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Table of contents

Section I:. Network Defence

1. Network Penetration Testing
Liwen He, Nikolai Bode

2. A Taxonomy of Criteria for Evaluating Defence Mechanisms against Flooding DoS Attacks
Jarmo V. E. Mölsä

3. Spam Honey Pot Research
Liam Meany

4. Privacy Protection Mechanism in Grid Computing Environment
MingChu Li, Hongyan Yao, Cheng Guo, Na Zhang

5. Flow Label Filtering Feasibility
Orla McGann, David Malone

6. The Representation and use of Relation Information for the Detection of Threats by Security Information Management Systems
Cyril Onwubiko, Andrew P. Lenaghan, Luke Hebbes, Ron R. Malyan

7. Intelligent real-time reactive Network Management
Abhishek Jain, Guillaume Andreys, G. Sivakumar

8. Security in Passive Optical Network via Wavelength Hopping and Codes cycling techniques
Walid Shawbaki

9. A Model of Deploying Deception in a Computer Network Operations (CNO) Environment
Zafar Kazmi, Stilianos Vidalis

Section II:. Wireless & Ad Hoc Network Security

10. Taxonomy of Attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks
Song Han, Elizabeth Chang, Li Gao, Tharam Dillon

11. A Lightweight Identity Authentication Mechanism for Self-Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks
Joon Heo, Choong Seon Hong

12. Modelling the Spread of Computer Worms in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Maziar Nekovee

13. Wily Attackers Seek Wireless Networks in Perth, Western Australia for Easy Targets
Suen Yek

Section III:. Network Protocol Analysis & Cryptographic Applications

14. Attack on Undeniable Partially Blind Signatures
Song Han, Elizabeth Chang, Jie Wang

15. Evolutionary Approach in the Security Protocols Design
Pavel Ocenasek

16. Improvement of Adaptive Threshold RSA
Feiyu Lei, Wen Chen, Kefei Chen

Section IV:. Intrusion Detection & Prevention

17. A Log-Based Mining System for Network Node Correlation
Yongzheng Zhang, Binxing Fang, Yue Chi, Xiaochun Yun

18. Exploring Vulnerabilities of Agent-Based Ids: The Need for Agent Self-Defence
Eni E Oyegoke, Theodore Tryfonas, Andrew J Blyth

19. Detecting and Classifying Attacks in Computer Networks Using Feed-Forward and Elman Neural Networks
V. Alarcon-Aquino, J. A. Mejia-Sanchez, R. Rosas-Romero, J. F. Ramirez-Cruz

20. Data Authentication and Trust Within Distributed Intrusion Detection System Inter-Component Communications
John Haggerty, Qi Shi, Paul Fergus, Madjid Merabti

21. Design and Implementation of a Fast String Matcher Utilizing Content Addressable Memory
Mohamed Azab, Mohamed Rizk, Mohamad Abou-El-Nasr

22. Zero hour outbreak prevention using distributed traffic anomaly detection
András Korn, Gábor Fehér

23. Mediating Hosts’ Malicious Character
Mohammed Chihoub

24. Masquerade Detection by Using Activity Patterns
B. M. Reshmi, S. S. Manvi

Section V:. Software for Security in Networked Environments

25. A Flexible, Open Source Software Architecture for Network-Based Forensic Computing & Intelligence Gathering
Christopher Meyler, Iain Sutherland

26. Protecting Distributed Object Applications from Corruption of Class Bytecodes on Client Side
Julian L. Rrushi

27. Modeling and Construction of Web Services Security
Li-Guo Wang, Lyndon Lee

28. Normalising Events into Incidents Using Unified Intrusion Detection-Related Data
Nikolaos Avourdiadis, Andrew Blyth


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