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Bladder Cancer

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Table of contents

1. Approaches to Carcinoma In Situ (CIS)
J. Stephen Jones

2. Fluorescence Cytoscopy
Philippe E. Spiess, H. Barton Grossman

3. Restaging TURBT
David Berger, Jeffrey M. Holzbeierlein

4. Understaging T2: Limitations of Pelvic Imaging
Jon M. Willatt, Richard H. Cohan

5. MRI Endorectal Coil
Saroja Adusumilli, Hero Hussain

6. PET Imaging: Advances in the Detection of Locally Advanced and Nodal Disease
Morand Piert

7. Detection of Extravesical Disease: A Lack of Bladder Cancer Markers
Andrew A. Stec, Michael S. Cookson, Sam S. Chang

8. Identification of Nodal Metastases: The role of Iron Oxide Enhanced MRI
Bernard H. Bochner

9. Presence and Significance of Micrometastases
Stephen Boorjian, Douglas S. Scherr

10. Perioperative Intravesical Therapy
Ralph Madeb, Edward Messing

11. BCG Refractory Disease
Tara Allen, Graham F. Greene

12. Beyond BCG: Gemcitabine
Ganesh V. Raj, Guido Dalbagni

13. Beyond BCG: Taxanes
James M. McKiernan, Phillip M. Pierorazio

14. Extended Lymph Node Dissection
Michael E. Woods, Marcus L. Quek

15. Prostate Capsule Sparing Cystectomy
Alon Z. Weizer, Timothy Schuster

16. Preservation of Reproductive Organs in Women
Lambda Msezane and, Gary D. Steinberg, Gary D. Steinberg

17. Nerve Sparing Radical Cystectomy
Edward M. Schaeffer, Matthew E. Nielsen, Mark L. Gonzalgo, Mark P. Schoenberg

18. Quality of Care Indicators for Radical Cystectomy
Matthew R. Cooperberg, Badrinath R. Konety

19. Continent Diversion: QOL of Orthotopic Diversion vs. Ileal Conduit
Scott M. Gilbert, Cheryl T. Lee

20. Voiding Dysfunction After Orthotopic Diversion
Jerilyn M. Latini

21. Overcoming the Stigma of Complications of Continent Cutaneous Diversion
Niels-Erik B. Jacobsen

22. Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: The New Standard
Karen Giselle Chee, Primo N. Lara

23. Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Bladder Cancer: A Good Concept But Where’s the Proof?
Stephen Smith, Timothy Gilligan

24. Beyond MVAC: New and Improved Chemotherapeutics
Deborah Bradley, Maha Hussain

25. The Role of Microarray Technologies in Bladder Cancer Management
Marta Sánchez-Carbayo, Carlos Cordón-Cardo

26. Molecular Pathogenesis of Urothelial Carcinoma and the Development of Novel Therapeutic Strategies
Christopher Y. Thomas, Dan Theodorescu

27. Tools for Study: National Databanking
Randall E. Millikan, Stuart O. Zimmerman, Shida Jin

28. Vaccine Development
Nicholas Karanikolas, Jonathan Coleman

29. Advances in Gene Therapy for Bladder Cancer
Niels-Erik B. Jacobsen, Thomas A. Gardner

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Urology/Andrology

Publication year
Current Clinical Urology
Page amount
11 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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