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Acts of Gallantry - Volume 2

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Lists Royal Humane Society's Silver and Stanhope Medals and clasps for the period 1871 to 1950. With full citations, taken from the published records of the Society. It includes where possible the occupation of the recipient and the date of the incident. Arranged in case number order and complete with index. The Royal Humane Society awards were given for acts of gallantry all over the world and the citations listed in this work are a fitting tribute to both the recipients and the Royal Humane Society. They cover the period of the two world wars and the Boer War. Through the citations can be seen the progression of transport from the horse to modern day transport, the emancipation of women, the changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution, and indeed Living History. This book continues the work of Lambton Young C.E., Acts of Gallantry, which covers the years 1830 to 1871.
The complementary Volume I, by Lambton Young, C.E., has been reprinted. It covers the period 1830 to 1871 and gives citations for which gold and silver medals and clasps were given by the Royal Humane Society stating in the preface:-
"amongst these there are acts of heroism , which, had they been performed by a soldier or sailor in the execution of his duty, in the face of the enemy, could not have failed earning the highest distinction that is awarded; how much more then should such deeds be commended, when it is borne in mind that the individuals who risk their lives in these noble acts do so simply through the promptings of a generous heart, wishing to aid their fellow creatures in distress, without any prospect of reward or promotion?"

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