Gerencser, George A.

Epithelial Transport Physiology

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Table of contents

1. Chloride ATPase Pumps in Epithelia
George A. Gerencser

2. Divalent Anion Transport in Crustacean and Molluscan Gastrointestinal Epithelia
George A. Gerencser, Gregory A. Ahearn

3. Heavy Metal Transport and Detoxification by Crustacean Epithelial Lysosomes
Gregory A. Ahearn, Kenneth M. Sterling, Prabir K. Mandal, Barbara Roggenbeck

4. Epithelial Calcium Transport in Crustaceans: Adaptation to Intrinsic and Extrinsic Stressors
Michele G. Wheatly, Yongping Gao, Christopher M. Gillen

5. The Cellular Basis of Extreme Alkali Secretion in Insects: A Tale of Two Tissues
David F. Moffett, Horst Onken

6. H+, Na+, K+, and Amino Acid Transport in Caterpillar and Larval Mosquito Alimentary Canal
William R. Harvey, Bernard A. Okech

7. CFTR-Dependent Anion Transport in Airway Epithelia
J.W. Hanrahan

8. Sulfate and Phosphate Transporters in Mammalian Renal and Gastrointestinal Systems
Daniel Markovich

9. Role of H+-K+ ATPase, Na+-K+-2Cl and Na+-Cl-HCO3
Transporters in Vertebrate Small Intestine
John F. White

10. The H+- and H+, K+-ATPases of the Collecting Duct
Brian D. Cain, Michelle L. Gumz, Deborah L. Zies, Amanda K. Welch

11. Acid/Base Regulation in Renal Epithelia by H,K-ATPases
I. Jeanette Lynch, Charles S. Wingo

12. Sodium Transport Mechanisms in the Mammalian Nephron
Michelle L. Gumz, Lisa R. Stow, Shen-Ling Xia

13. Renal Acid–Base Regulation Via Ammonia Transport in Mammals
I. David Weiner

14. Hexose Transport Across Mammalian Epithelia
Chris I. Cheeseman

15. Amino Acid Transport by Epithelial Membranes
Bruce R. Stevens

16. Molecular Ontology of Amino Acid Transport
Dmitri Y. Boudko

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Physiology, Biochemistry, general, Cell Biology

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