Hardy, Matthew P.

The Leydig Cell in Health and Disease

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Table of contents


1. A History of Leydig Cell Research
A. Kent Christensen

II.Cell Biology

2. Structural and Histological Analysis of Leydig Cell Steroidogenic Function
Syed G. Haider, Gisela Servos, Nicole Tran

3. Fetal Leydig Cells
Humphrey Hung-Chang Yao, Ivraym Barsoum

4. Regulation of Leydig Cells During Pubertal Development
Renshan Ge, Matthew P. Hardy

5. The Human Leydig Cell
Frederick P. Prince

6. Dynamics of Leydig Cell Regeneration After EDS
Katja Teerds, Eddy Rijntjes

7. Aging and the Decline of Androgen Production
Haolin Chen, Andrew Midzak, Lin-di Luo, Barry R. Zirkin


8. Regulation of Leydig Cell Cholesterol Metabolism
Salman Azhar, Eve Reaven

9. The Role of StAR in Leydig Cell Steroidogenesis
Douglas M. Stocco

10. Steroidogenic Enzymes in Leydig Cells
Anita H. Payne

11. Development of Leydig Cell Steroidogenesis
Peter J. O’Shaughnessy, Heather Johnston, Paul Joseph Baker

12. Peripheral Testosterone Metabolism
Daniel P. Sherbet, Richard J. Auchus

13. Leydig Cell Aromatase
Serge Carreau

14. The Role of Estrogen Sulfotransferase in Leydig Cells
Wen-Chao Song

15. Endocrinology of Leydig Cells in Nonmammalian Vertebrates
Kelly Bonner Engel, Gloria Vincz Callard


16. The Luteinizing Hormone Receptor
Maria L. Dufau, Chon-Hwa Tsai-Morris

17. Insights Into Leydig Cell Function From Mice With Genetically Modified Gonadotropin Action
Ilpo Huhtaniemi

18. Growth Factors in Leydig Cell Function
Varadaraj Chandrashekar, Andrzej Bartke

19. Insulin-Like Peptide 3 in Leydig Cells
Richard Ivell, Ross A. D. Bathgate

20. Neuronal Signaling Molecules and Leydig Cells
Artur Mayerhofer

21. Regulation of Leydig Cell Function as it Pertains to the Inflammatory Response
Dale B. Hales

22. Activins and Leydig Cell Development Differentiation, and Disease
Gail P. Risbridger, Christopher Butler

23. Transcription Factors as Regulators of Gene Expression During Leydig Cell Differentiation and Function
Jacques J. Tremblay

24. Androgen Receptor in Leydig Cell Function and Development
Stephen M. Eacker, Robert E. Braun

V.Physiology and Applied Aspects

25. Fluid Exchange and Transport of Hydrophilic Factors in the Testis
Brian Peter Setchell

26. Immortalized Leydig Cell Lines as Models for Studying Leydig Cell Physiology
Mario Ascoli

27. Induction of Leydig Cell Tumors by Xenobiotics
Paul M. D. Foster

28. Environmental Factors That Disrupt Leydig Cell Steroidogenesis
Vassilios Papadopoulos

29. The Leydig Cell as a Target for Male Contraception
Craig Marc Luetjens, Joachim Wistuba, Gerhard Weinbauer, Eberhard Nieschlag

30. Clinical Evaluation of Leydig Cell Function
Ronald S. Swerdloff, Christina Wang


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