Karp, Judith E.

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

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Table of contents

I. Overview of AML

1. Approaching the Treatment of AML from a Biological Perspective
Farhad Ravandi, Francis Giles

II. Molecular Foundations of AML Pathogenesis and Physiology

2. Aberrant Transcription Factors in AML
Alan D. Friedman

3. Myelodysplasia-Related AML
Jane E. Parker

4. Therapy-related AML
Lucy A. Godley, Michelle M. Beau

5. The DNA Damage Response, DNA Repair, and AML
David P. Steensma

6. Altered Apoptosis in AML
Ruben A. Mesa, Scott H. Kaufmann

7. Drug Resistance Transporters in AML
Douglas D. Ross

III. Translating Biology into Clinical Application

8. Impact of Cytogenetics on Clinical Outcome in AML
David Grimwade

9. APL: A Classic Tale of Bench to Bedside
Olga Frankfurt, LoAnn C. Peterson, Robert Gallagher, Martin S. Tallman

IV. Molecular Therapeutics of AML: Selected Targeted Approaches

10. Emerging Therapeutics for AML
Edward A. Sausville

11. FLT3: A Prototype Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Target in AML
Mark Levis

12. Farnesyl Transferase Inhibitors in the Therapy of AML
Jeffrey E. Lancet

13. Modulating Gene Expression as a Therapeutic Approach in the Treatment of AML
Tamer Fandy, Hetty Carraway, Steven D. Gore

14. Differentiation Therapy in AML
Tara L. Lin, William Matsui

15. Stem Cell Transplantation for AML
Javier Bolaños-Meade, Richard J. Jones

16. Tumor Vaccines in Leukemia
Ivan Borrello

V. Special Challenges

17. Treatment, Outcomes, and Challenges of Newly Diagnosed AML in Children and Adolescents
Robert J. Arceci

18. AML in Older Adults
Richard M. Stone

19. Dameshek Smiles: Molecular Clues to the Chronic Myeloproliferative Disorders Unmasked
Jason Gotlib

20. New Designs for Clinical Trials
Elihu Estey

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Contemporary Hematology
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440 pages
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