Norman, Dean

Infectious Disease in the Aging

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Table of contents

2. Epidemiology of Aging and Infectious Diseases
Thomas T. Yoshikawa

3. Factors Predisposing to Infection
Dean C. Norman

4. Clinical Features of Infection
Dean C. Norman

5. Role and Importance of Functional Assessment in Infections
Robert M. Palmer

6. Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy
Jay P. Rho

7. Sepsis
Timothy D. Girard

8. Bronchitis and Pneumonia
Manisha Juthani-Mehta, Vincent Quagliarello

9. Tuberculosis in Older Adults
Chad R. Marion, Kevin P. High

10. Infective Endocarditis
Vinod K. Dhawan

11. Intra-abdominal Infections
Meghann L. Kaiser, Samuel Eric Wilson

12. Infectious Diarrhea
Manie Beheshti, W. Lance George

13. Urinary Tract Infection
Lindsay E. Nicolle

14. Bacterial Meningitis and Brain Abscess
Chester Choi

15. Osteomyelitis and Septic Arthritis
Azadeh Lankarani-Fard, Paul Y. Liu, Meika A. Fang

16. Skin and Soft Tissues Infections
Mira Cantrell, Linda Sohn

17. Herpes Zoster
Kenneth Schmader

18. Orofacial and Odontogenic Infections in the Elderly
Kenneth Shay

19. Ocular Infections
Gary N. Holl

20. Otitis Externa, Otitis Media, and Sinusitis
Vinod K. Dhawan

21. Prosthetic Joint Infections in Elderly Patients
Camelia E Marculescu, Elie F. Berbari, Douglas R. Osmon

22. Staphylococcal and Enterococcal Infections
Christopher J. Graber, Dennis R. Schaberg

23. Fungal Infections
Carol A. Kauffman

24. Viral Infections
Coley B. Duncan, Ann R. Falsey

25. Infections in the Long-Term Care Setting
Suzanne F. Bradley

26. Infection Control Programs in Nursing Homes
Lona Mody

27. Infections in Diabetics
Shobita Rajagopalan

28. Vaccinations
Rex Biedenbender, Stefan Gravenstein

29. Nutrition and Infection
Kevin P. High

30. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Helene Calvet

31. Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Jason B. Kirk, Matthew Bidwell Goetz

32. SARS and West Nile Virus
Mark B. Loeb

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Epidemiology, Geriatrics/Gerontology, Infectious Diseases

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Infectious Disease
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14 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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