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Advances in Design

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Table of contents

Part I. Next Generation Design

1. Economic Growth, Business Innovation and Engineering Design
Gunnar Sohlenius, Leif Clausson, Ann Kjellberg

2. Directions of Next Generation Product Development
Tetsuo Tomiyama, Bart R. Meijer

3. ‘What-if’ Design as an Integrative Method in Product Design
Fred Houten, Eric Lutters

4. Self Organization in Design
Bart R. Meijer

5. Towards a Design Methodology for Self-optimizing Systems
Jürgen Gausemeier, Ursula Frank, Andreas Schmidt, Daniel Steffen

Part II. Design Knowledge and Functional Design

6. Reusing Design Knowledge
Saeema Ahmed, Ken Wallace

7. Structural and Functional Analysis for Assemblies
Hugo Falgarone, Nicolas Chevassus

8. Knowledge Management for a Cooperative Design System
Serge Tichkiewitch, Bruno Radulescu, George Dragoï, Kusol Pimapunsri

Part III. Innovative and Conceptual Design

9. AdaptEx: Extending Product Life Cycles through Strategic Product Upgrades
Jeff C. Sand, Peihua Gu

10. Product Genetic Engineering
Kezheng Huang, Hongwu Chen, Yandong Wang, Zhengjun Song, Liangmin Lv

11. Gene Engineering-based Innovation of Manufactured Products
Ke-Zhang Chen, Xin-An Feng, Xiao-Chuan Chen

12. Use of Constraint Programming for Design
Bernard Yannou, Ghassen Harmel

13. Model Infrastructures and Human Interaction in a Stereo Table Environment
Torsten Kjellberg, Christoffer Lindfors, Mattias Larsson, Jonny Gustafsson

14. Inventive Design Applied to Injection Molding
Thomas Eltzer, Denis Cavallucci, Nikolaï Khomenkho, Philippe Lutz, Emmanuel Caillaud

Part IV. Design Frameworks

15. Supporting Problem Expression within a Co-evolutionary Design Framework
Pierre Lonchampt, Guy Prudhomme, Daniel Brissaud

16. A Four-stage Approximation Strategy for the Exploration of a Mechanical Concept
Bernard Yannou, Abdelbasset Hamdi, Eric Landel

17. A Framework of Product Styling Platform Using Case-based Styling Indexing
Richard Y. K. Fung

18. A Systematic Design Approach for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Ahmed M. Deif, Waguih H. ElMaraghy

19. Crosstalk: Collaborative Framework for Electro-mechanical Product Design
Michael Montero, Noe Vargas, Paul Wright, Jami Shah

20. Integrated Architecture of Geometric Models and Design Intentions
Kazuhiro Takeuchi, Akira Tsumaya, Hidefumi Wakamatsu, Keiichi Shirase, Eiji Arai

Part V. Design Management

21. Management of Engineering Design Process in Collaborative Situation
Vincent Robin, Bertrand Rose, Philippe Girard, Muriel Lombard

22. Requirements Management for the Extended Automotive Enterprise
Rajkumar Roy, Clive I. V. Kerr, Peter J. Sackett

23. Federated Product Data Management in Multi-company Projects
Henk Jan Pels

24. STEP PLCS for Design and In-service Product Data Management
Rohit Sharma, James Gao

25. Value Chain Structure and Correlation Between Design Structure Matrices
Marco Cantamessa, Maurizio Milanesio, Elisa Operti

26. Integration of Cost Models in Design and Manufacturing
Nicolas Perry, Magali Mauchand, Alain Bernard

Part VI. Product Life Cycle

27. Life Cycle Product Support in the Digital Age
Jörg Niemann, Engelbert Westkämper

28. Total Quality Management and Process Modeling for PLM in SME
Umberto Cugini, Andrea Ramelli, Caterina Rizzi, Marco Ugolotti

29. Selection and Evaluation of PLM Tools for Competitive Product Development
Matteo Benassi, Monica Bordegoni, Umberto Cugini, Gaetano Cascini

Part VII. Collaborative Engineering Design

30. Efficient Product Data Sharing in Collaboration Life Cycles
Frank-Lothar Krause, Haygazun Hayka, Bernhard Pasewaldt

31. Design Iterations in a Geographically Distributed Design Process
Toufik Boudouh, Daniel-Constantin Anghel, Olivier Garro

32. A Cluster-based Approach for Collaborative Design Process Analysis
Reza Movahed Khah, Egon Ostrosi, Olivier Garro

33. Workspaces and Cooperation Notions in the Design Process
Ezio Pena, Denis Choulier, Olivier Garro

34. Pitfalls of Engineering Change
Timothy Jarratt, Claudia Eckert, P. John Clarkson

35. Modeling of Manufacturing Process Complexity
R. Jill Urbanic, Waguih H. ElMaraghy

36. Human Modeling in Industrial Design
Mahmoud Shahrokhi, Mamy Pouliquen, Alain Bernard

Part VIII. Design Intent and Tolerancing

37. On the Merging of Geometric Models Based on Hierarchical Context
J. A. Knowlton, Michael J. Wozny

38. Haptic Virtual Prototyping for Design and Assessment of Gear-shifts
Martijn Tideman, M. C. Voort, Fred J. A. M. Houten

39. Predicting Design Quality through Sensitivity Modeling
Luc Laperrière, Walid Ghie, Alain Desrochers

40. Computer Aided Tolerancing - Solver and Post Processor Analysis
Serge Samper, Jean-Philippe Petit, Max Giordano

41. A New Method for Integrated Design and Tolerancing
Pascal Hernandez, Max Giordano, Gaétan Legrais

42. Contact and Channel Model for Pairs of Working Surfaces
Albert Albers, Norbert Burkardt, Manfred Ohmer

Part IX. Modeling and Design for Manufacturing

43. Manufacturing-driven Design of Sculptured Surfaces
Ahmad Barari, Hoda ElMaraghy

44. Extended Design for X for Digital Consumer Products
Koichi Ohtomi

45. Development of Integrated Design System for Structural Design of Machine Tools
Myon-Woong Park, Young-Tae Sohn

46. The Structured Design of a Reconfigurable Control Process
ElSayed ElBeheiry, Waguih ElMaraghy, Hoda ElMaraghy


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