Levine, Laurence A.

Peyronie’S Disease

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Table of contents

1. Historical Review of Peyronie’s Disease
Emre Akkus

2. Epidemiology of Peyronie’s Disease
Ates Kadioglu, Oner Sanli

3. Experimental Models for the Study of the Cellular and Molecular Pathophysiology of Peyronie’s Disease
Nestor F. Gonzalez-Cadavid, Jacob Rajfer

4. The Clinical Implications of Basic Science Research in Peyronie’s Disease
John P. Mulhall

5. Evaluation of the Man With Peyronie’s Disease
Jason M. Greenfield, Laurence A. Levine

6. Oral Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease
Claudio Teloken, Tulio Graziottin, Patrick E. Teloken

7. Intralesional Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease
Muammer Kendirci, Landon Trost, Wayne J. G. Hellstrom

8. Topical Therapy
Savino M. Stasi, Antonella Giannantoni, Emmanuele A. Jannini, Giuseppe Vespasiani, Luigi Storti, Francesco Attisani, Robert L. Stephen

9. Topical Therapy for Peyronie’s Disease
Paul F. Engelhardt, Claus R. Riedl

10. Combination Nonsurgical Therapy
Vincenzo Mirone

11. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in Peyronie’s Disease
Ekkehard W. Hauck, Wolfgang Weidner

12. The Nesbit and Plication Procedures for Peyronie’s Disease
David J. Ralph

13. Penile Plication Using the 16-Dot Technique
Robert C. Dean, Tom F. Lue

14. Penile Straightening With Tunica Albuginea Plication Procedure
Laurence A. Levine

15. Incisional Corporoplasty for the Correction of Peyronie’s Disease Caused Penile Curvature
Daniel Yachia

16. Peyronie’s Disease
Konstantinos Hatzimouratidis, Dimitrios G. Hatzichristou

17. A Review of Plaque Incision With Focus on Temporalis Fascia Grafts
Martin Gelbard

18. Venous Patch Graft Surgery for Peyronie’s Disease
Robert C. Dean, Tom F. Lue

19. Use of Porcine Small Intestinal Submucosal Graft in the Surgical Management of Peyronie’s Disease
L. Dean Knoll

20. Penile Straightening With Plaque Incision or Partial Excision and Human Pericardial Grafting Technique
Laurence A. Levine

21. Surgical Straightening With Tunica Incision and Grafting Technique
Paulo H. Egydio

22. Minimally Invasive Intracorporal Incision of Peyronie’s Plaque
Anthony J. Bella, Gerald B. Brock

23. Surgical Straightening With Penile Prosthesis
Steven K. Wilson, Culley C. Carson


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