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Endoscopic Ultrasound

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Table of contents

Part I. EUS for Starters

1. Endosonographic Instrumentation
Shawn Mallery

2. Probe Ultrasonography
Henry C. Ho, Jeffrey L. Tokar, Irving Waxman

3. Radial Endoscopic Ultrasound
Scott T. Cooper, Michael K. Sanders

4. Linear Endoscopic Ultrasound
Jason D. Conway, Girish Mishra

5. The Cytopathology of Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration
Maria Luisa Policarpio-Nicolas, Deborah J. Chute, Edward B. Stelow

6. Pitfalls in Endoscopic Ultrasound
Charles E. Dye

Part II. EUS by Location

7. The Role of EUS in Esophageal Cancer
Audrey H. Calderwood, Brian C. Jacobson

8. Role of EUS in Mediastinal Nodes, Masses, Cysts, and Lung Cancer
David H. Robbins, Babitha Reddy, Mohamad A. Eloubeidi

9. The Role of Endoscopic Ultrasound in Gastric Cancer
Sanjay R. Hegde, Oleh Haluszka, Jeffrey L. Tokar

10. The Role of EUS in Subepithelial Lesions
Janelle Brown-Chang, Joo Ha Hwang

11. Endoscopic Ultrasound of Ampullary and Duodenal Lesions
Jessica Trevino, Shyam Varadarajulu

12. The Role of EUS in Pancreatic Cancer
Indu Srinivasan, Michel Kahaleh, Vanessa M. Shami

13. The Role of EUS in Cystic Lesions of the Pancreas
Mohammad Al-Haddad, John DeWitt

14. The Role of EUS in the Biliary System
Jean-Louis Frossard, Jean-Marc Dumonceau

15. The Role of EUS in Rectal Cancer and Fecal Incontinence
Uzma D. Siddiqui, Harry R. Aslanian

Part III. Interventional EUS

16. Interventional Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Cholangiopancreatography
Jennifer L. Maranki, Michel Kahaleh, Vanessa M. Shami

17. Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Drainage of Pancreatic Fluid Collections
Jayant P. Talreja, Michel Kahaleh

18. Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Celiac Plexus Block and Celiac Plexus Neurolysis
Alejandra Castillo-Roth, Frank Gress

Part IV. Innovations in EUS

19. Fine Needle Injection Therapy
Christopher J. DiMaio, William Brugge

20. Contrast-Enhanced Endoscopic Ultrasound
Marc Giovannini

21. Endosurgical Applications of EUS
Annette Fritscher-Ravens, Parupudi V. J. Sriram

22. The Future of EUS
Thomas J. Savides

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Gastroenterology, Surgical Oncology, Minimally Invasive Surgery

Publication year
Clinical Gastroenterology
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548 pages
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