Duckers, Henricus J.

Essentials of Restenosis

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Table of contents

I.Pathophysiology and Diagnosis

1. Unraveling the Complex Process of Restenosis From Bench to Bedside
Henricus J. Duckers, Caroline Cheng, Dennie Tempel, Patrick W. Serruys

2. Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of Restenosis
Randolph L. Geary, Alexander W. Clowes

3. Clinical Presentation of Restenosis
Ganesh Manoharan, Giedrius Davidavicius, William Wijns

4. Pathological Anatomy of Restenosis
Renu Virmani, Frank D. Kolodgie, Aloke V. Finn, Herman K. Gold

5. The Influence of Shear Stress on Restenosis
Attila Thury, Jolanda J. Wentzel, Frank J. H. Gijsen, Johan C. H. Schuurbiers, Rob Krams, Pim J. Feyter, Patrick W. Serruys, Cornelis J. Slager

6. The Immune System in the Pathogenesis of Vascular Proliferative Disease
Jon D. Laman, Burkhard Ludewig

7. Animal Restenosis Models
Arturo G. Touchard, Robert S. Schwartz

II.Genetic Basis of Restenosis

8. The Genomics of Restenosis
Thomas W. Johnson, Karl R. Karsch

9. Gene-Expression Profiling and Restenosis
Dietlind Zohlnhöfer, Franz-Josef Neumann

10. Proteomics and Restenosis
Santhi K. Ganesh, Elizabeth G. Nabel

11. Contribution of Circulating Progenitor Cells to Vascular Repair and Lesion Formation
Masataka Sata, Kenneth Walsh

12. Cell Cycle Regulators and Vascular Proliferative Diseases
Andrew Wragg, Manfred Boehm

13. Arterial Remodeling
Gerard Pasterkamp, Bradley H. Strauss, Dominique Kleijn

14. The Role of eNOS in Vascular Diseases
Alexey Kuroedov, Francesco Cosentino, Felix C. Tanner, F. Lüscher

III.Diagnosis of Restenosis

15. The Use of Pressure Gradient in the Diagnosis of Restenosis
Volker Klauss, Nico H. J. Pijls

16. The Use of Radio Isotopes in the Diagnosis of Vascular Proliferative Disease
Giedrius Davidavicius, Ganesh Manoharan, William Wijns

17. Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Restenosis
Robert Jan M. Geuns, Timo Baks

18. Coronary Imaging With Multislice Spiral Computed Tomography
Koen Nieman

IV.Therapy of Restenosis

19. Pharmacotherapy of Restenosis
Pim J. Feyter, Georgios Sianos

20. Brachytherapy
Ron Waksman

21. Preclinical Data of Eluting Stents
Antonio Colombo, Alaide Chieffo

22. Clinical Data of Eluting Stents
Marco A. Costa, Alexandre Abizaid, Amanda G. M. R. Sousa, J. Eduardo Sousa

23. Biodegradable Stents
Takafumi Tsuji, Hideo Tamai, Keiji Igaki

V.Biotechnology in the Treatment of Restenosis

24. Vascular Gene Therapy
Gurpreet S. Sandhu, Robert D. Simari

25. Antisense and ODN Transcription Factors in the Treatment of Vascular Proliferative Disease
Nicholas Kipshidze, Mykola Tsapenko, George Dangas, Pat Iversen

26. Cell Cycle Approaches to the Treatment of In-Stent Restenosis
Elizabeth G. Nabel

27. Local Gene and Cell Delivery Devices
Ravish Sachar, Eric J. Topol


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