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Amyloid and Related Disorders

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Table of contents

1. Aspects of the History and Nomenclature of Amyloid and Amyloidosis
Per Westermark

2. Amyloid Diseases at the Molecular Level: General Overview and Focus on AL Amyloidosis
Mario Nuvolone, Giovanni Palladini, Giampaolo Merlini

3. AA Amyloidosis
Amanda K. Ombrello, Ivona Aksentijevich

4. The Hereditary Amyloidoses
Merrill D. Benson

5. Dialysis-Associated Amyloidosis
Paweena Susantitaphong, Laura M. Dember, Bertrand L. Jaber

6. Localized Amyloidoses and Amyloidoses Associated with Aging Outside the Central Nervous System
Per Westermark

7. Cerebrovascular Amyloidoses
John M. Lee, Maria M. Picken

8. Differential Diagnosis of Amyloid in Surgical Pathology: Organized Deposits and Other Materials in the Differential Diagnosis of Amyloidosis
Guillermo A. Herrera, Elba A. Turbat-Herrera

9. Light/Heavy Chain Deposition Disease as a Systemic Disorder
Guillermo A. Herrera, Elba A. Turbat-Herrera

10. Non-Randall Glomerulonephritis with Non-organized Monoclonal Ig Deposits
Pierre Ronco, Alexandre Karras, Emmanuelle Plaisier

11. Pathologies of Renal and Systemic Intracellular Paraprotein Storage: Crystalopathies and Beyond
Maria M. Picken

12. Diagnosis of Amyloid Using Congo Red
Alexander J. Howie

13. Diagnosis of Minimal Amyloid Deposits Using the Congo Red Fluorescence Method: A Review
Reinhold P. Linke

14. Thioflavin T Stain: An Easier and More Sensitive Method for Amyloid Detection
Maria M. Picken, Guillermo A. Herrera

15. Fat Tissue Analysis in the Management of Patients with Systemic Amyloidosis
Johan Bijzet, Ingrid I. Gameren, Bouke P. C. Hazenberg

16. Generic Diagnosis of Amyloid: A Summary of Current Recommendations and the Editorial Comments on Chaps. 12–15
Maria M. Picken

17. Routine Use of Amyloid Typing on Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Sections from 626 Patients by Immunohistochemistry
Reinhold P. Linke

18. Amyloid Typing: Experience from a Large Referral Centre
Janet A. Gilbertson, Toby Hunt, Philip N. Hawkins

19. Options for Amyloid Typing in Renal Pathology: The Advantages of Frozen Section Immunofluorescence and a Summary of General Recommendations for Immunohistochemistry (Chaps. 17–19)
Maria M. Picken

20. Amyloid Typing: Immunoelectron Microscopy
Laura Verga, Patrizia Morbini, Giovanni Palladini, Laura Obici, Vittorio Necchi, Marco Paulli, Giampaolo Merlini

21. Classification of Amyloidosis by Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics
Ahmet Dogan

22. Laboratory Support for Diagnosis of Amyloidosis
David L. Murray, Jerry A. Katzmann

23. Bone Marrow Biopsy and Its Utility in the Diagnosis of AL Amyloidosis and Other Plasma Cell Dyscrasias
Sujata Ramamurthy, Lawreen H. Connors, Carl J. O’Hara

24. Laboratory Methods for the Diagnosis of Hereditary Amyloidoses
S. Michelle Shiller, Ahmet Dogan, Kimiyo M. Raymond, W. Edward Highsmith

25. Amyloidoses of the Kidney and Genitourinary Tract
Maria M. Picken

26. Cardiac Amyloidosis
Carmela D. Tan, E Rene Rodriguez

27. Amyloidosis of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver
Oscar W. Cummings, Merrill D. Benson

28. Peripheral Nerve Amyloidosis
Adam J. Loavenbruck, Janean K. Engelstad, Christopher J. Klein

29. Clinical and Pathologic Issues in Patients with Amyloidosis: Practical Comments Regarding Diagnosis, Therapy, and Solid Organ Transplantation
Jay S. Dalal, Kevin Barton, Maria M. Picken

30. Emerging Therapies for Amyloidosis
Merrill D. Benson

31. Modern Therapies in AA Amyloidosis
Amanda K. Ombrello

32. Medicolegal Issues of Amyloidosis
Timothy Craig Allen

33. Amyloidosis from the Patient’s Perspective
Muriel Finkel

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Pathology, Nephrology, Internal Medicine

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Current Clinical Pathology
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18 pages
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