Jakowlew, Sonia B.

Transforming Growth Factor-β in Cancer Therapy, Volume I

Jakowlew, Sonia B. - Transforming Growth Factor-β in Cancer Therapy, Volume I, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Basic Concepts of TGF-β Signaling in Normal Physiology and Cancer Pathobiology

1. Component Hardware for Transforming Growth Factor-β Signal Transduction: TGF-β Ligands, TGF-β Receptors, and Smads
Sonia B. Jakowlew

2. TGF-β Signaling in Homeostasis and Cancer
Joan Seoane

3. TGF-β Availability: Latent TGF-β and Latent TGF-β Binding Proteins
Vesna Todorovic, Daniel B. Rifkin

4. Biological Functions of Latent TGF-β-Binding Proteins and Activation of TGF-β
Marko Hyytiäinen, Katri Koli, Jorma Keski-Oja

5. Regulators of Smad2/3 Transcription and Phosphorylation
Azeddine Atfi, Marie-Francoise Bourgeade

6. Interaction of Smad4 and Embryonic Liver Fodrin-β-spectrin in Hyperplasia, Neoplasia, and Tumor Suppression
Sang Soo Kim, Charles Shuman, Lopa Mishra

7. Regulation of Smad Activity by Phosphorylation
Fang Liu

8. Nuclear Targeting of TGF-β-Activated Smads in Normal and Tumor Biology
Lan Xu

9. Ski, SnoN, and Akt as Negative Regulators of Smad Activity: Balancing Cell Death and Cell Survival
Erwan Scolan, Kunxin Luo

10. Transforming Growth Factor-β in Cancer Therapy: Smurfs in TGF-β Signaling and Regulation of Bone Homeostasis and Cancer
Ying E. Zhang, Motozo Yamashita

11. Involvement of km23 Dynein Light Chains in TGF β Signaling
Qunyan Jin, Guofeng Gao, Kathleen M. Mulder

12. TGF-β Signaling in Fibroblastic Cells and Oncogenesis
Neil A. Bhowmick

13. Mechanisms of TGF-β-Induced Apoptosis in Cancer Cells
Tae-Aug Kim, Seong-Jin Kim

14. Mechanisms of Cell Cycle Regulation by TGF-β Disabled in Cancer
Leslie I. Gold, Jon Lecanda

15. Transforming Growth Factor-β in Cancer Therapy
Arja Band, Marikki Laiho

16. TGF-β and Smad Signaling in Transcriptome Reprogramming During EMT
Sylvie Thuault, Ulrich Valcourt, Marcin Kowanetz, Aristidis Moustakas

17. Functional Interactions Between MMPs and TGF-β in Normal and Tumor Tissue
Christina H. Stuelten, Anita B. Roberts, William G. Stetler-Stevenson

18. Cooperation Between TGF-β and Wnt Pathway Components in Regulating Mesenchymal Stem Cell Function
Irwin M. Liu, Stephen H. Schilling, Xiao-Fan Wang

19. Interaction of Oncogenic Ras and TGFβ1 Signaling in Cancer: Lessons From the Multistage Skin Carcinogenesis Model
Adam Glick, Dong-Soon Bae, Xin Liu, Kinnimulki Vijayachandra

II. TGF-β Superfamily Members in Normal and Tumor Biology

20. Proteomics Analysis of TGFβ Superfamily Members
Serhiy Souchelnytskyi

21. Mullerian Inhibiting Substance: A Potential Nontoxic, Naturally Occurring Therapeutic Agent for Certain Human Cancers
David T. MacLaughlin, Patricia K. Donahoe

22. Activins, Inhibins, and Bone Morphogenetic Proteins as Modulators and Biomarkers of Prostate Cancer Progression
Tetsu Hayashida, Vandana Gupta, Sam Thiagalingam, Shyamala Maheswaran

