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Cancer in the Spine

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Table of contents

1. Cancer of the Spine
Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Gordon R. Bell, Robert F. Mclain

2. Metastatic Disease to the Musculoskeletal System
David G. Hicks

3. The Pathophysiology of Spinal Metastases
Daisuke Togawa, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski

4. Tumor Behavior
Robert F. McLain

5. Fundamentals of Cancer Treatment
Sujith Kalmadi, Derek Raghavan

6. The Role of Surgical Therapy
Robert F. Mclain

7. Presenting History and Common Symptoms of Spine Tumors
Daniel Shedid, Edward C. Benzel

8. Physical Examination
Eeric Truumees

9. Imaging
A. Jay Khanna, Mesfin A. Lemma, Bruce A. Wasserman, Robert F. McLain

10. Imaging of the Spine
A. Jay Khanna, Michael K. Shindle, Bruce A. Wasserman

11. Laboratory Studies and Diagnostic Work-Up of Bony Lesions in the Spine
Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Robert F. Mclain, Henry J. Mankin

12. Principles of Medical Management
Tarek Mekhail, Rony Abou-Jawde, Maurie Markman

13. Multiple Myeloma and Plasmacytoma
Mohamad Hussein

14. Lymphoma
Ronald M. Sobecks

15. Metastatic Breast Carcinoma
John Hill, G. Thomas Budd

16. Genitourinary Oncology
Robert Dreicer

17. Spinal Metastases From Gastrointestinal Malignancies
Mellar P. Davis

18. Lung Cancer
Jigar Shah, Tarek Mekhail

19. Medical Management of Thyroid Cancer
Ajay Sood, S. Sethu Reddy

20. Carcinoma of the Unknown Primary
Thomas E. Hutson, Ronald M. Bukowski

21. Primary Tumors of the Spine
Rex C. Haydon, Frank M. Phillips

22. Common Radiotherapy Techniques for Spinal Tumors
Mohamed A. Elshaikh, Roger M. Macklis

23. Spinal Radiotherapy for the Pediatric Patient
Adir Ludin

24. Conformal Radiotherapy for Spinal Lesions
Richard L. Crownover

25. Photon- and Proton-Beam Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Spine Tumors
Thomas F. Delaney, Michael J. Harris, Francis J. Hornicek, Robert F. Mclain

26. Spinal Metastasis
Iain H. Kalfas

27. Biopsy
Paul Park, Frank LaMarca, Robert F. McLain

28. Problem-Based Decision Making
Michael P. Steinmetz, Anis O. Mekhail, Edward C. Benzel

29. Spinal Cord and Nerve Root Decompression
Keith R. Lodhia, Paul Park, Gregory P. Graziano

30. Metastatic Disease of the Cervical Spine
Ashley R. Poynton, Mark H. Bilsky, Federico P. Girardi, Patrick J. Boland, Frank P. Cammisa

31. Metastatic Disease of the Thoracolumbar Spine
L. Brett Babat, Robert F. McLain

32. Complex Lumbosacral Resection and Reconstruction Procedure
Daryl R. Fourney, Ziya L. Gokaslan

33. Neoplastic Disease of the Spinal Cord and the Spinal Canal
Daniel Shedid, Edward C. Benzel

34. Minimally Invasive Approaches to Spinal Metastases
Jean-ValÉry C. E. Coumans, A. Jay Khanna, Isador H. Lieberman

35. Single-Stage Posterolateral Transpedicle Approach with Circumferential Decompression and Instrumentation for Spinal Metastases
Mark H. Bilsky, Todd Vitaz, Patrick Boland

36. Primary Benign Spinal Tumors
Gordon R. Bell

37. Surgical Treatment of Primary Malignant Tumors
Branco Prpa, Robert F. McLain

38. Complications of Surgical and Medical Care
Rex A. W. Marco, Howard S. An

39. Bracing for Patients With Spinal Tumors
Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Robert F. McLain, Edward C. Benzel

40. Rehabilitation in Patents With Tumors of the Spinal Column
Leah Moinzadeh, Sandee Patti

41. The Management of Pain in Spinal Malignancies
Susan B. LeGrand, Declan Walsh

42. Surveillance and Screening During Disease-Free Survival
Richard Placide, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Robert F. McLain

43. When Is Enough, Enough?
Edward C. Benzel, Michael P. Steinmetz, Ann M. Henwood, L. Brett Babat, Anis O. Mekhail


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