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Nutrition and Diet in Menopause

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Table of contents

Part I. Overview and General Aspects

1. An Overview of the Extent and Nature of Menopause and Its Physiological Basis
Yvonne T. Schouw

2. Body Composition and Menopausal Transition: A Bioanthropological Perspective
Sylvia Kirchengast

3. Menopause-Related Physiological Changes and Their Possible Control Through Diet and Exercise
Igor Z. Zubrzycki, Magdalena Wiacek, Ted Greiner

4. The Role of Polyphenols in Menopause
Isabel Baeza, Mónica Fuente

Part II. Bone and Muscle

5. Intestinal Calcium Absorption Efficiency in Women and the Influence of Menopause
John Aloia, Albert Shieh

6. Calcium Absorption from Fortified Soymilk in Osteopenic Postmenopausal Women
Lily Stojanovska, Anne Lise Tang

7. Postmenopausal Homocysteine, Vitamin B12, Folate Levels and Bone Metabolism: A Focus on Fractures
Berna Haliloglu, Hakan Peker

8. Antioxidant Vitamins and Carotenoids Associated with Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopause Female Subjects: Japanese Perspectives
Minoru Sugiura

9. Soy Protein Isoflavones and Their Effect on Bone in Postmenopausal Women
J. Christopher Gallagher, Vinod Yalamanchili

10. S-equol, a Natural Metabolite of Soy Daidzein, for the Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms and Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women
Richard L. Jackson, Jeffrey S. Greiwe, Richard J. Schwen

11. Tofu in Menopause Therapy and Prevention
Wangjing Ke, Ronald Ross Watson

12. Dietary Phytoestrogens in Preventing Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women: Italian Aspects
Luigi Mario Chiechi

13. Curcumin and Its Potential Effects on the Development of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
Joanna Folwarczna

14. Menopause and Sarcopenia: Dietary and Nutritional Aspects
Sébastien Barbat-Artigas, Mylène Aubertin-Leheudre

Part III. Cardiovascular System, Metabolism and Cancer

15. Effects of Flaxseed on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Menopause
Maureen Meister, Brenda J. Smith, Bahram H. Arjmandi, Edralin A. Lucas

16. Magnesium Metabolism in Menopause
S. S. Avinash, Sreekantha, B. K. Manjunatha Goud

17. Effect of Folic Acid Supplementation in Postmenopausal Women
Giancarlo Paradisi, Francesca Ianniello, Francesca Basile, Cristina Cesare, Lorena Quagliozzi, Laura Donati, Alessandro Caruso

18. Use of Diet and Myoinositol in Postmenopausal Women: A New Approach to the Metabolic Syndrome
Rosario D’Anna, Maria Lieta Interdonato

19. Leptin and Obesity in Ovarian Dysfunction in Menopause
Patrick Rene Diel, Carmen Weigt

20. Fat and Fat Distribution in Menopause: Chinese Aspects
Xiaoguang Ma, Wei He, Shankuan Zhu

21. Nutrition and Breast Cancer in Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Women in Uruguay
Alvaro L. Ronco, Eduardo Stéfani

22. Obesity, Nutrition, and Cancer in Menopause: European Perspectives
Krasimira Aleksandrova

23. Vitamin D and the Menopause: A Focus on Apoptosis in Cancer
Henk R. Franke

24. Gynecological Malignancies and Diet in Menopause: From the Biological and Epidemiological Viewpoints
Kiyoshi Ito, Hironobu Sasano, Nobuo Yaegashi

Part IV. Psychological Aspects and Cognitive Function

25. The Psychology of the Menopause: The Experiences During the Transition and Individual Conceptualization of Menopause
Eleonora Bielawska-Batorowicz

26. Cognitive Decline in Menopause
Cristina Larroy, Rosa Vera

27. An Overview of Menopausal Dietary Supplements and Cognition
Yuri N. Clement

28. Black Cohosh for the Menopausal Transition: Issues of Safety and Efficacy
Gail B. Mahady

Part V. Preclinical Studies: Implications for Human Health

29. Animal Models of Menopausal Metabolism
Jameela Banu, Gabriel Fernandes

30. Phytoestrogen α-Zearalanol in an Animal Model of Menopause
Wen Wang

31. Flaxseed and Bone Health in Animal Models of Menopause
Wendy Elizabeth Ward, Lilian U. Thompson

32. Flavonoids of Herba Epimedii and Bone Metabolism in Experimental Ovarian Deficiency
Man-Sau Wong, Yan Zhang

33. Dietary Plant Maslinic Acid in Ovariectomy Model of Menopause
Jian Luo, Mingyao Liu

34. Interlinking Diet, Nutrition, Menopause and Recommended Resources
Roshanna Rajendram, Rajkumar Rajendram, Vinood B. Patel, Victor R. Preedy

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition, Obstetrics/Perinatology, Internal Medicine

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