Reddy, Srinivasa T.

Paraoxonases in Inflammation, Infection, and Toxicology

Reddy, Srinivasa T. - Paraoxonases in Inflammation, Infection, and Toxicology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. ApoE Mimetic Peptide Reduces Plasma Lipid Hydroperoxide Content with a Concomitant Increase in HDL Paraoxonase Activity
Geeta Datta, Manjula Chaddha, Shaila P. Handattu, Mayakonda N. Palgunachari, Gaurav Nayyar, David W. Garber, Himanshu Gupta, C. Roger White, G.M. Anantharamaiah

2. Interrelationships Between Paraoxonase-1 and Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 in the Regulation of Hepatic Inflammation
Jordi Camps, Judit Marsillach, Anna Rull, Carlos Alonso-Villaverde, Jorge Joven

3. Biomarkers of Sensitivity and Exposure in Washington State Pesticide Handlers
Jonathan N. Hofmann, Matthew C. Keifer, Harvey Checkoway, Anneclaire J. Roos, Federico M. Farin, Richard A. Fenske, Rebecca J. Richter, Gerald Belle, Clement E. Furlong

4. Paraoxonase 1 Status as a Risk Factor for Disease or Exposure
Rebecca J. Richter, Gail P. Jarvik, Clement E. Furlong

5. Engineering Human PON1 in an E. coli Expression System
Stephanie M. Suzuki, Richard C. Stevens, Rebecca J. Richter, Toby B. Cole, Sarah Park, Tamara C. Otto, Douglas M. Cerasoli, David E. Lenz, Clement E. Furlong

6. The Toxicity of Mixtures of Specific Organophosphate Compounds is Modulated by Paraoxonase 1 Status
Toby B. Cole, Karen Jansen, Sarah Park, Wan-Fen Li, Clement E. Furlong, Lucio G. Costa

7. Identification and Characterization of Biomarkers of Organophosphorus Exposures in Humans
Jerry H. Kim, Richard C. Stevens, Michael J. MacCoss, David R. Goodlett, Alex Scherl, Rebecca J. Richter, Stephanie M. Suzuki, Clement E. Furlong

8. Temporal and Tissue-Specific Patterns of Pon3 Expression in Mouse: In situ Hybridization Analysis
Diana M. Shih, Yu-Rong Xia, Janet M. Yu, Aldons J. Lusis

9. PON1 and Oxidative Stress in Human Sepsis and an Animal Model of Sepsis
Dragomir Draganov, John Teiber, Catherine Watson, Charles Bisgaier, Jean Nemzek, Daniel Remick, Theodore Standiford, Bert La Du

10. Paraoxonase 1 Attenuates Human Plaque Atherogenicity: Relevance to the Enzyme Lactonase Activity
Hagai Tavori, Jacob Vaya, Michael Aviram

11. The Role of Paraoxonase 1 in the Detoxification of Homocysteine Thiolactone
Hieronim Jakubowski

12. Alteration of PON1 Activity in Adult and Childhood Obesity and Its Relation to Adipokine Levels
Ildikó Seres, László Bajnok, Mariann Harangi, Ferenc Sztanek, Peter Koncsos, György Paragh

13. Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Paraoxonase-1 in Atherosclerosis
Bharti Mackness, Mike Mackness

14. Paraoxonase 1 Interactions with HDL, Antioxidants and Macrophages Regulate Atherogenesis – A Protective Role for HDL Phospholipids
Michal Efrat, Michael Aviram

15. The Effect of HDL Mimetic Peptide 4F on PON1
Ladan Vakili, Susan Hama, J. Brian Kim, Duc Tien, Shila Safarpoor, Nancy Ly, Ghazal Vakili, Greg Hough, Mohamad Navab

16. The Contribution of High Density Lipoprotein Apolipoproteins and Derivatives to Serum Paraoxonase-1 Activity and Function
Richard W. James, Sara P. Deakin

17. Paraoxonase 1, Quorum Sensing, and P. aeruginosa Infection: A Novel Model
M. L Estin, D. A Stoltz, J. Zabner

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Biology, Medical Biochemistry, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Cardiology

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Page amount
14 pages
Natural Sciences

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