McMillan, James D.

Twenty-Seventh Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals

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Table of contents

Session 1A. Feedstock Supply and Logistics

1. Introduction to Session 1A
Peter C. Flynn

2. Agricultural Residue Availability in the United States
Zia Haq, James L. Easterly

3. Canadian Biomass Reserves for Biorefining
Warren E. Mabee, Evan D. G. Fraser, Paul N. McFarlane, John N. Saddler

4. Availability of Crop Residues as Sustainable Feedstock for Bioethanol Production in North Carolina
Abolghasem Shahbazi, Yebo Li

5. Updates on Softwood-to-Ethanol Process Development
Warren E. Mabee, David J. Gregg, Claudio Arato, Alex Berlin, Renata Bura, Neil Gilkes, Olga Mirochnik, Xuejun Pan, E. Kendall Pye, John N. Saddler

6. Development of a Multicriteria Assessment Model for Ranking Biomass Feedstock Collection and Transportation Systems
Amit Kumar, Shahab Sokhansanj, Peter C. Flynn

7. Rail vs Truck Transport of Biomass
Hamed Mahmudi, Peter C. Flynn

8. Corn Stover Fractions and Bioenergy
Danny E. Akin, W. Herbert Morrison, Luanne L. Rigsby, Franklin E. Barton, David S. Himmelsbach, Kevin B. Hicks

9. Separate and Simultaneous Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Fermentation of Wheat Hemicellulose With Recombinant Xylose Utilizing Saccharomyces cerevisiae

L. Olsson, H. R. Soerensen, B. P. Dam, H. Christensen, K. M. Krogh, A. S. Meyer

10. Biofiltration Methods for the Removal of Phenolic Residues
Luiz Carlos Martins Neves, Tábata Taemi Miazaki Ohara Miyamura, Dante Augusto Moraes, Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna, Attilio Converti

11. The BTL2 Process of Biomass Utilization Entrained-Flow Gasification of Pyrolyzed Biomass Slurries
Klaus Raffelt, Edmund Henrich, Andrea Koegel, Ralph Stahl, Joachim Steinhardt, Friedhelm Weirich

12. Emission Profile of Rapeseed Methyl Ester and Its Blend in a Diesel Engine
Gwi-Taek Jeong, Young-Taig Oh, Don-Hee Park

Session 1B. Enzyme Catalysis and Engineering

13. Introduction to Session 1B
Joel R. Cherry, Kevin Gray

14. Properties and Performance of Glucoamylases for Fuel Ethanol Production
Bradley A. Saville, Chunbei Huang, Vince Yacyshyn, Andrew Desbarats

15. Heterologous Expression of Trametes versicolor Laccase in Pichia pastoris and Aspergillus niger

Christina Bohlin, Leif J. Jönsson, Robyn Roth, Willem H. Zyl

16. Lactose Hydrolysis and Formation of Galactooligosaccharides by a Novel Immobilized β-Galactosidase From the Thermophilic Fungus Talaromyces thermophilus

Phimchanok Nakkharat, Dietmar Haltrich

17. Evaluation of Cell Recycle on Thermomyces lanuginosus Xylanase A Production by Pichia pastoris GS 115
Verônica Ferreira, Patricia C. Nolasco, Aline M. Castro, Juliana N. C. Silva, Alexandre S. Santos, Mônica C. T. Damaso, Nei Pereira

18. Evaluation of Solid and Submerged Fermentations for the Production of Cyclodextrin Glycosyltransferase by Paenibacillus campinasensis H69-3 and Characterization of Crude Enzyme
Heloiza Ferreira Alves-Prado, Eleni Gomes, Roberto Silva

19. Effect of β-Cyclodextrin in Artificial Chaperones Assisted Foam Fractionation of Cellulase
Vorakan Burapatana, Aleš Prokop, Robert D. Tanner

20. RSM Analysis of the Effects of the Oxygen Transfer Coefficient and Inoculum Size on the Xylitol Production by Candida guilliermondii

