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Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems XIV

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Table of contents

1. Managing Restaurant Tables using Constraints
Alfio Vidotto, Kenneth N. Brown, J. Christopher Beck

Session 1:. Data Mining and Bayesian Networks

2. Use of Data Mining Techniques to Model Crime Scene Investigator Performance
Richard Adderley, Michael Townsley, John Bond

3. Analyzing Collaborative Problem Solving with Bayesian Networks
Rafael Duque, Crescencio Bravo, Carmen Lacave

4. The Integration of Heterogeneous Biological Data using Bayesian Networks
Ken Mcflarry, Nick Morris, Alex Freitas

5. Automatic Species Identification of Live Moths
Michael Mayo, Anna T. Watson

Session 2:. Genetic Algorithms and Optimisation Techniques

6. Estimating Photometric Redshifts Using Genetic Algorithms
Nicholas Miles, Alex Freitas, Stephen Serjeant

7. Non-linear Total Energy Optimisation of a Fleet of Power Plants
Lars Nolle, Friedrich Biegler-König, Peter Deeskow

8. Optimal Transceivers Placement in an Optical Communication Broadband Network Using Genetic Algorithms
R. Báez de Aguilar-Barcala, F. Ríos, R. Fernández-Ramos, J. Romero-Sánchez, J. F. Martín-Canales, A. I. Molina-Conde, F. J. Marín

9. SASS Applied to Optimum Work Roll Profile Selection in the Hot Rolling of Wide Steel
Lars Nolle

Session 3:. Agents and Semantic Web

10. Agents in Safety Related Systems Including Ubiquitous Networks
Lars Strandén

11. Using Semantic Web technologies to bridge the Language Gap between Academia and Industry in the Construction Sector
M. Argüello, A. El-Hasia, M. Lees

12. Ontology based CBR with jCOLIBRI
Juan A. Recio-Garía, Belén Díaz-Agudo

13. Domain Dependent Distributed Models for Railway Scheduling
M. A. Salidol, M. Abril, F. Barber, L. Ingolotti, P. Tormos, A. Lova

Session 5:. Natural Language

14. Bringing Chatbots into education: Towards Natural Language Negotiation of Open Learner Models
Alice Kerlyl, Phil Hall, Susan Bull

15. Adding question answering to an e-tutor for programming languages
Kate Taylor, Simon Moore

16. Speech-Enabled Interfaces for Travel Information Systems with Large Grammars
Baoli Zhao, Tony Allen, Andrzej Bargiela

17. Adoption of New Technologies in a Highly Uncertain Environment: The Case of Egyptian Public Banks
A. Khedr, H. Borgman

18. RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation Server: A Progressing Testbed for AI Researchers
Mohammad Ali Darvish Darab, Mosalam Ebrahimi

19. Review of Current Crime Prediction Techniques
Vikas Grover, Richard Adderley, Max Bramer

20. Data Assimilation of a Biological Model Using Genetic Algorithms
Manoj Thakur, Kusum Deep

Keywords: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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254 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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