Caligiuri, Michael A.

Cytokines in the Genesis and Treatment of Cancer

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Table of contents

I.Infectious Agents, Cytokines, and Cancer

1. Helicobacter pylori and Cytokines in the Genesis of Gastric Cancer
Richard M. Peek

2. HTLV-1, Cytokines,and Cancer
Michael D. Lairmore, Lee Ratner

3. Herpesviruses, Cytokines, and Cancer
Frank J. Jenkins, Heather R. Hensler

II.Cytokines and Carcinogenesis

4. Tumor Necrosis Factor and Cancer
Mark Witte, David J. Shealy, Marian T. Nakada, G. Mark Anderson

5. Transforming Growth Factor-ß and Cancer
Alyssa R. Bonine-Summers, Brian K. Law, Harold L. Moses

6. Interleukin-1 Family of Cytokines and Cancer
Michael T. Lotze

7. Interleukin-4/13 and Cancer
Koji Kawakami, Raj K. Puri

8. Interleukin-6 and Castleman’s Disease
Norihiro Nishimoto

9. Interleukin-10 (IL-10)
Shin-ichiro Fujii, Michael T. Lotze

10. Cytokines in Multiple Myeloma
Dharminder Chauhan, Teru Hideshima, Kenneth C. Anderson

11. In Vivo Murine Cytokine Models and the Genesis of Cancer
Todd A. Fehniger, Megan A. Cooper, Michael A. Caligiuri

12. Experimental Models of Cytokines and Cancer Prevention
Mark J. Smyth, Erika Cretney, Shayna E. A. Street, Yoshihiro Hayakawa

III.Cytokines and Tumor Stroma/Metastasis

13. Cytokines in the Tumor Stroma
Michael C. Ostrowski

14. Cytokines and Tumor Angiogenesis
Sharmila Roy-Chowdhury, Charles K. Brown

15. Chemokine and Receptor Expression in Tumor Progression
Paola Allavena, Federica Marchesi, Alberto Mantovani

16. The Biology of Cancer Cachexia and the Role of TNF-a
Denis C. Guttridge

IV.Cytokines in the Treatment of Cancer

17. Interleukin-2 and Cancer Therapy
Kim Margolin, Joseph Clark

18. Interleukin-12 and Cancer Therapy
Timothy E. Bael, Jared A. Gollob

19. The Type I Interferon System With Emphasis on Its Role in Malignancies
Stergios J. Moschos, Gregory B. Lesinski, William E. Carson, John M. Kirkwood

20. Combination Cytokine Therapy
Seth M. Cohen, Howard L. Kaufman

21. Novel Strategies for Cytokine Administration Via Targetting
Paul M. Sondel, Jackie A. Hank, Mark R. Albertini, Stephen D. Gillies

22. Cytokines and Cancer Vaccines
Hideho Okada, Michael T. Lotze

23. Anticytokine Treatment
Miguel A. Villalona-Calero

24. Cytokines in the Supportive Care of Cancer
John A. Glaspy


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