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Nutrients, Dietary Supplements, and Nutriceuticals

Gerald, Joe K. - Nutrients, Dietary Supplements, and Nutriceuticals, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Design of Economic Incentive Instruments in Nutrition Policy
Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen

2. Nutrition Policy for the Prevention of Disease: Issues of Cost-effectiveness
Norman J. Temple

3. Economics of Food Fortification
Annie S. Wesley, Sue Horton

4. The Economic Value of Dietary Supplements
John F. Raffensperger

5. The Economic Value of Dietary Supplements
John F. Raffensperger

6. Fruit and Vegetable Prices, Dietary Intakes and Income: Potential Cost Versus Benefit
QiQi Zhang, Youfa Wang

7. The Role of Ethnicity in Shaping Dietary Patterns: A Review on the Social and Psychological Correlates of Food Consumption
Giuseppe Carrus, Francesca Cini, Pierluigi Caddeo, Sabine Pirchio, Anna Maria Nenci

8. Low Cost Food, Recovery and Death in Malnourished Children
Luigi Greco, Valentina Fiorito

9. Using Price Incentives to Increase the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables Among a Low-Income Population
Karen M. Jetter

10. Cost-Effectiveness of Nutritional Interventions for Bone Health in Children and Young Adults – What is Known and Where are the Gaps?
Tania Winzenberg, Graeme Jones

11. Economic Evaluation of Dental Caries Prevention Programs Using Milk and its Products as the Vehicle for Fluorides: Cost Versus Benefits
Rodrigo Mariño, Jorge Fajardo, Mike Morgan

12. Cost Effective Natural Antioxidants
Dhan Prakash, Neeraj Kumar

13. Zinc Intervention Strategies: Costs and Health Benefits
Angus G. Scrimgeour, Michelle L. Condlin, Lucas Otieno, Maria E. Bovill

14. Multifaceted Therapeutic Value of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L. – Malvaceae)
Armando González-Stuart

15. The Effectiveness and Economical Benefits of Cosmetic Treatments and Procedures Versus Natural Treatments and Life Style Changes
Pankaj Modi

16. Antiviral Potential of Vegetables: Can They be Cost-Effective Agents for Human Disease?
Robert Kelechi Obi

17. Citrus Products and Their Use Against Bacteria: Potential Health and Cost Benefits
Todd R. Callaway, Jeff A. Carroll, John D. Arthington, Tom S. Edrington, Robin C. Anderson, Steve C. Ricke, Phil Crandall, Chad Collier, David J. Nisbet

18. Potential Chemopreventive Effects of Fruits, Vegetables, and Spices Consumed in Mexico
Armando González-Stuart

19. Bioactive Nutritional Supplements for Chronic Kidney Disease: Potential Cost Benefits
Glenda C. Gobe, Robert G. Fassett, Jeff S. Coombes

20. Preoperative Immunonutrition: Cost–Benefit Analysis
Marco Braga, Simona Rocchetti

21. Nutritional Management of Hypertension: Cost Versus Benefit
Angelique Mavrodaris, Saverio Stranges

22. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Mediterranean Diet for Persons after a Heart Attack
Kim Dalziel, Leonie Segal

23. Nutrition and the Benefits of Early Interventions in Diabetes, Cardiovascular and Noncommunicable Diseases
Ian Darnton-Hill, I. Caterson, S. Colagiuri

24. Cost-Effectiveness of Glycemic Control
Emily Knezevich, Jennifer Campbell, Daniel Hilleman

25. Benefits of Low Glycemic and High Satiety Index Foods for Obesity and Diabetes Control and Management
Pankaj Modi

26. Importance and Benefits of Lifestyles Changes Versus Diabetes Drugs in Effective Management of Diabetes
Pankaj Modi

27. Cost of Pycnogenol Supplementation and Traditional Diabetes Treatments per Unit of Improved Health Outcome
Gayle Bentley, Frank Schonlau, Sherma Zibadi, Ronald Ross Watson

28. Pycnogenol Supplementation and Cardiovascular Health: Treatment and Cost-Benefit Analysis
Zaynah Tahmina Chowdhury, Frank Schonlau, Sherma Zibadi, Ronald Ross Watson

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, General Practice / Family Medicine

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Nutrition and Health
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29 pages
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