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Calcium in Human Health

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Connie M. Weaver, Robert P. Heaney

I.Calcium Functions

2. Bone as the Calcium Nutrient Reserve
Robert P. Heaney

3. Cellular Functions and Fluxes of Calcium
Emmanuel M. Awumey, Richard D. Bukoski

II.Techniques for Studying Calcium Metabolism and Its Relationship to Disease

4. Nutritional Epidemiology
Carol J. Boushey

5. Clinical Approaches for Studying Calcium Metabolism and Its Relationship to Disease
Connie M. Weaver

6. Kinetic Studies
Meryl E. Wastney, Yongdong Zhao, Connie M. Weaver

III.Calcium Consumption, Requirements, and Bioavailability

7. Requirements for What Endpoint?
Robert P. Heaney, Connie M. Weaver

8. Dietary Calcium
Anne C. Looker

9. Food Sources, Supplements, and Bioavailability
Connie M. Weaver, Robert P. Heaney

IV.Calcium Homeostasis

10. The Calcium Economy
Robert P. Heaney

11. Molecular Regulation of Calcium Metabolism
James C. Fleet

12. Influence of Total Diet on Calcium Homeostasis
Zamzam K. Roughead

13. Influence of Lifestyle Choices on Calcium Homeostasis
D. Lee Alekel, Oksana Matvienko

14. Influence of Physical Activity on Calcium and Bone
Matthew Vukovich, Bonny Specker

15. The Case for a Calcium Appetite in Humans
Michael G. Tordoff

V.Calicium Through Development

16. Infancy and Childhood
Steven A. Abrams, Keli M. Hawthorne

17. Prepuberty and Adolescence
Connie M. Weaver

18. Calcium in Pregnancy and Lactation
Heidi J. Kalkwarf

VI.Calcium and Disease

19. Calcium in Systemic Human Health
Robert P. Heaney

20. Calcium and Oral Health
Elizabeth A. Krall

21. Dietary Calcium and Obesity
Dorothy Teegarden

22. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Reproduction
Susan Thys-Jacobs

23. Premenstrual Syndrome
Susan Thys-Jacobs

24. Calcium Throughout the Life Cycle
Bess Dawson-Hughes

25. Calcium, Vitamin D, and Cancer
Peter R. Holt

26. Dietary Calcium and the Metabolic Syndrome
Dorothy Teegarden

27. Calcium and Phosphate Control in Patients With Renal Disease
David A. McCarron, Robert P. Heaney

28. Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease
David A. McCarron


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