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Networked Neighbourhoods

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Table of contents

Part A. Networks and Neighbours

1. Networked Neighbourhoods: The Purview
Patrick Purcell

Part B. Connected Community

2. Community Practice in the Network Society: Pathways Toward Civic Intelligence
Peter Day, Douglas Schuler

3. Social Networks and the Nature of Communities
Howard Rheingold

4. Community Informatics for Community Development: the “Hope or Hype” Issue Revisited
Bill Pitkin

5. Knowledge and the Local Community
Alan McCluskey

6. Connected Memories in the Networked Digital Era: A Moving Paradigm
Federico Casalegno

7. Community and Communication: A Rounded Perspective1
Jennifer Kayahara

Part C. The Research Impetus

8. Connected Lives: The Project1
Barry Wellman, Bernie Hogan, Kristen Berg, Jeffrey Boase, Juan-Antonio Carrasco, Rochelle Côté, Jennifer Kayahara, Tracy L.M. Kennedy, Phuoc Tran

9. The Impact of the Internet on Local and Distant Social Ties
A. Kavanaugh, T.T. Zin, M.B. Rosson, J.M. Carroll

10. The Magic Lounge: Connecting Island Communities Through Varied Communication Services
Thomas Rist, Niels Ole Bernsen, Jean-Claude Martin

11. The Digital Hug: Enhancing Emotional Communication by Creative Scenarios
Verena Seibert-Giller, Manfred Tscheligi, Reinhard Sefelin, Anu Kankainen

12. Ambient Intelligence: Human–Agent Interactions in a Networked Community
Kostas Stathis, Robert Spence, Oscar de Bruijn, Patrick Purcell

Part D. Mediated Human Communication

13. Beyond Communication: Human Connectedness as a Research Agenda
Stefan Agamanolis

14. The Presence Project: Helping Older People Engage with Their Local Communities
William Gaver, Jacob Beaver

15. Informing the Community: The Roles of Interactive Public Displays in Comparable Settings
Antonietta Grasso, Frederic Roulland, Dave Snowdon

16. Serving Visitor Communities: A Mediated Experience of the Arts
Patrizia Marti, Gregory O’Hare, Michael O’Grady, Massimo Zancanaro, Elena Not, Alberto Bianchi, Mick O’Donnell


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