Mariana Peñuela Vásquez, Maurício Bezerra Souza, Nei Pereira

21. Enzymatic Synthesis of Sorbitan Methacrylate According to Acyl Donors
Gwi-Taek Jeong, Hye-Jin Lee, Hae-Sung Kim, Don-Hee Park

22. Effect of Inhibitors Released During Steam-Explosion Pretreatment of Barley Straw on Enzymatic Hydrolysis
MA Prado García-Aparicio, Ignacio Ballesteros, Alberto González, José Miguel Oliva, Mercedes Ballesteros, MA José Negro

23. Purification and Characterization of Two Xylanases From Alkalophilic and Thermophilic Bacillus licheniformis 77-2
Valquiria B. Damiano, Richard Ward, Eleni Gomes, Heloiza Ferreira Alves-Prado, Roberto Silva

24. Oxidation Capacity of Laccases and Peroxidases as Reflected in Experiments With Methoxy-Substituted Benzyl Alcohols
Feng Hong, Leif J. Jönsson, Knut Lundquist, Yijun Wei

25. Obtainment of Chelating Agents Through the Enzymatic Oxidation of Lignins by Phenol Oxidase
Gabriela M. M. Calabria, Adilson R. Gonçalves

26. Reuse of the Xylanase Enzyme in the Biobleaching Process of the Sugarcane Bagasse Acetosolv Pulp
Luís R. M. Oliveira, Regina Y. Moriya, Adilson R. Gonçalves

27. Detection of Nisin Expression by Lactococcus lactis Using Two Susceptible Bacteria to Associate the Effects of Nisin With EDTA
Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna, Angela Faustino Jozala, Thomas Rodolfo Gentille, Adalberto Pessoa, Olivia Cholewa

Session 2. Today’s Biorefineries

28. Introduction to Session 2
Paris Tsobanakis

29. Existing Biorefinery Operations That Benefit From Fractal-Based Process Intensification
Vadim Kochergin, Mike Kearney

30. The Importance of Utility Systems in Today’s Biorefineries and a Vision for Tomorrow
Tim Eggeman, Dan Verser

31. Extraction of Hyperoside and Quercitrin From Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) Foliage
Adam K. Ekenseair, Lijan Duan, Danielle Julie Carrier, David I. Bransby, Edgar C. Clausen

32. Foam Control in Fermentation Bioprocess
A. Etoc, F. Delvigne, J. P. Lecomte, P. Thonart

33. Optimization of Biodiesel Production From Castor Oil
Nivea de Lima Silva, Maria Regina Wolf Maciel, César Benedito Batistella, Rubens Maciel Filho

Session 3A. Plant Biotechnology and Feedstock Genomics

34. Manipulating the Phenolic Acid Content and Digestibility of Italian Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) by Vacuolar-Targeted Expression of a Fungal Ferulic Acid Esterase
Marcia M. de O. Buanafina, Tim Langdon, Barbara Hauck, Sue J. Dalton, Phil Morris

35. Variation of S/G Ratio and Lignin Content in a Populus Family Influences the Release of Xylose by Dilute Acid Hydrolysis
Brian H. Davison, Sadie R. Drescher, Gerald A. Tuskan, Mark F. Davis, Nhuan P. Nghiem

36. Enhanced Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis by Elicitation in Transformed Plant Root System
Gwi-Taek Jeong, Don-Hee Park

Session 3B. Biomass Pretreatment and Hydrolysis

37. Preliminary Results on Optimization of Pilot Scale Pretreatment of Wheat Straw Used in Coproduction of Bioethanol and Electricity
Mette Hedegaard Thomsen, Anders Thygesen, Henning Jørgensen, Jan Larsen, Børge Holm Christensen, Anne Belinda Thomsen

