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Designing Accessible Technology

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Table of contents

Part I.Design Issues for a More Inclusive World

1. The Inclusive Challenge: A Multidisciplinary Educational Approach
A. S. Macdonald

2. Universal Design in Japanese Technological Industries
A. S. Macdonald

3. Encouraging Inclusive Design Through Standardisation
D. E. Hughes, G. Cockerham, J. S. Paul

4. Factors Involved in Industry’s Response to Inclusive Design
J. Goodman, H. Dong, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

5. Providing Strategic User Information for Designers: Methods and Initial Findings
J. Goodman, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

6. Design for Inclusion
D. J. Reed, A. Monk

7. Designers’ Use of the Artefact in Human-centred Design
P. M. Chamberlain, S. J. Bowen

Part II.Enabling Computer Access and the Development of New Technologies

8. Introducing COGAIN — Communication by Gaze Interaction
R. Bates, M. Donegan, H. O. Istance, J. P. Hansen, K. -J. Räihä

9. Older Users’ Requirements for Interactive Television
H. Boyle, C. Nicolle, M. Maguire, V. Mitchell

10. InclusiveCAD: A Software Resource for Designers
A. S. Macdonald, D. Loudon, P. J. Rowe, D. Samuel, V. Hood, A. C. Nicol, B. Conway

11. Towards an Interactive System Eliciting Narrative Comprehension in Children with Autism: A Longitudinal Study
M. Davis, K. Dautenhahn, C. Nehaniv, S. Powell

Part III.Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Robotics

12. Collaborative Visual-servoing of the MANUS Manipulator
F. Liefhebber, B. J. F. Driessen, A. H. C. Thean

13. User-centred Approach to the Design and Evaluation of a Stair-climbing Aid
R. E. Mayagoitia, S. Kitchen, J. Harding, R. King, A. Turner-Smith

14. The SMART Project: A User Led Approach to Developing Applications for Domiciliary Stroke Rehabilitation
G. A. Mountain, P. M. Ware, J. Hammerton, S. J. Mawson, H. Zheng, R. Davies, N. Black, H. Zhou, H. Hu, N. Harris, C. Eccleston

15. Non-speech Operated Emulation of Keyboard
A. J. Sporka, S. H. Kurniawan, P. Slavík

16. Dysarthric Speech Measures for Use in Evidence-based Speech Therapy
W. A. Simm, P. E. Roberts, M. J. Joyce

17. Non-formal Therapy and Learning Potentials Through Human Gesture Synchronised to Robotic Gesture
E. Petersson, A. Brooks

Part IV.Understanding Users and Involving Them in the Design Process

18. Inclusive Design Evaluation and the Capability-demand Relationship
U. Persad, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

19. Investigating the Role of Experience in the Use of Consumer Products
T. Lewis, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

20. Software Co-design with Older People
G. Dewsbury, I. Sommerville, P. Bagnall, M. Rouncefield, V. Onditi

21. Creating User Centred Creative Design Tools for the Packaging Industry Using Video Ethnographic Research Techniques
K. J. Gough

22. Differing Perspectives on Telecare: An Attitudinal Survey of Older People, Professional Care Workers and Informal Carers
J. Hanson, J. Percival

23. Away from Home (Public) Toilet Design: Identifying User Wants, Needs and Aspirations
J. Bichard, J. Hanson, C. Greed

24. Involving People with Dementia in the Development of a Discussion Forum: A Community-centred Approach
N. Savitch, P. Zaphiris, M. Smith, R. Litherland, N. Aggarwal, E. Potier


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