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Faculty Health in Academic Medicine

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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. The Context of Concern for Faculty Health
Thelma Jean Goodrich, Thomas R. Cole, Ellen R. Gritz

II. Examination of Faculty Health

2. Epidemiology
Daria Boccher-Lattimore

3. Causes and Treatment of Impairment and Burnout in Physicians: The Epidemic Within
Eugene V. Boisaubin

4. Measuring and Maintaining Faculty Health
Mamta Gautam

III. Personal and Social Dimensions

5. The Architecture of Alignment: Leadership and the Psychological Health of Faculty
Susan H. McDaniel, Stephen P. Bogdewic, Richard L. Holloway, Jeri Hepworth

6. The Career Management Life Cycle: A Model for Supporting and Sustaining Faculty Vitality and Wellness
Thomas R. Viggiano, Henry W. Strobel

7. Faculty Resilience and Career Development: Strategies for Strengthening Academic Medicine
Janet Bickel

8. Diverse Academic Faculty: A Precious Resource for Innovative Institutions
Elise D. Cook, Harry R. Gibbs

IV. Perspectives from the Humanities and Interpretive Social Science

9. Organizational Culture and Its Consequences
R. Kevin Grigsby

10. The Ethics of Self-Care
Craig Irvine

11. Faculty Health and the Crisis of Meaning: Humanistic Diagnosis and Treatment
Thomas Cole, Nathan Carlin

12. Retaining and Reclaiming the Call of Medicine
Henry W. Strobel

V. Supports and Interventions

13. A Model for Designing and Developing a Faculty Health Program: The M. D. Anderson Experience
Ellen R. Gritz, Janis Apted, Walter Baile, Kathleen Sazama, Georgia Thomas

14. Fostering Faculty Well-Being Through Personal, Community, and Cultural Formation at an Academic Medical Center: Indiana University School of Medicine as a Case Study
Debra K. Litzelman, Penelope R. Williamson, Anthony L. Suchman, Stephen P. Bogdewic, Ann H. Cottingham, Richard M. Frankel, David L. Mossbarger, Thomas S. Inui

15. Conflict Resolution in an Academic Medical Center: The Ombuds Office
Anu Rao, Patricia A. Parker, Walter F. Baile

16. Preserving Principal: Programming for Faculty Health and Well-Being
Thelma Jean Goodrich

VI. Conclusion

17. Faculty Health: A New Field of Inquiry and Programming
Thelma Jean Goodrich, Thomas R. Cole, Ellen R. Gritz

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