38. The Combined Effects of Acetic Acid, Formic Acid, and Hydroquinone on Debaryomyces hansenii Physiology
Luís C. Duarte, Florbela Carvalheiro, Joana Tadeu, Francisco M. Gírio

39. Bioethanol From Cellulose With Supercritical Water Treatment Followed by Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Toshiki Nakata, Hisashi Miyafuji, Shiro Saka

40. Enhancement of the Enzymatic Digestibility of Waste Newspaper Using Tween
Sung Bae Kim, Hyun Joo Kim, Chang Joon Kim

41. Ethanol Production From Steam-Explosion Pretreated Wheat Straw
Ignacio Ballesteros, Ma José Negro, José Miguel Oliva, Araceli Cabañas, Paloma Manzanares, Mercedes Ballesteros

42. Catalyst Transport in Corn Stover Internodes
Sridhar Viamajala, Michael J. Selig, Todd B. Vinzant, Melvin P. Tucker, Michael E. Himmel, James D. McMillan, Stephen R. Decker

43. Evaluation of Cellulase Preparations for Hydrolysis of Hardwood Substrates
Alex Berlin, Neil Gilkes, Douglas Kilburn, Vera Maximenko, Renata Bura, Alexander Markov, Anton Skomarovsky, Alexander Gusakov, Arkady Sinitsyn, Oleg Okunev, Irina Solovieva, John N. Saddler

44. Steam Pretreatment of Acid-Sprayed and Acid-Soaked Barley Straw for Production of Ethanol
Marie Linde, Mats Galbe, Guido Zacchi

45. Reaction Kinetics of Stover Liquefaction in Recycled Stover Polyol
Fei Yu, Roger Ruan, Xiangyang Lin, Yuhuan Liu, Rong Fu, Yuhong Li, Paul Chen, Yinyu Gao

46. Liquefaction of Corn Stover and Preparation of Polyester From the Liquefied Polyol
Fei Yu, Yuhuan Liu, Xuejun Pan, Xiangyang Lin, Chengmei Liu, Paul Chen, Roger Ruan

47. Enzymatic Production of Xylooligosaccharides From Corn Stover and Corn Cobs Treated With Aqueous Ammonia
Yongming Zhu, Tae Hyun Kim, Y. Y. Lee, Rongfu Chen, Richard T. Elander

48. Optimal Conditions for Alkaline Detoxification of Dilute-Acid Lignocellulose Hydrolysates
Björn Alriksson, Anders Sjöde, Nils-Olof Nilvebrant, Leif J. Jönsson

49. Reintroduced Solids Increase Inhibitor Levels in a Pretreated Corn Stover Hydrolysate
R. Eric Berson, John S. Young, Thomas R. Hanley

50. Modeling of a Continuous Pretreatment Reactor Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
R. Eric Berson, Rajesh K. Dasari, Thomas R. Hanley

51. Ethanol Production From Pretreated Olive Tree Wood and Sunflower Stalks by an SSF Process
Encarnación Ruiz, Cristóbal Cara, Mercedes Ballesteros, Paloma Manzanares, Ignacio Ballesteros, Eulogio Castro

Session 4. Industrial Biobased Products

52. The Development of Cement and Concrete Additive
Byong-Wa Chun, Benita Dair, Patrick J. Macuch, Debbie Wiebe, Charlotte Porteneuve, Ara Jeknavorian

53. Production of Bacillus sphaericus Entomopathogenic Biomass Using Brewery Residues
Cristiane Darco Cruz Martins, Paula Fernandes Aguiar, Eliana Flavia Camporese Sérvulo

54. Batch (One- and Two-Stage) Production of Biodiesel Fuel From Rapeseed Oil
Gwi-Taek Jeong, Don-Hee Park

55. Optimization of Distilled Monoglycerides Production
Leonardo Vasconcelos Fregolente, César Benedito Batistella, Rubens Maciel Filho, Maria Regina Wolf Maciel

