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Environmental Biotechnology

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Table of contents

1. Applications of Environmental Biotechnology
Volodymyr Ivanov, Yung-Tse Hung

2. Microbiology of Environmental Engineering Systems
Volodymyr Ivanov

3. Microbial Systematics
Aharon Oren

4. Microbial Ecology
Nicolai S. Panikov

5. Microbial Metabolism: Importance for Environmental Biotechnology
Aharon Oren

6. Microbial Ecology of Isolated Life Support Systems
Lydia A. Somova, Nickolay S. Pechurkin, Mark Nelson, Lawrence K. Wang

7. Environmental Solid-State Cultivation Processes and Bioreactors
David Alexander Mitchell, Nadia Krieger, Oscar Felippe Meien, Luiz Fernando Lima Luz Júnior, José Domingos Fontana, Lorena Benathar Ballod Tavares, Márcia Brandão Palma, Geraldo Lippel Sant’Anna Junior, Leda dos Reis Castilho, Denise Maria Guimarães Freire, Jorge Alfredo Arcas

8. Value-Added Biotechnological Products from Organic Wastes
Olena Stabnikova, Jing-Yuan Wang, Volodymyr Ivanov

9. Anaerobic Digestion in Suspended Growth Bioreactors
Gerasimos Lyberatos, Pratap C. Pullammanappallil

10. Selection and Design of Membrane Bioreactors in Environmental Bioengineering
Giuseppe Guglielmi, Gianni Andreottola

11. Closed Ecological Systems, Space Life Support and Biospherics
Mark Nelson, Nickolay S. Pechurkin, John P. Allen, Lydia A Somova, Josef I. Gitelson

12. Natural Environmental Biotechnology
Nazih K. Shammas, Lawrence K. Wang

13. Aerobic and Anoxic Suspended-Growth Biotechnologies
Nazih K. Shammas, Lawrence K. Wang

14. Aerobic and Anaerobic Attached Growth Biotechnologies
Nazih K. Shammas, Lawrence K. Wang

15. Sequencing Batch Reactor Technology
Lawrence K. Wang, Nazih K. Shammas

16. Flotation Biological Systems
Lawrence K. Wang, Nazih K. Shammas, Daniel B. Guss

17. A/O Phosphorus Removal Biotechnology
Nazih K. Shammas, Lawrence K. Wang

18. Treatment of Septage and Biosolids from Biological Processes
Nazih K. Shammas, Lawrence K. Wang, Azni Idris, Katayon Saed, Yung-Tse Hung

19. Environmental Control of Biotechnology Industry
Lawrence K. Wang, Nazih K. Shammas, Ping Wang

Keywords: Chemistry, Biotechnology, Environment, general, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology

Publication year
Handbook of Environmental Engineering
Page amount
999 pages
Natural Sciences

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