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Cancer Drug Resistance

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Table of contents

I.Physiological Resistance

1. The Cycle Between Angiogenesis, Perfusion, and Hypoxia in Tumors
Mark W. Dewhirst, Yiting Cao, Benjamin Moeller, Chuan-Yuan Li

2. Influence of Tumor pH on Therapeutic Response
Chang W. Song, Robert Griffin, Heon Joo Park

3. Tumor Oxygenation and Treatment Response
Sarah Jane Lunt, Richard P. Hill

4. Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes in Therapeutic Resistance
Janusz W. Rak, Brenda Coomber, Joanne L. Yu

5. PET Imaging of Response and Resistance to Cancer Therapy
David A. Mankoff, Kenneth A. Krohn

II.Biological Resistance

6. Cancer Stem Cells Implications for Development of More Effective Therapies
Ilia Mantle, Gabriela Dontu, Suling Liu, Max S. Wicha

7. Therapeutic Resistance in Leukemia
William R. Waud

8. Tumor Site Implantation and Animal Model Selection in Oncology
Anibal A. Arjona, Enrique Alvarez

9. In Vivo Resistance
Beverly A. Teicher

10. Characteristics of the Metastatic Phenotype
Vladislava O. Melnikova, Menashe Bar-Eli

11. The Microenvironment and Drug Resistance
Patrice J. Morin

III.Biochemical Resistance

12. Glutathione and Glutathione S-Transferases in Drug Resistance
Victoria J. Findlay, Danyelle M. Townsend, Kenneth D. Tew

13. Metallothioneins in Drug Resistance
Faiyaz Notta, D. James Koropatnick

14. Molecular Determinants of Intrinsic Multidrug Resistance in Cancer Cells and Tumors
Elena Monti

15. New and Revised Concepts in Multidrug Resistance
Susan E. Bates, John Deeken, Chaohong Fan, Robert W. Robey

16. Cisplatin Resistance
Zahid H. Siddik

17. Regulation of the Cellular Pharmacology and Cytotoxicity of Cisplatin by Copper Transporters
Roohangiz Safaei, Stephen B. Howell

18. Resistance To Taxanes
Lee M. Greenberger, Deepak Sampath

19. CpG Island Methylation and Drug Resistance
Jens M. Teodoridis, Robert Brown

20. De Novo and Acquired Resistance to Antitumor Alkylating Agents
Lori A. Hazlehurst, William S. Dalton

21. Resistance to Antiangiogenic Agents
George W. Sledge, Kathy D. Miller, Bryan Schneider, Christopher J. Sweeney

IV.The Role of Hormones, Growth Factors, and Oncogenes

22. Resistance to Antiestrogens
Clodia Osipo, Ruth M. O’Regan

23. Mechanisms of Glucocorticoid Actions and Resistance in Multiple Myeloma
Varsha Gandhi, Beatriz Sanchez-Vega

24. Herceptin Resistance
Ingrid A. Mayer, Carlos L. Arteaga

25. Role of TGF-ß in Tumor Progression and Metastasis
Jan Pinkas, Beverly A. Teicher

26. p53-Based Immunotherapy of Cancer
Albert B. DeLeo

27. Response and Resistance to Ionizing Radiation
Paul Dent, Adly Yacoub, Michael P. Hagan, Steven Grant

28. Amplification in DNA Copy Numbers as a Mechanism of Acquired Drug Resistance
M. Jim Yen, Ie-Ming Shih, Victor E. Velculescu, Tian-Li Wang

V.Clinical Aspects of Resistance

29. Cancer Chemotherapy
Mika A. Sovak, David R. Spriggs

30. Molecular Profiling in Breast Cancer
Kristin Kee, Jeffrey E. Green

31. Tumor Immune Escape Mechanisms
Yi Ting Koh, M. Luz García-Hernández, W. Martin Kast


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