Hearing, Vincent J.

From Melanocytes to Melanoma

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Table of contents

I.Melanocyte Development and Function

1. The Origin and Development of Neural Crest-Derived Melanocytes
Debra L. Silver, William J. Pavan

Heinz Arnheiter, Ling Hou, Minh-Thanh T. Nguyen, Keren Bismuth, Tamas Csermely, Hideki Murakami, Susan Skuntz, WenFang Liu, Kapil Bharti

Erez Feige, Laura L. Poling, David E. Fisher

4. Melanocytes and the Transcription Factor Sox10
Michael Wegner

5. Human Cutaneous Pigmentation
Zalfa A. Abdel-Malek, Ana Luisa Kadekaro

6. Melanocyte Distribution and Function in Human Skin
Yuji Yamaguchi, Vincent J. Hearing

II.Melanocyte Transformation and Progression to Melanoma

7. Altered Signal Transduction in Melanoma
Pablo López Bergam, Anindita Bhoumik, Ze’ev Ronai

8. BRN2 in Melanocytic Cell Development, Differentiation, and Transformation
Anthony L. Cook, Glen M. Boyle, J. Helen Leonard, Peter G. Parsons, Richard A. Sturm

9. The Dynamic Roles of Cell-Surface Receptors in Melanoma Development
Dong Fang, Meenhard Herlyn

10. Familial Melanoma Genes, Melanocyte Immortalization, and Melanoma Initiation
Dorothy C. Bennett

11. Genetic Progression From Melanocyte to Malignant Melanoma
Boris C. Bastian

12. The Multiple Roles of the Oncogenic Protein SKI in Human Malignant Melanoma
Dahu Chen, Qiushi Lin, I. Saira Mian, Jon Reed, Estela E. Medrano

13. RB/E2F Regulation and Dual Activity in the Melanocytic System
Ruth Halaban

14. Melanoma Development and Pigment Cell Transformation
Claudia Wellbrock

15. The Biology and Genetics of Melanoma
Norman E. Sharpless, Lynda Chin

16. The Biology of Xeroderma Pigmentosum
James E. Cleaver

17. Divergent Pathways to Cutaneous Melanoma
David C. Whiteman, Adèle C. Green

18. Pigmentation, DNA Repair, and Candidate Genes
Maria Teresa Landi

19. Low-Penetrance Genotypes, Pigmentation Phenotypes, and Melanoma Etiology
Peter A. Kanetsky, Timothy R. Rebbeck

20. The Biology of Melanoma Progression
A. Neil Crowson, Cynthia Magro, Martin C. Mihm

21. Optical Imaging Analysis of Atypical Nevi and Melanoma
Amanda Pfaff Smith, Dorothea Becker

22. Proteomics Analysis of Melanoma Cell Lines and Cultured Melanocytes
Katheryn A. Resing, Natalie G. Ahn

III.Primary Invasive Melanoma to Metastatic Melanoma

23. Paradigm of Metastasis for Malignant Melanoma
Stanley P. L. Leong

24. Repair of UV-Induced DNA Damage and Melanoma Risk
Qingyi Wei

25. High-Risk Factors for Melanoma Metastasis
Neil A. Accortt, Seng-jaw Soong

26. Role of Melanoma Inhibitory Activity in Early Development of Malignant Melanoma
Anja-Katrin Bosserhoff

27. Role and Regulation of PAR-1 in Melanoma Progression
Carmen Tellez, Menashe Bar-Eli

28. Molecular Mechanisms of Melanoma Metastasis
Mohammed Kashani-Sabet

29. Overview of Tumor Progression in Melanoma
David E. Elder

30. The Plasticity of Melanoma Cells and Associated Clinical Implications
Mary J. C. Hendrix, Elisabeth A. Seftor, Angela R. Hess, Richard E. B. Seftor

31. The Clinical Use of Molecular Markers as Predictors of Disease Outcome and Response to Therapy in Malignant Melanoma
Steve R. Martinez, Hiroya Takeuchi, Dave S. B. Hoon

32. The Role of DCT/TYRP2 in Resistance of Melanoma Cells to Drugs and Radiation
Brian J. Pak, Yaacov Ben-David

33. How Melanoma Cells Evade Chemotherapy
Kevin G. Chen, Michael M. Gottesman

34. Apoptosis in Melanoma
Heike Röckmann, Dirk Schadendorf

35. Role of Melanoma-Associated Antigens
Rishab K. Gupta, Ana M. McElrath-Garza, Donald L. Morton

36. Host Responses to Melanoma
Julian A. Kim, Ernest Borden

37. Future Perspectives
Vincent J. Hearing, Stanley P. L. Leong


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