56. Production of Lactic Acid From Cheese Whey by Batch and Repeated Batch Cultures of Lactobacillus sp. RKY2
Hyang-Ok Kim, Young-Jung Wee, Jin-Nam Kim, Jong-Sun Yun, Hwa-Won Ryu

57. Production of Bacterial Cellulose by Gluconacetobacter sp. RKY5 Isolated From Persimmon Vinegar
Soo-Yeon Kim, Jin-Nam Kim, Young-Jung Wee, Don-Hee Park, Hwa-Won Ryu

58. Natural Compounds Obtained Through Centrifugal Molecular Distillation
Vanessa Mayumi Ito, Patricia Fazzio Martins, César Benedito Batistella, Rubens Maciel Filho, Maria Regina Wolf Maciel

59. Biosurfactants Production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa FR Using Palm Oil
Fernando J. S. Oliveira, Leonardo Vazquez, Norberto P. Campos, Francisca P. França

60. Novel Approach of Corn Fiber Utilization
G. Kálmán, K. Recseg, M. Gáspár, K. Réczey

61. Stimulation of Nisin Production From Whey by a Mixed Culture of Lactococcus lactis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chuanbin Liu, Bo Hu, Yan Liu, Shulin Chen

62. Biochar As a Precursor of Activated Carbon
R. Azargohar, A. K. Dalai

63. Moisture Sorption, Transport, and Hydrolytic Degradation in Polylactide
Richard A. Cairncross, Jeffrey G. Becker, Shri Ramaswamy, Ryan O’Connor

Session 5. Microbial Catalysis and Metabolic Engineering

Zymomonas mobilis As Catalyst for the Biotechnological Production of Sorbitol and Gluconic Acid
Gilmar Sidney Erzinger, Michele Vitolo

65. Metabolic Engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for Efficient Production of Pure L-(+)-Lactic Acid
Nobuhiro Ishida, Satoshi Saitoh, Toru Ohnishi, Kenro Tokuhiro, Eiji Nagamori, Katsuhiko Kitamoto, Haruo Takahashi

66. A Unique Feature of Hydrogen Recovery in Endogenous Starch-to-Alcohol Fermentation of the Marine Microalga, Chlamydomonas perigranulata

Koyu Hon-Nami

67. Detailed Analysis of Modifications in Lignin After Treatment With Cultures Screened for Lignin Depolymerizing Agents
Aarti Gidh, Dinesh Talreja, Todd B. Vinzant, Todd Clint Williford, Alfred Mikell

68. Optimization of L-(+)-Lactic Acid Production Using Pelletized Filamentous Rhizopus oryzae NRRL 395
Yan Liu, Wei Liao, Chuanbin Liu, Shulin Chen

69. A Simple Method to Generate Chromosomal Mutations in Lactobacillus plantarum Strain TF103 to Eliminate Undesired Fermentation Products
Siqing Liu

70. Production of Insoluble Exopolysaccharide of Agrobacterium sp. (ATCC 31749 and IFO 13140)
Márcia Portilho, Graciette Matioli, Gisella Maria Zanin, Flávio Faria Moraes, Adilma Regina Pippa Scamparini

71. Selective Utilization of Fructose to Glucose by Candida magnoliae, an Erythritol Producer
Ji-Hee Yu, Dae-Hee Lee, Yong-Joo Oh, Ki-Cheol Han, Yeon-Woo Ryu, Jin-Ho Seo

72. Biosurfactant Production by Rhodococcus erythropolis Grown on Glycerol As Sole Carbon Source
Elisa M. P. Ciapina, Walber C. Melo, Lidia M. M. Santa Anna, Alexandre S. Santos, Denise M. G. Freire, Nei Pereira

73. Methane Production in a 100-L Upflow Bioreactor by Anaerobic Digestion of Farm Waste
Abhijeet P. Borole, K. Thomas Klasson, Whitney Ridenour, Justin Holland, Khursheed Karim, Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan

