Bai, Ying

Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technologies in Industrial Applications

Bai, Ying - Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technologies in Industrial Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. From Classical Control to Fuzzy Logic Control
Charles P. Coleman

2. Fundamentals of Fuzzy Logic Control — Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Rules and Defuzzifications
Ying Bai, Dali Wang

3. Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Control Systems
Dali Wang, Ying Bai

4. Knowledge-based Tuning I: Design and Tuning of Fuzzy Control Surfaces with Bezier Function
Hanqi Zhuang, S. Wongsoontorn

5. Knowledge-based Tuning II: µ-Law Tuning of a Fuzzy Lookup Table
Hanqi Zhuang, Yingli Wang

6. Apply a Fuzzy Logic Controller to Suppress Noises and Coupling Effects for a Laser Tracking System
Ying Bai, Zvi. S. Roth, Hanqi Zhuang

7. Fuzzy Logic for Image Processing: Definition and Applications of a Fuzzy Image Processing Scheme
Mario I. Chacón M

8. Fuzzy Logic for Medical Engineering: An Application to Vessel Segmentation
Guillermo Ayala, Teresa León, Victoria Zapater

9. Fuzzy Logic for Transportation Guidance: Developing Fuzzy Controllers for Maintaining an Inter-Vehicle Safety Headway
Jose E. Naranjo, Carlos González, Ricardo García, Teresa Pedro

10. Fuzzy Logic Control for Automobiles I: Knowledge-based Gear-position Decision
Guihe Qin, Anlin Ge, Ju-Jang Lee

11. Fuzzy Logic Control for Automobiles II: Navigation and Collision Avoidance System
Andri Riid, Dmitri Pahhomov, Ennu Rüstern

12. Fuzzy Logic Based Control Mechanisms for Handling the Uncertainties Facing Mobile Robots in Changing Unstructured Environments
Hani Hagras

13. Combine Sliding Mode Control and Fuzzy Logic Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Feijun Song, Samuel M. Smith

14. Fuzzy Logic for Flight Control I: Nonlinear Optimal Control of Helicopter Using Fuzzy Gain Scheduling
Gwo-Ruey Yu

15. Fuzzy Logic for Flight Control II: Fuzzy Logic Approach to Path Tracking and Obstacles Avoidance of UAVs
Zhao Sun, Tao Dong, Xiaohong Liao, Ran Zhang, David Y. Song

16. Close Formation Flight Control of Multi-UAVs via Fuzzy Logic Technique
Yao Li, Bin Li, Zhao Sun, Liguo Weng, Ran Zhang, David Y. Song

17. Applications of Fuzzy Logic in Data Mining Process
Hang Chen

18. Fuzzy Logic Control for Power Networks: A Multilayer Fuzzy Controller
Ahmed Rubaai, Abdul R. Ofoli

19. Fuzzy Predictive Control for Power Plants
Aldo Z. Cipriano

20. Fuzzy Logic for Robots Calibration — Using Fuzzy Interpolation Technique in Modeless Robot Calibration
Ying Bai, Dali Wang

21. Fuzzy Control on Manufacturing Welding Systems: To Apply Fuzzy Theory in the Control of Weld Line of Plastic Injection-Molding
Mei-Yung Chen, Yi-Cheng Chen, Shia-Chung Chen


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