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ISBN: 9781783331093
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What do you do if you want your Charity Ball to go without a hitch? You get Saskia and Saskia to organise it for you. The Ball itself will go without a hitch (probably) but getting there is far from straightforward. Yet another person discovers that the Saskias and the SuperTwins are the same people, but her response to the revelation surprises the girls. Sir James gets himself into a spot of bother, but is easily extracted by the twins, who then have to work quite hard to preserve their secret. Saskia discovers she has a maternal instinct, despite not really being a girl, which gives her a lot to think about. Having super powers AND being able to move in time proves useful when the plant next door is devastated by a huge explosion, the girls end up doing the whole day twice! Moving in time is getting to be routine as the girls are shifted back to 1757 to fix a problem with the timeline. A visit to the Russian plant sees Saskia changing to be James in case he gets shot, which is fine until this actually happens - and Saskia doesn’t have super powers while she’s being James. The girls are getting used to moving in time, but encounter a problem when time itself goes screwy and they get shunted sideways into a reality that has no future and no real past.

Keywords: Girls adventure, love, Saskia, super powers, Supergirl, Supergirls, super girls, SuperTwins, flying, save the world, adventure, time travel, invulnerable, bullets bounce off, being a girl, dancing, saving lives, fantasy, bodyguard, protecting people, the future, friends

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258 pages
Action & Adventure

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