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Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy

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Table of contents

I.Nutrient and Health Needs During Normal Pregnancy

1. Nutrient Recommendations and Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Women
Lorrene D. Ritchie, Janet C. King

2. Optimal Weight Gain
Grace A. Falciglia, Kristin H. Coppage

3. Physical Activity and Exercise in Pregnancy
Rose Catanzaro, Raul Artal

4. Food, Folklore, and Flavor Preference Development
Catherine A. Forestell, Julie A. Mennella

II.Nutrient Needs and Factors Related to High-Risk Pregnancy

5. Obesity and Pregnancy
Sarah C. Couch, Richard J. Deckelbaum

6. Pregnancy and Weight Loss Surgery
Daniel M. Herron, Amy Fleishman

7. Nutrition in Multifetal Pregnancy
Elliot H. Philipson

8. Adolescent Pregnancy: Where Do We Start?
Linda Bloom, Arlene Escuro

9. Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa During Pregnancy
Sharon M. Nickols-Richardson

10. Diabetes and Pregnancy
Alyce M. Thomas

11. Preeclampsia
Lana K. Wagner, Larry Leeman, Sarah Gopman

12. AIDS/HIV in Pregnancy
Katherine Kunstel

III.Special Diets, Supplements, and Specific Nutrients During Pregnancy

13. Popular Diets
Nancy Rodriguez, Michelle Price Judge

14. Dietary Supplements During Pregnancy: Need, Efficacy and Safety
Mary Frances Picciano, Michelle Kay McGuire

15. Vegetarian Diets in Pregnancy
Ann Reed Mangels

16. Iron Requirements and Adverse Outcomes
John Beard

17. Folate: A Key to Optimal Pregnancy Outcome
Beth Thomas Falls, Lynn B. Bailey

IV.The Postpartum Period

18. Nutrition Issues During Lactation
Deborah L. O’Connor, Lisa A. Houghton, Kelly L. Sherwood

19. Postpartum Depression and the Role of Nutritional Factors
Michelle Price Judge, Cheryl Tatano Beck

V.The Developing World

20. Implications of the Nutrition Transition in the Nutritional Status on Pregnant Women
Jaime Rozowski, Carmen Gloria Parodi

21. Nutrition and Maternal Survival in Developing Countries
Parul Christian

22. Anemia and Iron Deficiency in Developing Countries
Usha Ramakrishnan, Beth Imhoff-Kunsch

23. Micronutrient Status and Pregnancy Outcomes in HIV-Infected Women
Saurabh Mehta, Julia L. Finkelstein, Wafaie W. Fawzi


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