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NEIL WAVERLEY returns home one evening from the major bank branch in the centre of London bank where he works, to discover that his wife has left him. She leaves a note to say that she is leaving him after having had an affair with another man for the last six months. He is absolutely devastated and very angry at her deceit and he cannot get over the fact that his life is in ruins. He finds solace in the company of PAULA STRATTON, a woman who has just joined the amateur dramatic society that Waverley has belonged to for some years. When she discovers that he is a senior bank manager, she starts to formulate a foolproof plan by which he can steal the best part of a million pounds in sterling and get away with it. At first, he considers the idea to be crazy but she tells him that she loves him and her main aim is to help him get over the hurdle of grieving for his wife who has gone to live with her lover in New York.

She induces Waverley to go to Spain with her for a week, in separate rooms, to get over his depression and she tries to explain the plan but he is not receptive to the idea. Whilst there, he reads an English newspaper which stresses that his bank is going to make 20,000 staff redundant, so he reflects on Paula’s plan and eventually decided to go through with it.

ERNEST CROZIER, another manager at the bank, searches for any means to bring Waverley down so that he may gain promotion and he uses his subordinate, Abbott, to do the research. Abbott is enthusiastic because it could mean his promotion, so together they keep tracking Waverley’s movements and activities with great suspicion on everything he does. .

FRED WILSON, a itinerant burglar, is the bete-noire of MARLEY, the Chief Inspector of a small police station. Marley has an obsession about the burglar who has upgraded his activities to robbing banks and he has sleepless nights thinking about capturing the criminal , willing to do anything to achieve that aim.

After two failures in robbing banks, Marley eventually catches Wilson with the goods in his possession. However Paula’s plan proves to be perfect. She and Waverley fly to the Argentine to live with a million pounds in sterling while Wilson gets away with blue murder but no money.

An intriguingly clever plot on how a bank manager could get away with a million pounds whereby no one would ever suspect him as being the thief.

Keywords: bank, fiction, robbery, thief, fraud, thriller, crime

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