Forgionne, Guisseppi A.

Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Foundations of Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems

1. A Multicriteria Model for the Evaluation of Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems (i-DMSS)
Gloria Phillips-Wren, Manuel Mora, Guisseppi A. Forgionne, Leonardo Garrido, Jatinder N. D. Gupta

2. On the Legacy of Herbert Simon and his Contribution to Decision-making Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence
Jean-Charles Pomerol, Frédéric Adam

3. Synergizing the Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Research Streams: Over a Decade of Progress with New Challenges on the Horizon
Jason Nichols, Michael Goul

4. From Knowledge Discovery to Computational Intelligence: A Framework for Intelligent Decision Support Systems
Sergio Viademonte, Frada Burstein

5. Taking Decisions into the Wild: An AI Perspective in the Design of i-DMSS
Hamid R. Ekbia

6. Development Processes of Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems: Review and Perspective
Alexandre Gachet, Pius Haettenschwiler

7. Explanatory Power of Intelligent Systems
Robbie T. Nakatsu

Part II. Applications of Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems

8. A New Paradigm for Developing Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems (i-DMSS): A Case Study on the Development of Comparison-Shopping Agents
Yun Wan

9. A Causal Knowledge-driven Negotiation Mechanism for B2B Electronic Commerce
Kun-Chang Lee, Soonjae Kwon

10. A Simulation Study of Just-in-time Knowledge Management (JITKM)
Nabie Y. Conteh, Guisseppi A. Forgionne

11. An IDSS for Regional Aquaculture Planning
Omar F. El-Gayar, Kanchana Tandekar

12. An i-DMSS Based on Bipartite Matching and Heuristics for Rental Bus Allocation
Katta G. Murty, Woo-Je Kim

13. MicroDEMON: A Decision-making Intelligent Assistant for Mobile Business
Guliano Pistolesi

14. Using System Dynamics and Case-based Reasoning (CBR) to Build an Intelligent Decision-making Support System (i-DMSS) that Improves Strategic Public Decisions
Carlos A. Legna, Carina S. González

15. e-Negotiation Systems and Software Agents: Methods, Models, and Applications
Peter Braun, Jakub Brzostowski, Gregory Kersten, Jin Baek Kim, Ryszard Kowalczyk, Stefan Strecker, Rustam Vahidov

16. Knowledge-intensive Collaborative Decision Support for Design Process
Xuan F Zha, Ram D Sriram

17. The Application of Semantic Web Technologies for Railway Decision Support
Jinwei Lu, Clive Roberts, Karl Lang, Alan Stirling, Keith Madelin

Part III. Trends of Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems

18. The Challenge of Supporting Emerging Inference-based Decision-making
C. Gustav Lundberg

19. A Role for Information Portals as Intelligent Decision Support Systems: Breast Cancer Knowledge Online Experience
Frada Burstein, Sue Mckemmish, Julie Fisher, Rosetta Manaszewicz, Pooja Malhotra

20. An Overview of Future Challenges of Decision Support Technologies
Nikos Karacapilidis

21. A Challenging Future for i-DMSS
Nathalie Cassaigne, Lionel Lorimier

22. A Software Laboratory for Advancing Decision Support Simulation
Gerald R. Wagner, David Paradice, James Courtney

23. A Strategic Descriptive Review of the Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems Research: the 1980–2004 Period
Manuel Mora, Guisseppi Forgionne, Jatinder N. D. Gupta, Leonardo Garrido, Francisco Cervantes, Ovsei Gelman

24. The Optimization of What?
Andrew M. McCosh, Bertha A. Correa-Pérez


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