Boullata, Joseph I.

Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions

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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Drug–Nutrient Interactions
Joseph I. Boullata

2. Drug Disposition and Response
Robert B. Raffa

3. Drug Transporters
Richard H. Ho, Richard B. Kim

4. Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes
Thomas K.H. Chang

5. Nutrient Disposition and Response
Stacey Milan, Francis E. Rosato

6. Influence of Protein-Calorie Malnutrition on Medication
Charlene W. Compher, Joseph I. Boullata

7. Influence of Overweight and Obesity on Medication
Joseph I. Boullata

8. Drug Absorption with Food
David Fleisher, Burgunda V. Sweet, Ameeta Parekh, Joseph I. Boullata

9. Effects of Specific Foods and Dietary Components on Drug Metabolism
Karl E. Anderson

10. Grapefruit and Other Fruit Juices Interactions with Medicines
David G. Bailey

11. Positive Drug–Nutrient Interactions
Imad F. Btaiche, Burgunda V. Sweet, Michael D. Kraft

12. Interaction of Natural Products with Medication and Nutrients
Lingtak-Neander Chan

13. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Patients Receiving Enteral Nutrition
Carol J. Rollins

14. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Patients Receiving Parenteral Nutrition
Jay M. Mirtallo

15. Drug-Induced Changes to Nutritional Status
Jane M. Gervasio

16. Influence of Cardiovascular Medication on Nutritional Status
Nima M. Patel, Anna M. Wodlinger Jackson

17. Influence of Neurological Medication on Nutritional Status
Marianne S. Aloupis, Ame L. Golaszewski

18. Drug–Nutrient Interactions Involving Folate
Patricia Worthington, Leslie Schechter

19. Drug–Nutrient Interactions That Impact on Mineral Status
Sue A Shapses, Yvette R. Schlussel, Mariana Cifuentes

20. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Infancy and Childhood
Laureen Murphy Kotzer, Maria R. Mascarenhas, Elizabeth Wallace

21. Drug–Nutrient Interaction Considerations in Pregnancy and Lactation
Myla E. Moretti, Danela L. Caprara

22. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in the Elderly
Bruce P. Kinosian, Tanya C. Knight-Klimas

23. Drug–Nutrient Interactions and Immune Function
Adrianne Bendich, Ronit Zilberboim

24. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Patients with Cancer
Todd W. Canada

25. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Transplantation
Matthew J. Weiss, Vincent T. Armenti, Nicole Sifontis, Jeanette M. Hasse

26. Drug–Nutrient Interactions in Patients with Chronic Infections
Steven P. Gelone, Judith A. O’Donnell

Keywords: Chemistry, Nutrition

Publication year
Nutrition and Health
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22 pages
Natural Sciences

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