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Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis

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Table of contents

Section I. Vascular Laboratory Operations

1. Improving Quality in Noninvasive Testing by Certification and Accreditation
J. Dennis Baker, Anne M. Jones

2. Qualifications of the Physician in the Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory
Michael A. Ricci, Robert B. Rutherford

Section II. Basic Physics

3. Principles and Instruments of Diagnostic Ultrasound and Doppler Ultrasound
Kirk W. Beach, Marla Paun, Jean F. Primozich

Section III. Cerebrovascular Diagnosis

4. Overview of Cerebrovascular Disease
Ali F. AbuRahma

5. Overview of Various Noninvasive Cerebrovascular Techniques
Ali F. AbuRahma

6. Duplex Scanning of the Carotid Arteries
Ali F. AbuRahma, Kimberly S. Jarrett

7. The Role of Color Duplex Scanning in Diagnosing Diseases of the Aortic Arch Branches and Carotid Arteries
Clifford T. Araki, Bruce L. Mintz, Robert W. Hobson

8. Vertebral Artery Ultrasonography
Marc Ribo, Andrei V. Alexandrov

9. Transcranial Doppler Sonography
Marc Ribo, Andrei V. Alexandrov

10. Ultrasonic Characterization of Carotid Plaques
Andrew N. Nicolaides, Maura Griffin, Stavros K. Kakkos, George Geroulakos, Efthyvoulos Kyriacou, Niki Georgiou

11. Carotid Plaque Echolucency Measured by Grayscale Median Identifies Patients at Increased Risk of Stroke during Carotid Stenting. The Imaging in Carotid Angioplasty and Risk of Stroke Study
A. Froio, G. Deleo, C. Piazzoni, V. Camesasca, A. Liloia, M. Lavitrano, G. M. Biasi

12. Duplex Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Temporal Arteritis
George H. Meier, Courtney Nelms

13. Duplex Ultrasound Velocity Criteria for Carotid Stenting Patients
Brajesh K. Lal, Robert W. Hobson

14. Use of Transcranial Doppler in Monitoring Patients during Carotid Artery Stenting
Mark C. Bates

15. Use of an Angle-Independent Doppler System for Intraoperative Carotid Endarterectomy Surveillance
Manju Kalra, Todd E. Rasmussen, Peter Gloviczki

16. Clinical Implications of the Vascular Laboratory in the Diagnosis of Cerebrovascular Insufficiency
Ali F. AbuRahma

Section IV. Noninvasive Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease of the Extremities

17. Overview of Peripheral Arterial Disease of the Lower Extremity
Ali F. AbuRahma

18. Overview of Noninvasive Vascular Techniques in Peripheral Arterial Disease
Ali F. AbuRahma

19. Segmental Doppler Pressures and Doppler Waveform Analysis in Peripheral Vascular Disease of the Lower Extremities
Ali F. AbuRahma, Kimberly S. Jarrett

20. Pulse Volume Recording in the Diagnosis of Peripheral Vascular Disease
Jeffrey K. Raines, Jose I. Almeida

21. Duplex Scanning for Lower Extremity Arterial Disease
Paul A. Armstrong, Dennis F. Bandyk

22. Duplex Surveillance of Infrainguinal Bypass Grafts
Patrick A. Stone, Dennis F. Bandyk

23. Rationale and Benefits of Surveillance After Prosthetic Infrainguinal Bypass Grafts
Stephen Kolakowski, Keith D. Calligaro, Sandy McAffe-Benett, Kevin J. Doerr, Kathy Mueller, Matthew J. Dougherty

24. Rationale and Benefits of Surveillance After Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty and Stenting of Iliac and Femoral Arteries
Evan C. Lipsitz, George L. Berdejo

25. Duplex Ultrasound in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Femoral Pseudoaneurysms
Patrick A. Stone

26. Lower Extremity Arterial Mapping: Duplex Ultrasound as an Alternative to Arteriography Prior to Femoral and Popliteal Reconstruction
Enrico Ascher, Sergio X. Salles-Cunha, Natalie Marks, Anil Hingorani

27. Preoperative Saphenous Vein Mapping
Benjamin B. Chang, Ann Marie Kupinski, R. Clement Darling, Philip S. K. Paty, Paul B. Kreienberg, Sean P. Roddy, Kathleen J. Ozsvath, Manish Mehta, Dhiraj M. Shah

28. Noninvasive Diagnosis of Upper Extremity Vascular Disease
Jocelyn A. Segall, Gregory L. Moneta

29. Ultrasound Imaging of Upper Extremity Arteries: Clinical Applications
Sergio X. Salles-Cunha

30. Protocol and Technique of Dialysis Ultrasound Surveillance
Niten Singh, Cameron M. Akbari, Anton N Sidawy

31. Noninvasive Evaluation for Congenital Arteriovenous Fistulas and Malformation
Robert B. Rutherford

32. Clinical Implications of the Vascular Laboratory in the Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease
Ali F. AbuRahma

Section V. Noninvasive Diagnosis of Venous Disorders of the Extremities

33. Overview of Venous Disorders
John J. Bergan

34. Overview: Plethysmographic Techniques in the Diagnosis of Venous Disease
M. Ashraf Mansour, David S. Sumner

35. Venous Duplex Ultrasound of the Lower Extremity in the Diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis
Bruce L. Mintz, Clifford T. Araki, Athena Kritharis, Robert W. Hobson

36. Venous Imaging for Reflux Using Duplex Ultrasonography
Jeffrey L. Ballard, John J. Bergan, Lisa Mekenas

37. Duplex Ultrasound Use for Bedside Insertion of Inferior Vena Cava Filters
JimBob Faulk, Thomas C. Naslund

38. Venous Stenting Using Intravascular Ultrasound
Peter Neglén

39. Ultrasound Guidance for Venous Therapy: VNUS, Endovenous Laser Treatments, and Foam
John J. Bergan, Luigi Pascarella

40. Clinical Implications of the Vascular Laboratory in the Diagnosis of Venous Disorders
John J. Bergan

Section VI. Deep Abdominal Doppler

41. Deep Doppler in the Liver Vasculature
Peter N. Burns, Heidi Patriquin, Michel Lafortune

42. Duplex Evaluation of the Renal Arteries
Marsha M. Neumyer, John Blebea

43. Duplex Ultrasonography of the Mesenteric Circulation
David G. Neschis, William R. Flinn

44. The Role of Color Duplex Ultrasound in Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms and Stent Grafts
George H. Meier, Kathleen A. Carter

Section VII. Miscellaneous

45. Transcutaneous Oxygen Tension: Principles and Applications
Jeffrey L. Ballard

46. Role of Magnetic Resonance Angiography in Peripheral Vascular Disease
Sandra Carr, William Turnipseed, Thomas Grist

47. Intravascular Ultrasound Applications
Donald B. Reid, Khalid Irshad, Edward B. Diethrich

48. Three-Dimensional Vascular Imaging and Three-Dimensional Color Power Angiography Imaging
Ali F. AbuRahma, Phillip J. Bendick

49. Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound
Lyssa N. Ochoa, Esteban Henao, Alan Lumsden, Ruth L. Bush

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Vascular Surgery, Ultrasound, Cardiac Surgery, Internal Medicine

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