Schatten, Heide

Cell and Molecular Biology of Breast Cancer

Schatten, Heide - Cell and Molecular Biology of Breast Cancer, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Histopathology and Grading of Breast Cancer
Magda Esebua

2. Multicentric/Multifocal Breast Cancer: Overview, Biology, and Therapy
Federico Buggi, Annalisa Curcio, Fabio Falcini, Secondo Folli

3. The Immune System in Breast Cancer Initiation and Progression: Role of Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition
Keith L. Knutson, Derek C. Radisky

4. Remodelling of the Extracellular Matrix: Implications for Cancer
Thomas R. Cox, Janine T. Erler

5. Biology and Treatment of Basal-Like Breast Cancer
Bingchen Han, William Audeh, Yanli Jin, Sanjay P. Bagaria, Xiaojiang Cui

6. Re-excision After Lumpectomy for Breast Cancer
Suzanne B. Coopey

7. Novel Anti-angiogenic Therapies Using Naturally Occurring and Synthetic Drugs to Combat Progestin-Dependent Breast Cancer
Salman M. Hyder, Benford Mafuvadze, Cynthia Besch-Williford

8. New Insights on Estrogen Receptor Actions in Hormone-Responsive Breast Cancer Cells by Interaction Proteomics
Concetta Ambrosino, Roberta Tarallo, Giovanni Nassa, Francesca Cirillo, Alessandro Weisz

9. Reprogramming Breast Cancer Cells with Embryonic Microenvironments: Insights from Nodal Signaling
Gina Kirsammer, Mary J. C. Hendrix

10. Metastatic Determinants: Breast Tumour Cells in Circulation
Nisha Kanwar, Susan J. Done

11. Breast Cancer Epigenetics: Biomarkers and Therapeutic Potential
Nancy H. Nabilsi, Carolina E. Pardo, Maria Zajac-Kaye, Michael P. Kladde

12. The Impact of Centrosome Abnormalities on Breast Cancer Development and Progression with a Focus on Targeting Centrosomes for Breast Cancer Therapy
Heide Schatten

13. A New Perspective on Cyclin D1: Beyond Cell Cycle Regulation
Chenguang Wang, Timothy G. Pestell, Richard G. Pestell

14. Gene Signatures of Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Epithelial Plasticity and a Cancer Stem Cell Phenotype
Fredika M. Robertson, Khoi Chu, Sandra V. Fernandez, Zaiming Ye, Sanford H. Barsky, Massimo Cristofanilli

15. An Integrated Human Mammary Epithelial Cell Culture System for Studying Carcinogenesis and Aging
Martha R. Stampfer, Mark A. LaBarge, James C. Garbe

16. New Breast Cancer Treatment Considerations: A Brief Review of the Use of Genetically Modified (Attenuated) Bacteria as Therapy for Advanced and Metastatic Breast Cancer
Robert A. Kazmierczak, Alison Dino, Abraham Eisenstark, Heide Schatten

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Biology, Biological Microscopy, Cancer Research

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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