74. Biomodification of Coal to Remove Mercury
K. Thomas Klasson, Abhijeet P. Borole, Catherine K. McKeown, Choo Y. Hamilton

Session 6. Bioprocess Research and Development

75. Introduction to Session 6
Michael R. Ladisch

76. Enzymatic Conversion of Waste Cooking Oils Into Alternative Fuel—Biodiesel
Guanyi Chen, Ming Ying, Weizhun Li

77. Inulin-Containing Biomass for Ethanol Production
Ma José Negro, Ignacio Ballesteros, Paloma Manzanares, José Miguel Oliva, Felicia Sáez, Mercedes Ballesteros

78. Production of Medium-Chain-Length Polyhydroxyalkanoates by Pseudomonas aeruginosa With Fatty Acids and Alternative Carbon Sources
Pui-Ling Chan, Vincent Yu, Lam Wai, Hoi-Fu Yu

79. Production and Rheological Characterization of Biopolymer of Sphingomonas capsulata ATCC 14666 Using Conventional and Industrial Media
Ana Luiza da Silva Berwanger, Natalia Molossi Domingues, Larissa Tonial Vanzo, Marco Luccio, Helen Treichel, Francine Ferreira Padilha, Adilma Regina Pippa Scamparini

80. Inulinase Production by Kluyveromyces marxianus NRRL Y-7571 Using Solid State Fermentation
João Paulo Bender, Marcio Antônio Mazutti, Débora Oliveira, Marco Luccio, Helen Treichel

81. Macroscopic Mass and Energy Balance of a Pilot Plant Anaerobic Bioreactor Operated Under Thermophilic Conditions
Teodoro Espinosa-Solares, John Bombardiere, Mark Chatfield, Max Domaschko, Michael Easter, David A. Stafford, Saul Castillo-Angeles, Nehemias Castellanos-Hernandez

82. Ethyl Alcohol Production Optimization by Coupling Genetic Algorithm and Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network
Elmer Ccopa Rivera, Aline C. Costa, Maria Regina Wolf Maciel, Rubens Maciel Filho

83. Lactic Acid Recovery From Cheese Whey Fermentation Broth Using Combined Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration Membranes
Yebo Li, Abolghasem Shahbazi

84. Fermentation of Rice Straw/Chicken Manure to Carboxylic Acids Using a Mixed Culture of Marine Mesophilic Micoorganisms
Frank K. Agbogbo, Mark T. Holtzapple

85. Construction of Recombinant Bacillus subtilis for Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates
Yujie Wang, Lifang Ruan, Wai-Hung Lo, Hong Chua, Hoi-Fu Yu

86. Microorganism Screening for Limonene Bioconversion and Correlation With RAPD Markers
Geciane Toniazzo, Lindomar Lerin, Débora Oliveira, Cláudio Dariva, Rogério L. Cansian, Francine Ferreira Padilha, Octávio A. C. Antunes

87. Use of Different Adsorbents for Sorption and Bacillus polymyxa Protease Immobilization
Irem Kirkkopru, Cenk Alpaslan, Didem Omay, Yüksel Güvenilir

88. Simulation and Optimization of a Supercritical Extraction Process for Recovering Provitamin A
Elenise Bannwart Moraes, Mario Eusebio Torres Alvarez, Maria Regina Wolf Maciel, Rubens Maciel Filho

89. Affinity Foam Fractionation of Trichoderma Cellulase
Qin Zhang, Chi-Ming Lo, Lu-Kwang Ju

90. Molecular Distillation
Elenise Bannwart Moraes, Patricia Fazzio Martins, César Benedito Batistella, Mario Eusebio Torres Alvarez, Rubens Maciel Filho, Maria Regina Wolf Maciel

91. Application of Two-Stage Biofilter System for the Removal of Odorous Compounds
Gwi-Taek Jeong, Don-Hee Park, Gwang-Yeon Lee, Jin-Myeong Cha

Keywords: Chemistry, Biotechnology

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