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Dietary Components and Immune Function

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Table of contents

1. Nutrition, The Infant and the Immune System
Ger T. Rijkers, Laetitia Niers, Marianne Stasse-Wolthuis, Frans M. Rombouts

2. Breast Milk: Components with Immune Modulating Potential and Their Possible Role in Immune Mediated Disease Resistance
Belinda Land, Günther Boehm, Johan Garssen

3. Role of Maternal and Infant Malnutrition on the Development of the Inflammatory Response
Maristella A. Landgraf, Richardt G. Landgraf, Zuleica B. Fortes

4. Nutrition and Immunity in Animal Disease: Lessons from Parasitic Gastroenteritis
Spiridoula Athanasiadou, Jos G. M. Houdijk

5. Neuroimmunomodulation, Stress–Nutrition Interactions and Diet
Javier Romeo Marin, Julia Wärnberg, E. Nova, S Sonia Gómez-Martínez, Ligia Esperanza Díaz, A. Veses, Ascansión Marcos

6. The Intricate Role of Adipokines in Immune-Mediated Diseases
Pedro Manoel Mendes Moraes-Vieira, Richardt Gama Landgraf, Niels Olsen Saraiva Câmara

7. Obesity and Immune Functions
Qingde Zhou, Salomon Amar

8. Host Immune Resistance and Dietary Lipids
Manuel A. de Pablo Martínez, Maria A. Puertollano, Elena Puertollano

9. Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Immunomodulators in Disease
Jean-Luc Desseyn, Frédéric Gottrand

10. Immunomodulation by Fish Oil Derived Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Cancer
Axel R. Heller, Martina Wendel

11. Brain Innate Immune System and Its Modulation by Diet: The Role of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
Sophie Layé, Anais Duffaud

12. Immunomodulatory Potential of Conjugated Linolenic Acid
Saji Menon, Shalini Jain, Ravinder Nagpal, Manoj Kumar, Dheeraj Mohania, Dhananjay Yadav, Fracesco Marotta, Mukesh Yadav, Hariom Yadav

13. Vitamins and Minerals: Contribution to Immune Function and Health
Silvia Maggini

14. Trace Elements and Immune Function
James P. McClung, Daniel G. Peterson

15. Vitamin Supplements and Disease Resistance in HIV-Infected Women and Children
Joanne E. Arsenault, Eduardo Villamor

16. Fruit, Vegetables, and Extracts: Role in Cancer Prevention
Susan S. Percival

17. Lactoferrin in Immune Function, Cancer and Disease Resistance
Ann M. Mulder, Carol A. Morris

18. Plant-Derived Anticancer Agents Used in Western and Oriental Medicine
Ah-Reum Han, Ye Deng, Yulin Ren, Li Pan, A. Douglas Kinghorn

19. The Immunological Modulation of Fuzheng TCM Herbs in Cancer Treatment
Hongsheng Lin, Jie Li, Ying Zhang

20. Role of Dietary Components in the Epidemic of Allergic Disease
Susan L. Prescott, Sarah Jennings, David Martino, Nina D’Vaz, Henning Johannsen

21. Feeding in the First Month of Life and Prevention of Allergy
J. P. Chouraqui

In Vitro and In Vivo Immunomodulatory and Anti-allergic Effects of Agaricus blazei Murill
Masashi Mizuno

23. Resveratrol and Bioactive Flavonoids in Immune Function
Nasiruddin Khan, Rafael Llorach, Mireia Urpi-Sarda, Raul Zamora-Ros, Antonio Cherubini, Cristina Andres-Lacueva

24. Antiviral Activity of Phytochemicals: A Current Perspective
Rajesh Naithani, Rajendra G. Mehta, Deepak Shukla, Susantha N. Chandersekera, Robert M. Moriarty

25. Cocoa and the Immune System and Proliferative Disorders
Francisco J. Pérez-Cano, Àngels Franch, Cristina Castellote, Margarida Castell

26. Maturation and Activation of Dendritic Cells by Botanicals Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Role in Immune Enhancement
Xin Chen

27. Microalgae and Immune Potential
Rathinam Raja, Shanmugam Hemaiswarya

28. Mushrooms: Immunomodulating Activity and Role in Health Promotion
Ken-ichiro Minato

29. Immunological Functions of Polysaccharides from Soy Sauce
Makio Kobayashi

30. Cinnamon and Immune Actions: Potential Role in Tristetraprolin-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases
Heping Cao

31. Immunotoxicology and Foods
Rodney R. Dietert, Janice M. Dietert

32. Probiotics and Inflammatory Immune Responses
Corinne Grangette

33. Prebiotics in Immuno-Modulation for Treatment of Acute Pancreatitis
Refaat A. Hegazi

34. Probiotics and Immunomodulation
O. N. Donkor, T. Vasiljevic, H. S. Gill

35. Immunomodulation by Foods and Microbes in Crohn Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
Hitoshi Asakura, Kenji Suzuki

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition, Immunology, Oncology, Primary Care Medicine, Pathology

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Nutrition and Health
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27 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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