Rosene-Montella, Karen

Pulmonary Problems in Pregnancy

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Table of contents

1. Part l: Normal Pregnancy

2. Physiological Transition from Fetal to Neonatal Life in Pregnancy
Alan R. Leff

3. Respiratory Physiology in Pregnancy
Meredith C. McCormack, Robert A. Wise

4. High Altitude, Chronic Hypoxia, and Pregnancy
Ghada Bourjeily

5. Sleep Physiology in Pregnancy
Ghada Bourjeily, Vahid Mohsenin

2. Part ll: General Management Principles in Pregnancy

6. Diagnostic Imaging in Pregnancy
Margaret Miller, Lucia Larson

7. Prescribing in Pregnancy and Lactation
Niharika Mehta, Jill Newstead-Angel, Raymond O. Powrie

8. Monitoring Fetal Well-Being in the Critical Care Setting
Kristen Cotter, Mathew Sermer

9. Anesthetic Considerations in Pregnant Patients with Pulmonary Disorders
Richard N. Wissler

3. Part lll: Pulmonary Disorders in Pregnancy

10. Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Pregnancy
Kathleen Akgun, Francoise J. Roux

11. Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder in Pregnancy
Kelvin Lam, Carolyn M. D’Ambrosio

12. Asthma in Pregnancy
Vanessa E. Murphy, Peter G. Gibson

13. Tuberculosis and Pregnancy
John B. Bass, James N. Byrd

14. Pneumonia in the Pregnant Patient
Samar Khan, Michael S. Niederman

15. Chronic Pulmonary Disease and Pregnancy
Shirley F. Jones, Marie M. Budev, Alejandro C. Arroliga

16. Neuromuscular and Chest Wall Diseases in Pregnancy
John Robert Bach, Jesús Sancho

17. Pregnancy and the Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Samir Malhotra, Pearce G. Wilcox

18. Pulmonary Complications of Collagen Vascular Disease in Pregnancy
Stéphanie Pouwels-Fry, Isabelle Tillie-Leblond, Benoît Wallaert

19. Venous Thromboembolism in Pregnancy
Karen Rosene-Montella, Ghada Bourjeily

20. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Pregnancy
Brian Casserly, James R. Klinger

21. Pulmonary Procedures During Pregnancy
Muhanned Abu-Hijleh

22. Critical Illness in Pregnancy
D. Kyle Hogarth, Jesse Hall

23. Acute Lung Injury in Pregnancy
Nuala J. Meyer, Gregory A. Schmidt

24. Airway Management and Mechanical Ventilation in Pregnancy
Uma Munnur, Venkata Dp Bandi, Michael A. Gropper

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Primary Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pneumology/Respiratory System, Obstetrics/Perinatology

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Respiratory Medicine
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