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The Battle Honours of the Second World War 1939-1945 and Korea 1950-1953

records, Compiled from official - The Battle Honours of the Second World War 1939-1945 and Korea 1950-1953, ebook


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In February 1925 the War Office published an Army Order listing the battle honours awarded for the Great War, and although this was announced as the final list there were subsequent revisions and minor amendments. No such list was published after WWII but an (unofficial?) Record was published in 1958 by the War Office, with a limited distribution, which included the Korean War battle honours, and this is that list with 651 actions. This Record covers only British, including British Gurkha, Regiments and Colonial Regiments. In most cases there is a brief summary of the operations with an indication of the troops involved and these include Commonwealth troops though the question of their Battle Honours is one for the Commonwealth Government concerned and the Sovereign.
There were a good many errors in the list, typographical, grammatical, misspelling of place names, dates and order of battle. In some cases there was confusion between those battle honours which were selected to be carried on the Colours and those which were simply awarded. Strange new regiments appeared:- Highlanders Light Infantry (a persistent favourite), King’s Own Yeomanry Light Infantry, the K.A.R.R.R.C, London Irish Fusiliers, London Irish Buffs, Queen’s Own Nigeria Regiment (an unauthorised ‘Queen’s Own’), and the Royal West King Regiment, to name some of them. Place names also caused some trouble and in some of the brief descriptions of the engagements or actions there were order of battle mistakes such as the confusion between the 12th Frontier Force Regiment and 13th Frontier Force Rifles, two different regiments of the old Indian Army. The index contained scores of place names that had nothing to do with anything, this has been pruned drastically so that it contains only those places for which a battle honour was awarded. Every effort has been made to eliminate errors and present a corrected version and a number of sources was used the most important of which was H.C.B.Cook’s The Battle Honours of the British and Indian Armies 1662-1982, a magnificent piece of work. Other valuable works included: Orders of BattleSecond World War 1939-1945 H.F.Joslen; Commonwealth Divisions 1939-1945 Malcolm A.Bellis; A Register of the Regiments and Corps of the British Army Arthur Swinson; Regiments and Corps of the British Army Ian S.Hallows and Handbook of British Regiments Christopher Chant.

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