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Materials for Information Technology

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Table of contents

Part I. Recent Advances in Thin-film Deposition

1. Molecular-beam Deposition of High-k Gate Dielectrics for Advanced CMOS
A. Dimoulas

2. LEPECVD — A Production Technique for SiGe MOSFETs and MODFETs
D. Chrastina, B. Rössner, G. Isella, H. Känel, J. P. Hague, T. Hackbarth, H. -J. Herzog, K. -H. Hieber, U. König

3. Thin-film Engineering by Atomic-layer Deposition for Ultra-scaled and Novel Devices
G. Scarel, M. Fanciulli

4. Atomic-layer Deposited Barrier and Seed Layers for Interconnects
J. Schuhmacher, A. Martina, A. Satta, K. Maexa

5. Copper CVD for Conformal Ultrathin-film Deposition
M. Joulauda, P. Doppelt

6. Pushing PVD to the Limits — Recent Advances
Zs. Tokei

7. Surface Engineering Using Self-assembled Monolayers: Model Substrates for Atomic-layer Deposition
C. M. Whelan, A. -C. Demas, A. Romo Negreira, T. Fernandez Landaluce, J. Schuhmacher, L. Carbonell, K. Maex

8. Selective Airgaps: Towards a Scalable Low-k Solution
J. P. Gueneau de Mussy, G. Beyer, K. Maex

9. Silicides — Recent Advances and Prospects
J. A. Kittl, A. Lauwers, O. Chamirian, M. A. Pawlak, M. Dal, A. Veloso, K. G. Anil, G. Pourtois, M. Potter, K. Maex

10. TEM Characterization of Strained Silicon
J. P. Morniroli, P. H. Albarède, D. Jacob

Part II. Material Aspects of Non-Volatile Memories

11. An Introduction to Nonvolatile Memory Technology
T. Mikolajick, C. -U. Pinnow

12. Floating-dot Memory Transistors on SOI Substrate
O. Winkler, M. Baus, M. C. Lemme, R. Rölver, B. Spangenberg, H. Kurz

13. Ion-beam Synthesis of Nanocrystals for Multidot Memory Structures
V. Beyer, J. Borany

14. Scaling of Ferroelectric-based Memory Concepts
R. Waser

15. Device Concepts with Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
H. Brückl, J. Bornemeier, A. Niemeyer, K. Rott

16. Phase-change Memories
R. Bez, A. Pirovano, F. Pellizzer

17. Amorphous-to-fcc Transition in GeSbTe Alloys
S. Privitera, C. Bongiorno, E. Rimini, R. Zonca

18. Organic Nonvolatile Memories
Y. Yang, L. Ma, J. Ouyang, J. He, H. M. Liem, C. -W. Chu, A. Prakash

Part III. Materials for Interconnects

19. Interconnect Technology — Today, Recent Advances and a Look into the Future
M. Engelhardt, G. Schindler, W. Steinhögl, G. Steinlesberger, M. Traving

20. Dielectric and Scaling Effects on Electromigration for Cu Interconnects
P. S. Ho, K. -D. Lee, J. W. Pyun, X. Lu, S. Yoon

21. Texture and Stress Study of Sub-Micron Copper Interconnect Lines Using X-ray Microdiffraction
I. Zienert, H. Prinz, H. Geisler, E. Zschech

22. Stress Modeling for Copper Interconnect Structures
V. Sukharev

23. Conductivity Enhancement in Metallization Structures of Regular Grains
G. D. Knight

24. Advanced Barriers for Copper Interconnects
M. Hecker, R. Hübner, J. Acker, V. Hoffmann, N. Mattern, R. Ecke, S. E. Schulz, H. Heuer, C. Wenzel, H. -J. Engelmann, E. Zschechd

25. Synthesis and Characterization of Compounds Obtained by Crosslinking of Polymethylhydrosiloxane by Aromatic Rings
F. Sediri, F. Touati, N. Gharbi

26. Revealing the Porous Structure of Low-k Materials Through Solvent Diffusion
D. Shamiryan, M. R. Baklanov, K. Maex

27. Carbon Nanotube Via Technologies for Future LSI Interconnects
M. Nihei, A. Kawabata, M. Horibe, D. Kondo, S. Sato, Y. Awano

28. Nickel Nanowires Obtained by Template Synthesis
I. Z. Rahman, K. M. Razeeb, M. A. Rahman

Part IV. Materials for Assembly/Packaging

29. The Importance of Polymers in Wafer-Level Packaging
M. Töpper

30. Electrically Conductive Adhesives as Solder Alternative: A Feasible Challenge
G. Luyckx, G. Dreezen

31. The Role of Au/Sn Solder in Packaging
H. Oppermann

32. Packaging Materials: Organic-Inorganic Hybrids for Millimetre-Wave Optoelectronics
N. Rapún

33. Wafer-Level Three-Dimensional Hyper-Integration Technology Using Dielectric Adhesive Wafer Bonding
J. -Q. Lu, T. S. Cale, R. J. Gutmann

Part V. Advanced Materials Characterization

34. Challenges to Advanced Materials Characterization for ULSI Applications
A. C. Diebold

35. Advanced Material Characterization by TOFSIMS in Microelectronic
T. Conard, W. Vandervorst

36. Electronic Properties of the Interface Formed by Pr2O3 Growth on Si(001), Si(111) and SiC(0001) Surfaces
D. Schmeißer, P. Hoffmann, G. Beuckert

37. Materials Characterization by Ellipsometry
V. G. Polovinkin, M. R. Baklanov

38. Thermal Desorption Spectrometry as a Method of Analysis for Advanced Interconnect Materials
L. Carbonell, A. M. Hoyas, C. M. Whelan, G. Vereecke

39. Electron Backscatter Diffraction: Application to Cu Interconnects in Top-View and Cross Section
M. A. Meyer, I. Zienert, E. Zschech

40. X-ray Reflectivity Characterisation of Thin-Film and Multilayer Structures
P. Zaumseil


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