Iaizzo, Paul A.

Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Devices

Iaizzo, Paul A. - Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Devices, ebook


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Table of contents

2. General Features of the Cardiovascular System
Paul A. Iaizzo

3. Attitudinally Correct Cardiac Anatomy
Alexander J. Hill

4. Cardiac Development
Brad J. Martinsen, Jamie L. Lohr

5. Anatomy of the Thoracic Wall, Pulmonary Cavities, and Mediastinum
Mark S. Cook, Kenneth P. Roberts, Anthony J. Weinhaus

6. Anatomy of the Human Heart
Anthony J. Weinhaus, Kenneth P. Roberts

7. Comparative Cardiac Anatomy
Alexander J. Hill, Paul A. Iaizzo

8. The Coronary Vascular System and Associated Medical Devices
Sara E. Anderson, Ryan Lahm, Paul A. Iaizzo

9. The Pericardium
Eric S. Richardson, Alexander J. Hill, Nicholas D. Skadsberg, Michael Ujhelyi, Yong-Fu Xiao, Paul A. Iaizzo

10. Congenital Defects of the Human Heart: Nomenclature and Anatomy
James D. Louis

11. Cellular Myocytes
Vincent A. Barnett

12. The Cardiac Conduction System
Timothy G. Laske, Maneesh Shrivastav, Paul A. Iaizzo

13. Autonomic Nervous System
Kevin Fitzgerald, Robert F. Wilson, Paul A. Iaizzo

14. Cardiac and Vascular Receptors and Signal Transduction
Daniel C. Sigg, Ayala Hezi-Yamit

15. Reversible and Irreversible Damage of the Myocardium: New Ischemic Syndromes, Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury, and Cardioprotection
James A. Coles, Daniel C. Sigg, Paul A. Iaizzo

16. The Effects of Anesthetic Agents on Cardiac Function
Jason S. Johnson, Michael K. Loushin

17. Blood Pressure, Heart Tones, and Diagnoses
George Bojanov

18. Basic ECG Theory, 12-Lead Recordings and Their Interpretation
Anthony Dupre, Sarah Vieau, Paul A. Iaizzo

19. Mechanical Aspects of Cardiac Performance
Michael K. Loushin, Jason L. Quill, Paul A. Iaizzo

20. Energy Metabolism in the Normal and Diseased Heart
Arthur H. L. From, Robert J. Bache

21. Introduction to Echocardiography
Jamie L. Lohr, Shanthi Sivanandam

22. Monitoring and Managing the Critically Ill Patient in the Intensive Care Unit
Greg J. Beilman

23. Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Michael D. Eggen, Cory M. Swingen

24. A Historical Perspective of Cardiovascular Devices and Techniques Associated with the University of Minnesota
Paul A. Iaizzo, Monica A. Mahre

25. Pharmacotherapy for Cardiac Diseases
Anna Legreid Dopp, J. Jason Sims

26. Animal Models for Cardiac Research
Richard W. Bianco, Robert P. Gallegos, Andrew L. Rivard, Jessica Voight, Agustin P. Dalmasso

27. Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Xiao-Huan Li, Fei Lü

28. Pacing and Defibrillation
Timothy G. Laske, Anna Legreid Dopp, Paul A. Iaizzo

29. Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Fei Lü

30. Cardiac Mapping Technology
Nicholas D. Skadsberg, Bin He, Timothy G. Laske, Paul A. Iaizzo

31. Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Cardioplegia
J. Ernesto Molina

32. Heart Valve Disease
Ranjit John, Kenneth K. Liao

33. Less Invasive Cardiac Surgery
Kenneth K. Liao

34. Transcatheter Valve Repair and Replacement
Alexander J. Hill, Timothy G. Laske, Paul A. Iaizzo

35. Cardiac Septal Defects: Treatment via the Amplatzer® Family of Devices
John L. Bass, Daniel H. Gruenstein

36. Harnessing Cardiopulmonary Interactions to Improve Circulation and Outcomes After Cardiac Arrest and Other States of Low Blood Pressure
Anja Metzger, Keith Lurie

37. End-Stage Congestive Heart Failure: Ventricular Assist Devices
Kenneth K. Liao, Ranjit John

38. Cell Transplantation for Ischemic Heart Disease
Mohammad N. Jameel, Joseph Lee, Daniel J. Garry, Jianyi Zhang

39. Emerging Cardiac Devices and Technologies
Paul A. Iaizzo

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiology, Biomedical Engineering, Angiology, Pathology, Cardiac Surgery

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