23. Bone Morphogenic Proteins and Angiogenesis in Developing Tumors
George Berberian, Deepak Malhotra, John E. Langenfeld

24. Histone Methyltransferase and Smad Interactions in BMP Signaling
Jennifer E. Leader, M. Pilar Frontelo, Robert J. Lechleider

25. Endoglin (CD105): A Strong Candidate for Immunologic Targeting of Tumor Neovasculature in Human Malignancies
Ester Fonsatti, Michele Maio

26. Activins and Inhibins in Cancer Progression
Gail P. Risbridger, Christopher Butler

27. Bone Morphogenetic Proteins/Growth Differentiation Factors and Smad Activation in Ovarian Granulosa Cells and Carcinoma
Sabine Mazerbourg

28. Regulation of the Transforming Growth Factor-β Superfamily by Betaglycan
Fernando López-Casillas, M. Magdalena Vilchis-Landeros, José Esparza-López, M. Verónica Ponce-Castañeda, N. Gabriela Velasco-Loyden, Patricia Juárez, Jose Luis Montiel, Valentín Mendoza

29. Uterine Sensitization Associated Gene-1: A Bone Morphogenetic Protein Antagonist with a Role in Kidney
Motoko Yanagita

30. Role of Betaig-h3 Gene in Carcinogenesis
Yongliang Zhao, Tom K. Hei

31. Activins and the Liver
Michael Grusch, Chantal Rodgarkia-Dara, Wilfried Bursch, Rolf Schulte-Hermann

32. Myostatin Signaling in Normal and Tumor Cells
Xiangyang Zhu, Li-fang Liang, Ronald L. Stotish

III. TGF-β in Inflammation and Fibrosis

33. Triterpenoids, Vitamin D, and TGF-β/Smad Signaling in Inflammation and Cancer
Nanjoo Suh

34. Thrombospondin-Dependent Activation of Latent TGF-β in Fibrosis and Disease
Joanne E. Murphy-Ullrich

35. TGF-β in Pulmonary Fibrosis
Masahito Ebina

36. The Role of TGF-β in Bleomycin Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis
Nasreen Khalil, Robert O’Connor

37. Smads in the Fibrotic Response: Findings in the Smad3 Knockout Mouse
Kathleen C. Flanders

38. TGF-β Signaling in Renal Fibrosis and Inflammation: Gene Therapy Using Ultrasound-Microbubble-Mediated Inducible Smad7
Hui Y. Lan

39. Transforming Growth Factor-β Peptide Signaling in Pulmonary Development, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Fibrosis, and Emphysema
David Warburton, Wei Shi, Martin Kolb, Jack Gauldie

40. The Role of TGF-β in Radiation and Chemotherapy Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis: Inhibition of TGF-β as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy
Patricia J. Sime, R. Matthew Kottmann, Heather F. Lakatos, Thomas H. Thatcher

41. Negative Regulation of the TGF-β Family Signal Pathway by Inhibitory Smads and Their Involvement in Cancer and Fibrosis
Susumu Itoh, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Fumiko Itoh, Kohei Miyazono, Mitsuyasu Kato

42. TGF-β-Related Antifibrotic Strategies in the Eye
M. Francesca Cordeiro, Annelie Maass, Clive Migdal, Li Guo

43. Transforming Growth Factor-β in Cutaneous Tissue Repair
Jisun Cha, Vincent Falanga

44. Topical Application of TGF-β1 Peptide Inhibitors for the Therapy of Skin Fibrosis
Javier Dotor, José L. Pablos

45. Overexpressed Truncated TGF-β Type II Receptor Inhibits Fibrotic Behavior of Keloid Fibroblasts In Vitro and Experimental Scar Formation In Vivo
Wei Liu, Chekhau Chua, Zhen Gao, Xiaoli Wu, Yilin Cao

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Oncology, Cell Biology, Cancer Research, Pharmacology/Toxicology

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Cancer Drug Discovery and Development
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