Fincher, Sally

People and Computers XVIII — Design for Life

Fincher, Sally - People and Computers XVIII — Design for Life, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Understanding Interaction in Ubiquitous Guerrilla Performances in Playful Arenas
Jennifer G Sheridan, Alan Dix, Simon Lock, Alice Bayliss

2. Towards the Development of CSCW: An Ethnographic Approach
Rabat Iqbal, Anne James

3. An Evaluation of Workspace Awareness in Collaborative, Gesture-based Diagramming Tools
Christian Heide Damm, Klaus Marius Hansen

4. An Empirical Comparison of Transparency on One and Two Layer Displays
Wael Aboelsaadat, Ravin Balakrishnan

5. User Interface Overloading: A Novel Approach for Handheld Device Text Input
James Allan Hudson, Alan Dix, Alan Parkes

6. Designing for Expert Information Finding Strategies
Bob Fields, Suzette Keith, Ann Blandford

7. Supporting User Decisions in Travel and Tourism
Andy Dearden, M Chiu

8. Constructing a Player-Centred Definition of Fun for Video Games Design
Stephen Boyd Davis, Christina Carini

9. The Usability of Handwriting Recognition for Writing in the Primary Classroom
Janet C Read, Stuart MacFarlane, Matthew Horton

10. BMX Bandits: The Design of an Educational Computer Game for Disaffected Youth
Atif Waraich, Gareth Wilson

11. Tales, Tours, Tools, and Troupes: A Tiered Research Method to Inform Ubiquitous Designs for the Elderly
Jay Lundell, Margaret Morris

12. The Re-design of a PDA-based System for Supporting People with Parkinson’s Disease
Bengt Göransson

13. Designing for Social Inclusion: Computer Mediation of Trust Relations Between Citizens and Public Service Providers
Michael Grimsley, Anthony Meehan, Anna Tan

14. Decentralized Remote Diagnostics: A Study of Diagnostics in the Marine Industry
Jonas Kuschel, Fredrik Ljungberg

15. A First Empirical Study of Direct Combination in a Ubiquitous Environment
Simon Holland

16. The Geometry of Web Search
John D McCarthy, M Angela Sasse, Jens Riegelsberger

17. Supplemental Navigation Tools for Website Navigation — A Comparison of User Expectations and Current Practice
C J Pilgrim, Y K Leung, G Lindgaard

18. Context matters: Evaluating Interaction Techniques with the CIS Model
Caroline Appert, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Wendy E Mackay

19. Enhancing Contextual Analysis to Support the Design of Development Tools
Chris Roast, Andy Dearden, Babak Khazaei

20. A Context-aware Locomotion Assistance Device for the Blind
Christophe Jacquet, Yolaine Bourda, Yacine Bellik

21. Evaluating Usability and Challenge during Initial and Extended Use of Children’s Computer Games
Mathilde Bekker, Wolmet Barendregt, Silvia Crombeen, Mariëlle Biesheuvel

22. Comparing Interaction in the Real World and CAVE Virtual Environments
Alistair Sutcliffe, Oscar Bruijn, Brian Gault, Terrence Fernando, Kevin Tan

23. In Search of Salience: A Response-time and Eye-movement Analysis of Bookmark Recognition
Alex Poole, Linden J Ball, Peter Phillips


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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