Cacciabue, P. Carlo

Modelling Driver Behaviour in Automotive Environments

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Table of contents

I. International Projects and Actions on Driver Modelling

1. Modelling Driver Behaviour in European Union and International Projects
Maria Panou, Evangelos Bekiaris, Vassilis Papakostopoulos

2. TRB Workshop on Driver Models: A Step Towards a Comprehensive Model of Driving?
Delphine Cody, Timothy Gordon

3. Towards Monitoring and Modelling for Situation-Adaptive Driver Assist Systems
Toshiyuki Inagaki

II. Conceptual Framework and Modelling Architectures

4. A General Conceptual Framework for Modelling Behavioural Effects of Driver Support Functions
Johan Engström, Erik Hollnagel

5. Modelling the Driver in Control
Björn Peters, Lena Nilsson

6. From Driver Models to Modelling the Driver: What Do We Really Need to Know About the Driver?
Oliver Carsten

III. Learning and Behavioural Adaptation

7. Subject Testing for Evaluation of Driver Information Systems and Driver Assistance Systems — Learning Effects and Methodological Solutions
Klaus Bengler

8. Modelling Driver’s Risk Taking Behaviour
Wiel Janssen

9. Dealing with Behavioural Adaptations to Advanced Driver Support Systems
Farida Saad

IV. Modelling Motivation and Psychological Mechanisms

10. Motivational Determinants of Control in the Driving Task
Ray Fuller

11. Towards Understanding Motivational and Emotional Factors in Driver Behaviour: Comfort Through Satisficing
Heikki Summala

12. Modelling Driver Behaviour on Basis of Emotions and Feelings: Intelligent Transport Systems and Behavioural Adaptations
Truls Vaa

V. Modelling Risk and Errors

13. Time-Related Measures for Modelling Risk in Driver Behaviour
Richard Horst

14. Situation Awareness and Driving: A Cognitive Model
M. Baumann, J. F. Krems

15. Driver Error and Crashes
Dianne Parker

VI. Control Theory Models of Driver Behaviour

16. Control Theory Models of the Driver
Thomas Jürgensohn

17. Review of Control Theory Models for Directional and Speed Control
David H. Weir, Kevin C. Chao

VII. Simulation of Driver Behaviour

18. Cognitive Modelling and Computational Simulation of Drivers Mental Activities
Thierry Bellet, Béatrice Bailly, Pierre Mayenobe, Olivier Georgeon

19. Simple Simulation of Driver Performance for Prediction and Design Analysis
P. Carlo Cacciabue, Cristina Re, Luigi Macchi

VIII. Simulation of Traffic and Real Situations

20. Real-Time Traffic and Environment Risk Estimation for the Optimisation of Human-Machine Interaction
Angelos Amditis, Aris Polychronopoulos, Evangelos Bekiaris

21. Present and Future of Simulation Traffic Models
Fabio Tango, Roberto Montanari, Stefano Marzani

Keywords: Computer Science, Models and Principles, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Information Systems and Communication Service

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