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Protect Your Family Against Terrorism

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Today we are all living under a credible terrorist threat, yet many people remain unprepared. Would you and your family know how to react if you were caught up in a terrorist attack? Do you take the necessary steps to protect your family from potential atrocities whenever you leave home?
This book delivers the advice you need to ensure you and your family stay safe. Written in an easy-to-understand format by security experts with many years of field experience in both military and civilian scenarios, it describes how best to prepare for the possibility of an attack, how to react should an incident occur close to you, and what to do in the immediate aftermath.
With sections that cover a range of scenarios from an attack on the underground or on public transport to an incident at a beach hotel or even on a cruise ship, you will find straight-talking, no-nonsense advice based on real scenarios that ensures you and your loved ones can make decisions and take action that could mean the difference between life and death.
In addition to the various specific scenarios, you are also provided with advice on how to enhance your situational awareness in any situation, enabling you to protect your family from the next inevitable attack. Also included is a comprehensive checklist detailing actions to take prior to travelling away from home.
Terrorist atrocities are becoming more frequent. Don’t let your family find themselves in a dangerous situation without the knowledge of how best to react - Protect Your Family from Terrorism.

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