Map
Paola Velardi, Alessandro Cucchiarell, Michaël Petit

23. Mapping XML Schema to OWL
Nenad Anicic, Nenad Ivezic, Zoran Marjanovic

24. Extending OWL-S to Solve Enterprise Application Integration Issues
Saïd Izza, Lucien Vincent, Patrick Burlat, Pierre Lebrun, Hugues Solignac

25. Practical Issues in Ontology Modeling: The Case of Defence Conceptual Modeling Framework-Ontology
Antonio Nicola, Vandana Kabilan, Michele Missikoff, Vahid Mojtahed

26. Digital Resource Discovery: Semantic Annotation and Matching Techniques
Devis Bianchini, Silvana Castano, Fulvio D’Antonio, Valeria Antonellis, Mounira Harzallah, Jèrome David, Michele Missikoff, Stefano Montanelli

27. A Model for Assessing the Impact of Enterprise Application Interoperability in the Typical European Enterprise
Yannis Charalabidis, Dimitris Askounis, George Gionis

28. Ontology-based Transformations for Achieving Interoperability in AmI
Sergey Erofeev, Xabier Larrucea

Part VI. Interoperability of Decision Models

29. A Decentralized Approach for Inter-Enterprise Business Process Collaboration
Xiaoqiang Qiao, Jun Wei, Tao Huang

30. Towards a Conceptualization of Decisional Interoperability
Nicolas Daclin, David Chen, Bruno Vallespir

31. Interoperability and Synergism of Decision, Information and Flexibility to Improve Performances of Enterprise Systems: KM Implications
Subhash Wadhwa, Avneet Saxena, Yves Ducq

Part VII. Inter-organisational Interoperability

32. Service Typing in Collaborative Systems
Toni Ruokolainen, Lea Kutvonen

33. Decentralized Metadata Development for Open B2B Electronic Business
Fred Blommestein

34. The TrustCoM Approach to Enforcing Agreements between Interoperating Enterprises
Michael Wilson, Alvaro Arenas, David Chadwick, Theo Dimitrakos, Jurgen Doser, Pablo Giambiagi, David Golby, Christian Geuer-Pollman, Jochen Haller, Stølen Ketil, Tobias Mahler, Lorenzo Martino, Xavier Parent, Santi Ristol, J Sairamesh, Lutz Schubert, Nilufer Tuptuk

35. Organisational Inter-operability: Towards Enterprise Urbanism
Frédérique Biennier, Hervé Mathieu

36. An Integrated Approach for Organizational Data Interoperability
Jennifer Sampson, Csaba Veres, Monika Lanzenberger

37. Managing the Lifecycle of Cross-organizational Collaborative Business Processes
Philipp Walter, Dirk Werth, Peter Loos

38. Interoperability through Model-based Generation: The Case of the Collaborative Information System (CIS)
Jihed Touzi, Jean-Pierre Lorré, Frédérick Bénaben, Hervé Pingaud

39. A Natural Basis for Interoperability
Nick Rossiter, Michael Heather, David Nelson

40. Designing a Modular Infrastructure for Exploratory Integration of Interoperability Approaches
N. Mehandjiev, P. Grefen, I. D Stalker, R. Eshuis, K. Fessl, G. Weichhart

Part VIII. Interoperability of Manufacturing Enterprise Applications

41. Supply Chain Management System and Interoperability through EAI Platform
Lina Zhou, Xiaofei Xu, Tao Huang, Shengchun Deng

42. Enhancing Interoperability of Manufacturing Software Units Using Capability Profiling
WeiPing Yu, Michiko Matsuda, Qian Wang

43. Towards a Product Oriented Process Modelling for Enterprise Applications Synchronisation and Interoperability
Salah Baïna, Hervé Panetto, Gérard Morel

Part IX. Business Models Interoperability

44. Developing Interoperable Business Processes Using Web Services and Policies
Zakaria Maamar, Djamal Benslimane, Ghita Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Subramanian Sattanathan, Chirine Ghedira

45. Talea: An Extensible Framework for E-Business Integration
G. Levi, A. Vagliengo, A. Goy

46. A Complexity Based Approach to Collaborations in the Tool and Die Industry
Günther Schuh, Alexander Sauer, Sebastian Döring

47. Modelling Inter-organizational Workflow Security in a Peer-to-Peer Environment
Andrea Nowak, Michael Hafner, Michael Breu, Ruth Breu

48. Enterprise Software with Half-Duplex Interoperations
Michael Johnson

49. e-Proc a TO BE Scenario for Business Interoperability
Ruben Costa, Oscar Garcia, Maria José Nuñez, Pedro Maló, Ricardo Goncalves

Part X. Standards for Interoperability

50. ICT Standards Development — Finding the Best Platform
Kai Jakobs

51. Experts on Causes of Incompatibility between Standard-Compliant Products
Tineke M. Egyedi

52. Achieving Influence on Standardisation Bodies
Eva Söderström

53. Interoperability in Healthcare: Standards for the French Project of a National Personal Medical Record
Philippe Lagouarde, Benoit Blanc, Bruno Vallespir


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