Davies, Terry F.

A Case-Based Guide to Clinical Endocrinology

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Table of contents

Part I.The Pituitary Gland

1. Pituitary Apoplexy
Steven Jon Russell, Karen Klahr Miller

2. When and How to Stop Cabergoline Treatment in Microprolactinomas
Annamaria Colao

3. Cushing’s Disease
Kawaljeet Kaur, James W. Findling

Part II.Thyroid Overactivity

4. Amiodarone-Induced Hyperthyroidism
Paul Aoun, David S. Cooper

5. Interferon-Induced Hyperthyroidism
Paul Aoun, David S. Cooper

6. Subclinical Hyperthyroidism Due to a Multinodular Thyroid
Paul Aoun, David S. Cooper

7. Subacute (De Quervain’s) Thyroiditis
Paul Aoun, David S. Cooper

Part III.Thyroid Underactivity

8. Amiodarone-Induced Hypothyroidism
Ramzi Ajjan

9. Autoimmune Hypothyroidism with Persistent Elevation of TSH
Amit Allahabadia

10. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Type 1 Diabetes
Mark P.J. Vanderpump

Part IV.Thyroid Cancer

11. Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Nicole Ehrhardt, Victor Bernet

12. Metastatic Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Henry B. Burch

13. Medullary Thyroid Cancer
Jacqueline Jonklaas

14. Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma with Pulmonary and Osseous Metastases
Jason A. Wexler, Kenneth D. Burman

Part V.Adrenal

15. Adrenal Insufficiency
Lynn Loriaux

16. Cushing’s Syndrome
Lynn Loriaux

17. An Incidentally Discovered Adrenal Mass
Lynn Loriaux

Part VI.Hyperparathyroidism

18. Differentiation of Primary Hyperparathyroidism for Familial Benign Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia
Ebaa Al Ozairi

19. Management and Investigation of Acute Hypercalcemia
Suresh Vaikkakara, Chankramath S. Arun, R. Andrew James

20. Evaluation of Complex Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Ee Lin Lim, Simon H.S. Pearce

21. Evaluation of Hypercalcemia in Infancy
Reena Thomas, Murthy Korada, Timothy D. Cheetham

Part VII.Metabolic Bone Diseases

22. Osteoporosis Due to Hormonal Withdrawal: Common Mistakes
Mone Zaidi, Michael Pazianas

23. Osteomalacia: A Cause of Bisphosphonate Failure
Michael Pazianas, Mone Zaidi

24. Unusual Manifestations of Paget’s Disease of Bone
Mone Zaidi, Michael Pazianas

25. Solid Organ Transplantation, Chronic Renal Impairment, and Skeletal Complications
Michael Pazianas, Mone Zaidi

Part VIII.Endocrine Disorders of Males

26. Congenital Isolated Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
Stephen J. Winters, Sathya Krishnasamy

27. Klinefelter Syndrome
Stephen J. Winters, Sathya Krishnasamy

28. Low Testosterone in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
Stephen J. Winters, Sathya Krishnasamy

Part IX.Female Reproduction

29. Central Hypogonadism
Maria A. Yialamas

30. Premature Ovarian Failure
Corrine K. Welt

31. Oligomenorrhea and Hyperandrogenemia
Sabrina Gill

Part X.Pregnancy

32. Hypertension in Pregnancy and Women with Child-Bearing Potential
Lawrence R. Krakoff

33. Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy
Susan J. Mandel

34. Type I Diabetes Mellitus During Pregnancy
Carol Levy, Gal Omry

Part XI.Type 1 Diabetes

35. Type 1 Diabetes Onset with Ketoacidosis and Suspected Cerebral Edema
Helena E. Larsson, Sten-A Ivarsson, Åke Lernmark

36. En Passant Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in Infancy
Helena E. Larsson, Sten-A Ivarsson, Åke Lernmark

37. Type 1 Diabetes and Comorbidity of Addison’s Disease
Helena E. Larsson, Sten-A Ivarsson, Åke Lernmark

Part XII.Type 2 Diabetes

38. Exenatide in Type 2 Diabetes: Indications and Initiation
Vanita Treat, Serge Jabbour

39. Insulin Therapy in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Kevin Furlong, Intekhab Ahmed

40. Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with~Oral~Agents
Jeremy J. Flood, Jeffrey L. Miller

Part XIII.Lipid Abnormalities

41. Combination Drug Therapy in a Case of Severe Hypercholesterolemia
Conrad B. Blum

42. A Young Man with Abdominal Pain and Very High Triglycerides: The Chylomicronemia Syndrome
Molly C. Carr

43. Roughly Equivalent Lipids in a Middle-Aged Obese Man at Risk for Coronary Disease
Stephen R. Crespin

Part XIV.Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome

44. Metabolic Syndrome
Robert T. Yanagisawa, Derek LeRoith

45. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Michael Magnotti, Walter Futterweit

46. Bariatric Surgery
Robert T. Yanagisawa, Daniel Herron, Derek LeRoith

Part XV.Puberty

47. Amenorrhea
Liuska Pesce, Donald Zimmerman

48. Early Puberty and Hyperthyroidism
Liuska Pesce, Donald Zimmerman

49. Hypothalamic Hamartoma
Liuska Pesce, Donald Zimmerman

50. Leydig Cell Adenoma
Courtney Finlayson, Reema Habiloy, Donald Zimmerman

51. Prolactinoma
Jami Josefson, Donald Zimmerman

52. Turner Syndrome
Jami Josefson, Donald Zimmerman

Part XVI.Instructive Rarities

53. Hypothalamic Damage and Obesity
Lalita Khaodhiar, Caroline M. Apovian

54. Systemic Mastocytosis
Michael Kleerekoper, Luis Afonso

55. Testosteronoma
Kimberley E. Steele, Martha A. Zeiger


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