Anderson, Gregory J.

Iron Physiology and Pathophysiology in Humans

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Table of contents

1. Proteins of Iron Homeostasis
Surjit Kaila Srai, Paul Sharp

2. Cellular Iron Physiology
Martina U. Muckenthaler, Roland Lill

3. Regulation of Iron Metabolism in Mammalian Cells
Tracey A. Rouault

4. Concentrating, Storing, and Detoxifying Iron: The Ferritins and Hemosiderin
Elizabeth C. Theil

5. Iron Nutrition
Weng-In Leong, Bo Lönnerdal

6. Intestinal Iron Absorption
Andrew T. McKie, Robert J. Simpson

7. Plasma Iron and Iron Delivery to the Tissues
Ross M. Graham, Anita C. G. Chua, Debbie Trinder

8. Iron Salvage Pathways
Ann Smith

9. Molecular Regulation of Systemic Iron Metabolism
Tomas Ganz, Sophie Vaulont

10. Erythroid Iron Metabolism
Prem Ponka, Alex D. Sheftel

11. Iron and the Reticuloendothelial System
Günter Weiss

12. Iron and the Immune System
Hal Drakesmith, Graça Porto, Maria Sousa

13. Iron Deficiency
Barry Skikne, Chaim Hershko

14. The Liabilities of Iron Deficiency
John L. Beard, Carrie Durward

15. The Anemia of Inflammation and Chronic Disease
Cindy N. Roy

16. Disorders of Red Cell Production and the Iron-Loading Anemias
Stefano Rivella

17. The Pathology of Hepatic Iron Overload
Yves Deugnier, Bruno Turlin

18. Hepatic Pathobiology of Iron Overload
Richard G. Ruddell, Grant A. Ramm

19. HFE-Associated Hereditary Hemochromatosis
Richard Skoien, Lawrie W. Powell

20. Non-HFE Hemochromatosis
Daniel F. Wallace, V. Nathan Subramaniam

21. Miscellaneous Iron-Related Disorders
Carole Beaumont

22. Iron and Liver Disease
Darrell H. G. Crawford, Linda M. Fletcher, Kris V. Kowdley

23. Neuropathology and Iron: Central Nervous System Iron Homeostasis
Sarah J. Texel, Xueying Xu, Sokhon Pin, Z. Leah Harris

24. Iron Metabolism in Cancer and Infection
Sergei Nekhai, Victor R. Gordeuk

25. Estimation of Body Iron Stores
Mark Worwood

26. Genetic Testing for Disorders of Iron Homeostasis
James C. Barton, Pauline L. Lee, Corwin Q. Edwards

27. The Properties of Therapeutically Useful Iron Chelators
Robert C. Hider, Yong Min Ma

28. Clinical Use of Iron Chelators
John B. Porter, Chaim Hershko

29. Mammalian Models of Iron Homeostasis
Robert S. Britton, Bruce R. Bacon, Robert E. Fleming

30. Yeast Iron Metabolism
Caroline C. Philpott

31. Zebrafish Models of Heme Synthesis and Iron Metabolism
Paula Goodman Fraenkel

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Food Science

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Nutrition and Health
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