Butterworth, Bill

2030 - The Year Civilisation Will Die

Butterworth, Bill - 2030 - The Year Civilisation Will Die, ebook


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This book is not about global warming and whether it is taking place or not, how fast it is and what effects it will have. Nor is it about population growth. Nor is it about running out of effective vaccines and antibiotics.
Those issues, in isolation, are covered in great depth by many other sources. This book brings the three together, considering the possibility of the triad becoming critical at the same time. Experts disagree on exact dates, but the most likely period this will happen to us is some time between 2030 and 2040 if we are lucky, a little earlier if not!
If and when this three-fold tipping point occurs, there will only be a short period before a major collapse in global population, a humanitarian disaster on a scale of unprecedented magnitude.
This book is not designed to scare or frighten the reader, but to help them consider the true risk of this upcoming catastrophe. Once understood, it then details a powerful solution available to us with current technology: the global Bio-Active Carbon Sink.

Keywords: global warming, recycling, doomsday, climate change, renewable, overpopulation, environment, food production, vaccine, vaccination, antibiotics, ecological disaster, carbon, dioxide, solution, positive, energy, government, antivax, conspiracy theory, bestseller

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