Ritchie, Christine S.

Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Aging

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Table of contents

1. Over-Arching Issues for Nutritional Well Being in Late Life

2. An Ecological Perspective on Older Adult Eating Behavior
Julie L. Locher, Joseph R. Sharkey

3. Behavioral Theories Applied to Nutritional Therapies for Chronic Diseases in Older Adults
James M. Shikany, Charlotte S. Bragg, Christine Seel Ritchie

4. Global Graying, Nutrition, and Disease Prevention: An Update on China and Future Priorities
Yanfang Wang, Connie Watkins Bales

2. Fundamentals of Nutrition and Geriatric Syndromes

5. Update on Nutritional Assessment Strategies
John E. Morley

6. Sensory Impairment: Taste and Smell Impairments with Aging
Susan Schiffman

7. Nutrition and the Aging Eye
Elizabeth J. Johnson

8. Common Gastrointestinal Complaints in Older Adults
Stephen A. McClave

9. Hydration, Electrolyte, and Mineral Needs
Robert D. Lindeman

10. Redefining Nutritional Frailty: Interventions for Weight Loss Due to Undernutrition
Connie Watkins Bales, Christine Seel Ritchie

11. Sarcopenia
Ian Janssen

12. Cachexia: Diagnosis and Treatment
David R. Thomas

13. The Relationship of Nutrition and Pressure Ulcers
David R. Thomas

14. Nutrition at the End of Life: Ethical Issues
Christine Seel Ritchie, Elizabeth Kvale

3. Common Clinical Conditions

15. Nutrition and Oral Health: A Two-Way Relationship
Kaumudi Joshipura, Thomas Dietrich

16. Obesity in Older Adults – A Growing Problem
Dennis T. Villareal, Krupa Shah

17. Nutrition and Lifestyle Change in Older Adults with Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic Syndrome
Barbara Stetson, Sri Prakash Mokshagundam

18. Cardiac Rehabilitation: The Nutrition Counseling Component
William E. Kraus, Julie D. Pruitt

19. Chronic Heart Failure
Christopher Holley, Michael W. Rich

20. Nutrition Support in Cancer
Elizabeth Kvale, Christine Seel Ritchie, Lodovico Balducci

21. Nutrition and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Danielle St-Arnaud McKenzie, Katherine Gray-Donald

22. Nutrition and Chronic Kidney Disease
Srinivasan Beddhu

23. Nutritional and Pharmacological Aspects of Osteoporosis
David A. Ontjes, John J.B. Anderson

24. Osteoarthritis
Paola de Pablo, Timothy E. McAlindon

25. Post-stroke Malnutrition and Dysphagia
Candice Hudson Scharver, Carol Smith Hammond, Larry B. Goldstein

26. Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders
Ling Li, Terry L. Lewis

27. Nutrition and Late-Life Depression
Martha E. Payne

4. New Frontiers in Preventive Nutrition

28. Providing Food and Nutrition Choices for Home and Community Long Term Living
Dian O. Weddle, Nancy S. Wellman

29. Dietary Supplements: Current Knowledge and Future Frontiers
Rebecca B. Costello, Maureen Leser, Paul M. Coates

30. Minimizing the Impact of Complex Emergencies on Nutrition and Geriatric Health: Planning for Prevention is Key
Connie Watkins Bales, Nina Tumosa

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics/Gerontology, Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition

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Nutrition and Health
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23 pages
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